More About My Purposeful Planning Launch!

This thing that God has put on my heart and that I’ve been working diligently on for the past several weeks has been confirmed in so many of my conversations with different women I’ve talked to. This first topic is needed, and it couldn’t be more timely. I am certain that it is ordained by God, because the words He is giving me to write are just flowing and flowing each day as I’m preparing. It is definitely nothing I could do on my own! I’m also seeing so many things on this topic – even some of my close friends have posted about this exact thing! It’s going to be good, ya’ll. You do not want to miss this!

So, what am I talking about? I’m talking about my launch of Purposeful Planning on Patreon, January 15th! Patreon is a subscription service that will allow me to give you MORE! More content in the forms of exclusive blog posts, special printable resources, and tools, and possibly some other things – all of which are you help you be more purposeful and intentional in your life! The Purposeful Planning monthly challenge that will be provided each month will help you plan exactly how to do just that.

In January, our topic is Self-Care! We will learn and discuss in depth how to let go of our fear and guilt when it comes to self-care. We’ll talk about how we can prioritize our time and invest in ourselves – doing the things that really fulfill us – making us better wives, better moms, and better Christians in general!

We will discuss Time Management, determine our Core Values, and discuss self-care in the areas of Health, Emotional and Mental Wellness, as well as our Spiritual Well-Being.

There will be guides to help you discover what you are passionate about – because let’s face it – being a mom takes a great deal of our time, so we don’t always make the time to do the things we truly enjoy, aside from that. I really think you are going to benefit from this!

There are different levels of support on Patreon
. The first level, The Introductory Patron Level, ($1/month) is an affordable way to say, “Hey -I like what you are doing here, and I want to pledge my support for this.” By becoming a Patron at this level, you will get the Printable Resources I’ve been working on first, before they are released to anyone else.

The second level of support is the Purposeful Planners Level ($12/month). This is the level where the Monthly Challenges will come in! In addition to receiving the Printable Resources as mentioned in the first level, you will also get access to exclusive blog posts on the topic that dive a little deeper into the subject as well as access to a private Facebook group. There, we will have daily discussions on the topic so you can get even more out of it and learn how to apply the concepts in your own lives! I would love to also use this Facebook group to do live video chats with you guys about the monthly challenge as well so as soon as this account launches and this group begins to populate, we will discuss a time that will be most ideal for the group members.

Finally, the 3rd level of support that I am offering to you is the Purposeful Planning 101 Exclusive Level. If you noticed, neither of the first two levels have anything to do with planners. Instead, they focus on the purposeful part of Purposeful Planning. Well this third level is where we will go all out with the planner stuff. Bring all the fancy handwriting, colored pens, and washi! I will work with you to determine which planning system is best for your personality type and lifestyle. We’ll work out any kinks you are having with your planning and discuss all of the various techniques we can use to decorate our planners and really enjoy the whole process. Because this will take a great deal more of my time so that I can help you to the fullest potential, it is priced at $40/month, and this level has very limited availability. I want to be able to give these patrons their money’s worth for sure, so I’ve limited it so I can do just that.

I would love to have you join me over on Patreon if you feel this is something that will benefit you. My desire is to really help others become more purposeful and intentional in their lives, one step at a time. I’m excited about this journey and for whatever God has in store for Purposeful Planning! Thank you for your prayers and support!

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