Planning my Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I’m calling this Fall & Winter because…. do we even really have a Winter here on the coast? I guess sometimes we do, but I think my Fall colors and layers can easily carry over into Winter as well so I’m planning this capsule for the months of November to March. That’s a long season for a capsule, but I don’t feel restrained by it. I feel free to buy new things and replace old ones as the season goes on and as I feel the need to do so. I just know that around March, I will probably be ready to add in some more Springy colors, as it will start to warm up just a bit.

So – the first step to planning my capsule is to print this free capsule planner from Unfancy. (I printed it at 80% and punched it to fit in my classic-size Happy Planner.)

My Top 8 Favorites
  1. Cognac Jeans from Maurice’s
  2. Olive Pull-on Jeans from TJ Maxx
  3. High-waisted Skinnies from Maurice’s (I remember when the lady at the store warned me that these were high-waisted, like it might not be something I was going for.) Mother of 3 here… high-waisted is the way to go!
  4. It is Well tee – Northwood Women’s Event
  5. But then Jesus tee – Northwood Women’s Event
  6. Long-sleeve Black tee – Motherhood (It’s not cinched so no one knows it’s a maternity shirt.) Let’s not judge me, okay. If it works, it works. 😉
  7. Maroon Jacket – Maurice’s
  8. Striped Duster Cardigan – TJ MaxxAnd now you also know my favorite places to shop, so you can go ahead and send the gift cards my way. 😉 Kidding… (kind of).

8 I Don’t Wear
  1. Striped Sweater from Raspberry Beret Consignment – The neckline is weird, and it doesn’t quite lay the way it’s supposed to.
  2. Blue Plaid Jumper Dress from a Boutique in Oxford – This is one my grandmother bought me back in my college days. (Oh, how I miss shopping with her. It’s not as fun being a grown up and having to buy my own clothes now. Wink wink!) Anyway, I love the look of it and how it screams Fall with the plaid, but I can never figure out how to make it work. It’s probably mostly because my body has changed since becoming a mother. It’s shorter on me now and requires leggings, but also needs an undershirt…. so those two have to match… or do they?
  3. Mustard Cassie Skirt from LulaRoe – I’m just not a skirt girl, at least not in the Fall & Winter. For one, I like to be warm. Two, my legs aren’t tan in the Fall and Winter so I would have to wear leggings or stockings.
  4. Oatmeal Color Shirt from Deep South Pout – I love this shirt, but since losing my weight this Summer, it doesn’t fit me anymore.
  5. Striped Maroon Tunic Tee – Same story. It’s too large and just hangs on me now.
  6. Oatmeal Lace Cardigan – I bought this to wear to my baby shower for Layten, and it worked perfectly for the girly, dainty look I was going for. I thought it would be something I could wear again, even after pregnancy, but it’s really just too girly and not my usual style.
  7. Cognac Mary Jane Heels from Charlotte Russe – I LOVE these shoes, which is why I still have them, but I just cannot wear heels anymore, yall. I used to wear heels all the time – the taller, the better. Well, Justin doesn’t really like me to be taller than him, so I gave up wearing heels. And then after children, it just became a safety issue. Once, you lose that skill of wearing heels, I believe it’s just gone. (I would love to find a flatter, Mary Jane-type shoe that would work better for me, so I’ll be on the lookout for that.)
  8. Sky Blue Converses- I love my converses and having a casual shoe, but they aren’t neutral so they don’t mix well all the time. I’m going to keep them and try to make them work though.
    My Full Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

    So here is my full Fall/Winter Capsule Wardobe! I think it’s 46 pieces plus shoes & accessories (not shown). My capsule also doesn’t include intimates, activewear, or pajamas. The number isn’t so important. You could have more or less, just whatever works for you. Take inventory of which clothes you actually wear. Honestly, I could probably get rid of at least ten more things here. I’ll take inventory as the season goes on and try to make sure that I’m wearing the things I’m storing in my capsule.

    To do this and see which clothes I actually wear, I’ll do the hanger trick.  As I wear an item, wash, and hang it back up – I’ll hang it on the rod backwards. This will allow me to see which items I’ve worn, and which I haven’t let so hopefully it will encourage me to wear something I haven’t worn yet instead of my top favorites week after week.

    Keep in mind this is my capsule before shopping. This capsule was created using pieces I already own. It’s a little easier this time, because it’s not my first capsule so I kind of already had this goal in mine to keep with the neutral and classic pieces that work together.

    I have some key pieces that I will be on the lookout for. I’m probably not going to go shopping, because a big trip is not in my budget, and I’m not about to take 3 kids with me. But when I shop or get new things, I like to go with the one in – one out rule. So when I buy a new piece, I will choose an existing piece from my capsule to donate. This way my capsule never gets too full and difficult to manage.  (The more things you have to move around and manage, the less time you have for the things and ones that really matter.)

    My fashionista friend, Morgan, just shared with me this Instagram account that would be a PERFECT resource for starting a capsule of you own! All of the pieces work well together, and that is the goal! I’m eyeing several pieces from this shop!

    I would love to share with you how I pair actual pieces together in my wardrobe and how I shop and update my capsule as the season goes on. I’m definitely not a fashionista, nor will I ever claim to be. There are some things in life you will be great at. There are some things in life you are not great at and have to accept that you never will be. And there are some things in life that if you research and work towards, you can get better and maybe (possibly) be great at at some point in your life. I feel like this is one of those things for me. I can work on it, and it will only get better with time. So that’s what I’ll do, and I’ll share my journey with you.

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