Weekly Review

I’m a planner girl, and I’m trying to make sure that my planning process is as effective as it can be. This is new for me, but I’m trying to do a little weekly review for myself and for you so that all of my planning efforts can come together and really work for me. It’s also kind of just a way for me to journal and share pictures of our week.

My Week…Before the Pen!
All dressed in her Sunday best!



This little one took two steps Sunday night!
Black & White Photo Challenge Pic; Follow me on Instagram to see the rest!

Monday was a really good day for us. It went exactly as any day should go – especially for a Monday. Typically, I love Mondays because they represent a fresh start and a new beginning. Our homeschool time went smoothly. There was no whining or complaining, and I praised him for this. My little introvert, Linkin, played so well with his toys while I worked with Lawson, and Layten napped. Then, I was able to get some household chores done, which helped me to feel more productive. I swept under the couches and mopped the floors – this has been bugging me lately so I finally got the chance to get it done. I’m doing much better at letting myself relax and enjoy my children and being at home with them. Sometimes this means pressing pause on the chores and the things I feel like I should be doing. What I should be doing is listening to my boys as they talk to each other and problem solve, memorize the little faces they make as they are thinking hard about something… soon enough, those faces are going to start aging little by little, and they won’t look like five and three year olds anymore. They’ll look like ten and eight year olds, then fifteen and thirteen year olds. The chores will get done at some point.

As I was sitting in the rocker on the front porch watching and listening to my three children play, Lawson comes over and says that he thinks he saw a snake. He holds out his hands to show me how big, and by the size he is showing me, I ask if he’s sure it wasn’t a lizard. We’ve seen two snakes in our yard over the Summer, so I guess it’s kind of still fresh on their minds to watch out for them. I got up from my chair and went to see, and sure enough it really was. It was a tiny little snake slithering out from the straw in the flower beds (a little ways over from the straw my boys were playing in with their wagon and shovels). I would just like to note that I was calm, cool, and collected. I did tell my boys that it’s probably not the best idea to play in the flower beds, but I was proud of myself for being fearless this time. Snakes have always been my biggest fear. I was a little shaken after seeing the last one just a few feet from where I was standing loading kids into carseats. But I decided that I really should get over this fear. And I guess you really don’t know until you have to face it again. And I think I did pretty good this time! It also probably helped that I had time to mentally prepare this time – the whole distance that I walked over, I was prepared to see a snake, but the time I saw one right over from my feet, I was caught off guard.

Layten got this robe for her birthday. It’s SO SOFT! She pointed to it hanging on her door, so I put it on her today.

Tuesday was a pretty good day too. I’m loving these consecutive good days, and I’m claiming them in my life. Yes! Actually it started with Layten Bradleigh waking up super early with me, and she would not be put down. I just tried to nurse her so she’d let me read my Bible, and it worked out okay, until she heard me turn the page which distracted her and made her want to turn pages too. So I put it away and said I would come back to it when she went to sleep to protect those thin pages from being ripped out, which I did do – in case you were wondering. 😉

We dropped Linkin off at preschool, came back home to do homeschool, got ready and went to Wal-mart before it was time to pick up Linkin… I wanted to grab some fabric to make Layten some little bloomer shorts for Fall. I’ve never really been great at sewing. I try. When I have time. Which is rare or never. But the whole reason I wanted a sewing machine in the first place was so that I could make clothes for a little girl one day. (Proverbs 31, anyone?) And well, I have the little girl now. So it’s time I finally learn to sew.

Lawson was playing outside and found a horse shoe, from the game we had at one time. He said, “I know why there’s a horse shoe in the back yard! It’s because yall had horses in the shed when you used to be farmers!” We were talking the other day about how we tried to have a garden a couple times, and he thinks we were farmers, I suppose. He starts asking me if we can get a horse and tells me that we can keep it in the front yard because it’s bigger. I tell him that we have never had horses and we can’t have horses where we live, in town, in a neighborhood. I told him that in order for us to have horses one day, God would have to provide us with a different house that has more land for the horses to roam and horses. He immediately starts praying for this. I’ve noticed him taking pause several times this week to pray about various things. It makes my mama heart proud!

Layten got a sweel baby doll for her birthday. It has a magnetic paci, which she is trying out in this picture.
I timed myself making these bloomer shorts. It took me way longer than it should’ve, because the elastic gave me fits. I wanted to time how long it took so I could decrease the time next time and be able to make more when I have a change. My bestie shared a tip with me about the elastic so the next time should be easier. 😉
Her bow & her shoes totally match! She dresses better than me. #OOTD

On our way home from Wal-mart, I ran over a squirrel. I think he must’ve been trying to commit suicide because I really tried to miss him. I really did. And the worst part is that he didn’t die instantly. I saw his leg still kicking in my rear view mirror. That definitely put a little damper on my day. We went to pick up Linkin, came back home, opened his treat bags from school, and I was about to heat up lunch when I noticed Justin took the last of the meal-prepped chicken, and the chicken I planned to cook today wasn’t thawed yet, or marinated. But then I remembered that it’s $0.50 Sonic corn dogs day, so we loaded back up, and headed there. I asked the boys how many they thought they could eat. Lawson said “just one because I’m already eating all this candy corn” (True story – don’t judge). And Linkin said “a thousand”, so I ordered six to be safe. I think this might have been Layten’s first corn dog. I probably should’ve taken a picture to commemorate the occasion…. or not.  #MillenialMama

First Wednesday Service… Lawson wanted to look tough I guess. He’s silly right now.
She took three steps!

He’s a Transformer.

Thursday, our small group met up for a day at the park (Homeschool Mamas & their littles). The public park in town is just not what it used to be. As our kids played, and we sat on a bench watching them and talking, we noticed a man walking through. I saw him walk past us to the bathroom area and thought he was carrying a cane, and didn’t think much of it. Then, as I see him walking back across the park, I notice that it is not a cane, but a gun. It was smaller, so we think it was a BB gun, but I just don’t understand why he would be carrying a gun through a park, a place where children play. Lawson came to me after that and told me that he saw a man carrying a brown gun. We were not paranoid, but just trying to be aware of our surroundings. That’s just not something you see every day. A few minutes later another man walks across the park, but this time towards us. He actually is walking with a cane, but he is clearly drunk. He asks us for gas money because he ran out of gas at the stop sign (which, obviously we can’t see). None of us have our purses or money with us- just picnic lunches. After this happened, I told the ladies to pack up their kids and things and follow me to my house for a play-date instead. We just were no longer comfortable the public park, and I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon, as unfortunate as that is.

Practicing Walking

On Friday, God answered a prayer of ours. He just always takes care of us! He has from the very beginning!

Today, I went to the 8am CrossFit class. I was told we were just going to stretch today and that I probably wouldn’t even sweat. I was excited about this. (I don’t actually like working out. Shh. Don’t tell my coach.) But after we did the stretching that was planned, people actually wanted to work out. So we did. It was good though, and I sweat a lot! I had a few errands I needed to run on the coast today so I went home, showered, and got ready quickly. I arranged for a grocery pick up for today too. It was my first time to try it, but I think I really like it! It might be worth the drive, yall! My only issue is that with all our carseats and our third row up, we have no room for kids AND groceries. Usually, I let Justin keep the kids, take his vehicle (that doesn’t have carseats), get the groceries, take them home, and go back to get the kids. It’s a process. Maybe I should start praying for an SUV-XL!

I sewed Layten another pair of bloomer shorts this evening, and it took me WAY less time with the safety pin trick. 😉 I even added a liner to this cotton fabric so they wouldn’t be so thin. I let her model them for me. This will be SO CUTE when her knee-high stocking socks arrive!

This Week in our Homeschool… 

This kid amazes me when he gives his best attitude and his best effort!
He’s goofy!
Lawson completed the Primer level of our Math Curriculum this week! We will be doing kitchen & pinterest math until we order his next level to start in January. I love the flexibility of homeschooling!

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What I’m Reading this Week:
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I’m reading Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne, but I didn’t not take any notes to share this week. I may have some to share next week. 😉

If you read all the way to the end, you get a gold star! This was a lengthy post, but we had a fabulous week. I hope you did too!

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