Purposeful Planning on Patreon

A while back, I listened to a podcast that referred to the Parable of the Talents – and how they were invested and multiplied. I believe God has given me a lot of “talents”, and I just want to use them to make something to give back to Him. I want to be used by Him for his own glory. I believe God has given me a vision for the future, and I have to be intentional and do my part to get there and take my steps of obedience.

In that same podcast episode, the statement was made about that God makes trees. We, as humans, use our brains that He gave us and we take those trees and make tables, and boats, and desks. Often, we are praying God to give us a table we need, when He’s already given us a tree. We just have to take it and make something of it. Make it happen. Turn the tree into the table that we need.

So there are needs that our family has, especially to accomplish this vision that God has given us. Tables, if you will. A list of different things that we need for God to provide. This is me, taking the “trees” He’s already given me, and turning them into the “tables“, and “boats“, and “desks” that we need. It’s me taking the talents He’s given me and using them, doing my part, if you will.

​Basically – it’s me creating a job for myself, doing what I love to do. Planning.  While I realize that not everyone will be a planner to the extent that I am, I believe that I can help, encourage, and hopefully inspire others to be intentional with their lives and plan it purposfully, instead of just letting life happen. It’s not all about planners, notebooks, and pens – but about being more purposeful and strategic and intentional in the planning and preparation of life and all of it’s aspects.

In just two weeks on January 15th, I will be launching my Purposeful Planning account on Patreon. Patreon is a subscription service tool that I will be using to give you more content and resources as one of my followers, subscribers, & supporters. For my Patrons, I’m going to provide Purposeful Planning Monthly Challenges & Resources, Exlusive Purposeful Planning Blog Posts & Content, Access to a Private Facebook Group with me where I will be able to discuss the Monthly Topic more in depth with you and more!  You will learn how to be a Purposeful Planner and be more Intentional with your life! You will be supporting me, my blog, my family, and the vision that God has given us to help others reach their full potential at the same time!

Depending on the level you choose, ​Here’s what I have in store for you as a patron!
Follower & Subscriber Freebies as they are Released
​​Monthly Challenges for Intentional & Purposeful Planning in your Life
​Access to an Exclusive Purposeful Planning Facebook Group with Me
​Weekly & Daily Discussions of the Topic We are Working Through for the Month
​Q&A with me on all things Planning & Intentionality-Related

Of course, you won’t be able to find me on Patreon just yet. My account page won’t launch until January 15th. This post is just to keep you in the know, let you in on the excitement, and to inform you about this secret project I’ve been working on. Be sure to follow or subscribe so you won’t miss the upcoming details and sneak peeks I’ll be giving you as my followers. This is  something I’ve been praying and thinking about for a while, and I’m excited (but also really nervous!) that it’s finally coming to fruition. Pray with me on this next big adventure!

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