Weekly Review

Tell me I’m not the only one who’s thought this before… 😀
My Weekly Planner Spread, Before the Pen

Our Homeschool:
This was our final week of this term. In our homeschool, we do what’s called Sabbath Schooling, which is basically six weeks of school and a week-long break after that before beginning another six weeks of school. When I plan out our year, I look at the calendar and make a general plan of when we will do school. I plan our terms. So far this year we’ve had a six week term, break week, six week term, break week, and then this five-week term because we’ll take our break week over the Thanksgiving holidays. Then we’ll have a short three-week term to finish out the year before we have our Christmas break.

Actually, this was Lawson’s final week of his Kindergarten curriculum. We finished math two weeks ago, and now he is finishing up his Language Arts. We started both of these last year when he was 4 because #1 – he was ready for it and #2 I wanted to give us a relaxed, “practice” year of schooling. In the past I was not so great at the consistency of homeschooling every single day like we should AND we had a baby in the beginning of our school year last year so we defintely took a break for that. But we’re getting better and better at our homeschooling consistency, and now we’re completing what we’ve started. We’ll spend the remaining weeks of the year brushing up on phonics skills, studying sight words, working on spelling, and reading books. It will be a relaxed end to the year – exactly what we need!

Our Week: 
Last week, I accomplished very little on my task list. Some weeks are just like that. Sundays and Mondays always bring a fresh new week and a do-over, a chance to start again. I felt refreshed on Monday. So I planned out my week, planned some of my days, and got to work.

Here are some of the things we got done this week… 

  • Embroidery – just some “me time” with my sewing machine
  • Reading, for fun
  • Freezer Cooking (2 Pot Pies)
  • Paid the bills in town
  • Free Lending Library in town for the boys to choose a book
  • CrossFit 4 days this week
    Monday – I didn’t feel completed drained and dead post-workout, so I actually enjoyed it. We did weighted lunges, overhead squats, handstand pushups, and then sprints in the parking lot.
    Tuesday – 800m run (I cut it down to 400m), 100 wallballs, and 800m run (400 for me); I was the only one in my class so I didn’t feel so bad about cutting down the runs, and my time was about the same as the rest of the athletes who did the full runs anyway, so I’m glad I did.
    Wednesday – A Lift Day; No metcon (I’m always thankful for those!)
    Thursday – 25minutes of pain was prescribed… I mentally wasn’t feeling it before we even started. I did 6 rounds instead of 10 of 4 pull-ups, 4 dips, 8 burpees, and 12 single arm front rack kettlebell squats. I wasn’t dying physically, but mentally I was.
  • Made Homemade Blueberry Muffins (We ate a few; froze the rest)
  • Sonic’s Happy Hour for Slushes for the Boys, a large Root Beer for me, and a jug of Milk for Layten
  • Operation Christmas Child Packing Party at church
  • Wrote a Thank you Note to the Garbage Truck Driver and Worker
    We missed seeing them last week, but they had left a VHS Lion King movie for the boys on top of our trash can.  He started his note with “Hey, Garbage Men! Stay cool and sharp!” I love that my children are fascinated with these men and that they place value on these people who do a job that some would consider “less than ideal”. I remember a while back when Linkin used to be upset that they were taking our trash away, and I had to explain to him how thankful we are that they do this service for us. Now, the boys both love to go out and talk to them every Tuesday and Friday. One day, we gave them cold drinks and a snack as a way to say thank you. The boys drew them a picture that they keep in the front of their truck. They now know my boys’ names, and they ask how the baby is doing – if she’s walking yet. They turn the truck off at our house so they can hear what the boys are saying and asking. They let the boys help, if there is something light enough they can pick up, and they always do the trash compactor while they are in front of our house. There was one day Justin and I were driving through town, and this man waves at us really big. Justin looked and me, and I told him that was our garbage man, and we know him. We taped the note to the trash can, just in case we missed seeing them.

As you know Social Media is basically just a Highlight Reel…. You see the good, but not always the bad. On my blog, I just want to be real with you. I’m not afraid to show you some of the bad, and how we turn it around into a positive thing. Here are a few of those incidents from our week:

We planned to workout at noon with Justin on Wednesay. One of my littles had another plan in mind. Dealing with that strong will sure is fun sometimes (insert sarcasm here). I wanted to give up and not fight that will, and for a little while I felt defeated as a mom. The struggle is real. Then, I decided to try again. I’m learning that instead of impressing my “stronger” will on him, sometimes it’s better to talk it out. It takes a lot of humility to do that, and honestly I don’t like it one bit. But it’s what I’ve found that actually works. At least some of the time. I can usually ask him questions to try to understand where he’s coming from… his wants and desires, and most of the time we can come up with a solution together. “Are you hungry? Are you tired? Are you sad? Are you mad? You’re mad because you wanted to stay home and keep playing with your toys? Well, how about you take this small box and put as many toys as you can fit into it, and you can take it with us to play while mama works out?” So we did, and we all went to the box. They got some free play time, and I got to work out, even though I was a little late and had to play catch up.

On Friday, I slept in after being unable to sleep part of the night. Lawson woke me up with, “Linkin has the scissors and the peanut butter.” I got up to handle that, and we started out morning with tears and a tantrum as I took those two things away and started fixing breakfast. (It started with tears and a tantrum from Linkin, as I’m sure you guessed, but as the morning went on it was Mama who wanted to cry or throw a tantrum.)
***This is the reason I usually try to wake up before my children. It’s much more pleasant having quiet time to think and pray and plan my day instead of having to wake up and jump into action to put out the fires and meet the demands.
I tried to recover my day. Instead of quiet time, I had loud time because it sure wasn’t quiet in my house. I read some scriptures, got some insight… I even sent some scriptures to Justin about some thing we have been praying about.

After this, I just couldn’t get going with my day. Do you know how you are getting directions to a place using your phone, you take a wrong turn, and you hear Siri say, “Recalculating.”? I feel like this is how my life is a lot of times. Things get out of order, out of routine, or there’s a fire to be put out instead of the task and hand, and things have to get shifted around… I hear God say, “Recalcuating.” and I have to re-order my steps. I don’t always know how my days will go. I don’t always know the full set of directions to get to the place I need to be, but if I just look and listen, God will give me the next step I need to take to get there. I just need to focus on doing the next, best thing. And then as I do that one, he’ll give me another. I managed to get it together, and we finished our day sucessfully.

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Favorite Social Media Post this Week:

Podcasts I Listened to this Week:
God-Centered Mom Podcast – Don’t Mom Alone
Elevation Church – How to Build your Vision from the Group Up – Q&A with Bishop T.D. Jakes *This one inspired me. I even jotted some notes.
Simplified Organization Audioblog – How Often Should You Grocery Shop?
Simplified Organization Audioblog – Plan all the Meals
The Simply Convivial Audioblog – How I Catalog My Books
The Purposeful Home Podcast – How to Simplify Family Travel
The Homeschool Sanity Show – How to Cultivate Gratitude in your Homeschool
Elevation Church Podcast – There’s a Catch
*This one helped me gather my thoughts and get out of my funk on Friday.
The Purposeful Home Podcast – Creating Space for What Matters Most this Holiday Season
The Homeschool Solutions Show – How to Homeschool Preschool and Love It
The Simply Convivial Audioblog – A Digital Homeschool Planner

What I’m Reading Right Now:
Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne
Pg. 107 – “To people who fail, turn away, or sit on the fence because they are too afraid to jump in or are not yet fully convinced, Jesus continues to offer his extravagant mercy, a helping hand, and another chance. It isn’t weakness. It’s not compromise. It’s mercy: excessive, undeserved, and generous.”

The Fringe Hours by Jessica N. Turner (This is a re-read for me.)
You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.
-Charles Bixton
Pg. 14 – “I’m here to tell you that you not only can but must make time to do things that matter to you, no matter how busy life gets. It may seem like there aren’t enough hours in a day – particularly if you are juggling a lot of responsibilities – but I promsie you, it’s possible. You should use your gifts and passions not just for others but to fill you up.”
Pg. 21 – “Most of us have trouble juggling. The woman who says she doesn’t is someone whom I’d admire but have never met.” -Barbara Walters

Weekly Review Checklist:
1. Capture
-Brain dump anything in my head onto paper
-Collect any notes or post its and process into right places
2. Reflect
-Did I get my to-do’s done?
-If not, why?
-Did I make progress on any goals?
-If not, why?
3. Plan Next Week
-What is on the calendar?
-What can I do to prepare for next week?
-Start or carry over to-do list.
-Start or carry over goal list.
-Time block important things.
4. Scan Next Four Weeks
-Any important dates? (birthdays, holidays, events)
-Schedule any prep that needs to be done
5. Review
-Review annual or quarterly goals
-Are my goals clear, actionable, measureable, and dated?
-Anything need to be changed, added, or deleted?
6. Clear and Prep
-Empty email inbox
-Clear out mail box
-Declutter desk/hot spots
-Pray over your coming week and thank God for the past one
-What can you do today to make Sunday a day of more rest?

Next week is a Homeschool Break Week for us and Thanksgiving Holiday Week! Since it’s our break week, we might be more relaxed, or we might be busier. We just never know. As of right now, I have plans to
Rotate the Kids’ Toys, Let the boys Paint, File our Homeschool Term Papers into Portfolios, and Plan for our week in Memphis with family.
On the blog next week, we have a new series starting – Fervent Prayer. Can’t wait to share it with you! Have a great holiday!

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