Planning My Planner for 2018

As this year is coming to an end, so is my planner. I have officially been “Happy Planning” for a year and a half now. As I close the cover of my very first Happy Planner, it’s time that I choose and open the cover of my next one.

I have come to love the MAMBI (Me and My Big Ideas) Happy Planner line. I have one for my personal life and home management that I use for pretty much everything. It’s the one I’ve been using since July 2016 that will be completed this month. I purchased another one and used it, specifically, as a baby book for Layten’s first year. A planner makes a GREAT baby book! I was able to keep up with all of her milestones each month and add pictures easily. I also purchased one to use for our Homeschool because it’s really nice to keep that separate from everything else. It holds all of our memory work, plans for each term, attendance, and a daily log of what we get done each homeschool day.

So those 3 make up my Happy Planner collection, but as you noticed – one is coming to an end so I have to choose another one to keep up with all of my personal things and all of our home management needs.

So while it might sound a little obsessive or nerdy or whatever that I am “planning my planner”, I don’t even care about that anymore. This is who I am. A planner girl. It has helped me accomplish so much more than I ever thought possible. Just by planning out my life – my month, my week, my day… I found that I was actually being more intentional with it, instead of just letting life happen to me. I woke up each day with goals and plan of action , instead of just “putting out fires” and being lazy all day. It’s really been a good thing for me, and now that I’ve discovered what system works best for me, I want to find the perfect planner that does just that!

Here’s what I need in a planner…

  • A Monthly View – So I can see the Big Picture of appointments, events, etc.
  • A Daily To-Do List – I like to do this “Bullet Journal” style. I plan one day at a time for my tasks that I need to accomplish. I can “star” my top 3 priorities for each day, and whatever doesn’t get done, gets moved forward to the next day.
  • A Section for Notes – I might divide this into categories like Bible Study, Prayer Journal, Church Notes, Meeting Notes, Commonplace Corner for notes from Books I’m reading, and Miscellaneous -or- I might leave it as one big section and just create and index like you would do in a bullet journal. I AM looking to add my prayer journal and Bible study notes to my Happy Planner so that it’s all in one place though. I should complete my current Bible study/Prayer journal with this Advent study I’m working through.
  • A Budgeting Section – I’m not sure if I will purchase the Budgeting Kit from the Happy Planner line again, or if I will create my own. I really like the “Bill Pay Checklist” and the “Expense Tracker” pages, but I don’t necessarily love having another monthly view in my planner for budgeting. I haven’t found it to be useful for me because I pay all of our bills twice a month, when Justin gets paid based on their due dates so it’s already pretty simple.
  • Ongoing To-Do/Project List – I really like this section of the Home Management kit, but it’s the only section of that kit I continued to use throughout the year. The Meal Planner & Grocery list was great until we started our Macronutrient Nutrition Plan and no longer needed it. The cleaning checklist was great, but I didn’t necessarily use it to it’s full potention, and just like added these cleaning tasks to my daily to do/ task list instead.
  • Weekly View – I have come to love decorating my vertical weekly views in my Happy Planner, but I decided that I wanted to go with a horizontal, lined layout this year instead to encourage me to do more daily scripture-writing (which I love) and journaling. It’s not so easy to write in the vertical spaces, so horizontal will be good for this. I’m sure I can find a way to decorate it still, and I hope I won’t regret not having the vertical spread.So! With all that in mind, I had to customize and create a planner that would meet all my needs. I knew that the Happy Planner would be able to do just that with all of it’s customizations available! I decided to go with the Happy Planner Classic-Size Horizontal 2018 Planner AND The Happy Planner Trendsetter Style Classic 2018 Planner. I would combine the two into one planner for me. This is called “Frankenplanning”, which I’ve really been doing all along anyway.Franken Planner – (my favorite definition from the MAMBI facebook group) Using the “body” parts from multiple planners to create your perfect “monster” planner
    The 2 Planners I Purchased for 2018 (Trendsetter on the Left; Horizontal Classic on the Right)
    Trendsetter Planner Monthly Overview
    Trendsetter Monthly Spread (I fell in love with this!)
    Trendsetter Daily To-Do’s (This replaces the usual weekly spread.) I loved it because it would combine my current daily pages I use all on one page, making my planner less chunky.
    Classic, Horizontal Planner Monthly Overview
    Classic, Horizontal, Lined Weekly Spread
    My 2018 Frankenplanner with Large Disks & a Pretty Pink Durable Snap-in Cover

    Next Up! I will give you a walk-through of my 2018 Frankenplanner… all of it’s sections and components, and how I use them. I will show you exactly how I’ve customized it and how I will use it to be more intentional and meet goals that I am setting.

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