My 2018 Happy Planner Walk-Through

My 2018 Planner 

Here’s what I have in my Frankenplanner. You can read more about what that means in Planning My Planner for 2018  post, but here’s a little description for you for now:

FrankenPlanner – (my favorite definition from the MAMBI facebook group) Using the “body” parts from multiple planners to create your perfect “monster” planner

This post is pretty much in list-form of all of the different components that make up my FrankenPlanner. There isn’t much “meat” to it, or details about my planning, but it gives you a good picture of what’s in my planner and how I will be using the pages. 

  • Pink “Happy Life” Snap-in Cover (Much more durable!) & Large Gold Disks
  • Title Page… “This Happy Planner Belongs to…” Front & 2018 Year on Back
  • Scriptures Page I have printed and added (You can print pages at 80% to fit perfectly in the Classic Size Happy Planners.)
  • December Tab and Monthly Spread
  • December Vertical Weekly Pages with a few Mini-Size Daily Pages Mixed In
  • Divider for December Recipes & Recipe Pages (How Perfect this will be when I’m looking for my favorite Christmas recipes to use again next year!)
  • January Trendsetter Monthly Tab & Spread – Here I will have a general overview of the month…. appointments, events, birthdays, holidays, etc.
  • January Trendsetter Goals Page – I fell in love with this page, and it’s the reason I wanted to get the Trendsetter. It has a place for Top 3 Goals, Monthly Goals, Checklist, Monthly Habit Trackers, Note to Self, Get It Done List, & a List of things to Focus On. Here’s how I will use each of those…
    1. Top 3 Goals: Priority goals that MUST get done this month or there will be consequences. For example, we must pay our property taxes in January. If not done in January, there will be a late fee added.
    2. Monthly Habit Trackers – There are 3 of these per month. For the month of January, I will track the days that I workout, my personal reading time & Me Time, & the days that I read aloud to my kids. These things are all important to me and things I really want to track and make sure I do.
    3. Monthly Goals – My broken down specific S.M.A.R.T. or W.H.O.O.P.I.E. Goal Tasks for the Month.
    4. Checklist – Monthly tasks like Clean the Coffee Maker, Change the Air Filter, Budget Review, & Homeschool Portfolios. (I also have a master of these for the year in my Notes Section.)
    5. Note to Self – Affirmation or Scripture to Meditate on for the Month
    6. Blank Space– Perfect for adding in a picture of my kids or family
    7. Get it Done – Priority Tasks that have to get done soon
    8. Focus On – Other habits I’d like to work on but aren’t necessarily tracking in this particular month
  • Trendsetter January Daily To Do’s – There are enough of these sections for each day of the month, but here’s something I’m also considering… Instead of doing one section per day – I might use it like a weekly view and add categories for the different things I do and hats I wear.
  • Notes Page (on the back of the last Daily To Do’s) & a 2019 Year View
  • January Horizontal Planner Overview & Dashboard Tab Page
  • January Horizontal Planner Tab & Monthly View
  • January Horizontal Weekly View Lined Pages
  • February Trendsetter Planner Inserts
  • February Horizontal Classic Planner Inserts
  • Also have March & April Inserts, but those are the only dated inserts I have in here currently to save room for other things I need. (As months end, I will file away the old month into the original covers that came with these planners and add in the new month.)
  •  Pocket Divider (Front Side is Labelled “File/Keep”, and Back Side is not labelled but it holds my laminated “Weekly Review Checklist” and Some Sticky Note Stickers for Quick Notes
  • Notes Section Tab & Dashboard (This came with the Trendsetter Planner, and I’m so glad, because I already planned to have a “Notes” section, but this gives me a Tab so I can easily find it.)
  • Index Page (I made this page so I can number the pages of my notes section and easily find what I’m looking for. It’s from the Bullet Journalling System, and it keeps me from having a bazillion different sections and tabs that really aren’t needed when I already have so many in my planner.) When I add a page to my notes, I just jot down the page number on this page and what the notes were for. And sometimes they may get out of order because I may put multiple things on one page such as a recipe at the top or notes from church on the bottom of the same page. As long as that’s written in my index, it works well enough for me.
  • To Do Lists Tab, Dashboard, and Pages – This section is where I have a running project list of tasks I need to or would just like to complete. I write in the date, add the task, and check it off when it’s completed. This section is from the Home Management Happy Planner Kit, but this is the only section I actually still use from that kit. I’ve labelled three pages in it with “Personal Projects and Tasks”, “First Impressions” (which is all of my church-related tasks & meeting notes), & “Wish List” – which is a running list of household things we need, or things like new jeans for Lawson, or a book I saw that I’d like to order. It’s nice to have it all in one place if I find room in the budget to check something off the list.
  • House Cleaning Section – (Honestly, I don’t need an entire section for this, as I am a bit domestically challenged, but I do like having the tab.) Originally this did come from the Home Management Kit as well, but it had Weekly Cleaning Lists – which I did use, but I don’t care to use again. Instead, I’ve made my own “Monthly Tasks” Tracker Page, and it’s things that I’d like to do and repeat every month. I will probably add in my Morning Routine, my Evening Routine, the Boys’ Morning Checklist, & Some Quarterly Household/Cleaning Chores to this section, but I haven’t done that just yet.
  • Budget Tab/Divider
  • Pocket Divider (Front Side is Labelled “Bills” so I can keep up with what needs to be paid and not lose it and the Back Side is Labelled “Coupons” – just the coupons that I will definitely, actually use like the Michael’s flyer
  • Bill Pay Checklist (from the Budgeting Happy Planner Kit) I love these, and I use two per month. I’ve divideded our bills & expenses between Justin’s two paychecks, based on their due dates. So I do our budget twice a month with weekly reviews and a big monthly review at the end. (At least, that’s my goal.)
  • Expense Tracker Pages
  • Budget Review
  • Month at a Glance (Budget Review)
  • Pocket Divider (Front Side Labelled “First Impressions”/ Back Side Labelled “Upcoming” where I keep invitations & such so I can easily find them when needed

    And that’s my planner for 2018!! Now it’s time to put it to work for me!

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