A Glimpse into My Prayer Journal Series: Praise & Adoration

Today is the third day of this series. If you missed day 1 or day 2, you can find them here…
Day 1 – Establishing the Habit
Day 2 – Daily Prayers

This next page of my journal and portion of my prayer time is an ongoing list of my Praise and Adoration for God. I take some time to thank God for who He is and what He’s done. Sometimes I will add things that I read from the One Year Bible that day that speak to who God is and what He does.  If there’s anything that just comes to mind, I will add it as well.
If I did this everyday, my journal would be completely full faily quickly so I don’t always write them down. I also pray these things quite often throughout my day, and my journal is not always nearby. I just pray and thank God for a few of these things each time I pray. These are the pages from two different journals of mine this year.

the only one that matters
Constant; never-changing
So faithful
How awesome are your deeds!
Worthy of praise
I’m in awe of you!
Mighty and Powerful; yet also gentle and Meek
You listen
All About You
Your praise should never end
Great & Powerful
You carry me
Slow to Anger
Abounding in Steadfast Love
Forgiving of iniquity and transgression
You go before me, and you fight for me
An awesome creator
You established the mountains; You still the roaring seas.
Abundant in my Weakness
There Always
You never Leave
You heal my broken soul
Everything I need you to Be
You plan ahead for my every moment
My rescuer

Another practice I like to do in my intentional, morning prayer times is to Rest. It’s not easy to do, and this is really the only time of my day that I have been able to do this well. I close my eyes, and try to turn off all my thoughts and just listen. I meditate on God, and try to hear if He is saying anything specific to me. I focus all my attention on God. It’s so easy to get distracted or start thinking about my day or other things. Sometimes I may even actually set a timer for a few minutesto do this, not to put God in a box and limit when He can speak to me, but for me to practice that aspect of really listening for Him. And sometimes I just have so much on my mind, that I have to stop and write things down, and then re-set my timer. I know that sounds crazy, and this might be kind of a odd thing to do, but I need to practice turning my mind off, and it is so difficult to do. I’m learning to quiet my mind and heart before Him, for Him to speak to me throughout the rest of my prayer time or throughout my day. If we don’t take this intentional time to really listen, we may be too busy to hear what He’s trying to tell us.

And just some words to encourage me in this:
Wait, Rest, Quiet
Wordless Worship
Silent Waiting
Quiet my Mind
All Thoughts to God
Just BE in the presence of God
Deep Pondering
Breathing in God and all He has for me
Listening & Hearing

Today, we get to hear from one of my best friends, Melissa Floyd. I love Melissa’s big faith. If you talk to her for long, you will see that she is very radical in her faith and what she believes God can and will do. In fact, she believed that God will heal her, and He did. She prays for God to heal others, and He does. And I think she’s probably one who has like a bucket list of prayers she wants God to answer – those things that are SO BIG that people can’t even comprehend. I’ve heard her say before that she prays this verse, “Whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.” She believes that God will use her to do big things, and He does, yall. He’s using her in big ways. So now let’s here from Melissa… 

I don’t really have a specific time set aside for prayer only. I do pray all day though. I wake up between 5-5:15 to have my quiet time which might include, but is not limited to, prayer. I usually pray for things as they come to my mind, which may be all throughout the day.

Most of the prayers are quiet, in my heart. Although there are times when I am in warfare that I will declare God’s promises over my life and bind the enemy. These are usually out loud. I do whisper and pray “out loud” but not really for everyone to hear sometimes too.  I’m normally in silence. I get easily distracted so I don’t play music. I may sometimes miss that element that does help usher in the presence of God though.

My quiet time is usually in my favorite chair in the corner of my living room. I love to sit there wrapped in a blanket, no matter the time of year, because it brings me comfort. But because I pray all day I’m obviously not always there. At work, I will often go to the bathroom to pray – just because it’s a quiet place, and if I’m lucky, no one will bother me. I do this especially if I’m having difficulty handling a person or situation. It’s a “time out” before I go back to handle it.

I don’t journal. I used to and for some reason have stopped. May need to pick that back up. I try to pray for my family while I’m doing dishes and laundry. Mostly to keep my heart right because honestly, I’m not always happy to be having to do those things alone.. so if I pray for them while doing that, it does help my perspective and attitude.

If I know that someone is going through something specific sometimes I will look up promises from the Word that is applicable to that situation. Other times I just pray in the spirit. I’ve definitely evolved to praying all of the time instead of only at a specific time. And if I tell someone I will pray for them, I usually do it right then so that I don’t forget.

I’ve learned to stand on the promises that are in the Word, even if I can’t see them yet. I’ve also learned to bind the enemy and speak truth over situations. Not just to throw around empty hope or words. But to pray what the Bible says and what I know is truth and life over things and people.

Last week I prayed for a little girl to be healed from a hole that was in her heart and the doctors confirmed that it is completely closed. And even made a point to say that they don’t usually close this late in life.

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