Track Where Your Time is Going (with FREE Printable!)


In a financial budget when you are trying to evaluate whether or not you have “room in the budget” to add something new, what do you do? You might take time to look and see where your money is actually going to be sure your budget is accurate or if changes need to be made.

The same can be done with our time. The only difference here is that all of have the same amount of time – 24 hours in a day. In a few days, we will discuss and work on creating a “Time Budget”, but it’s important to see “where our time is actually going” before we can tell it where we want it to go. Make sense?

So I’ve created a Daily Time Tracker for you. Print as many copies as you need as each of your days may look a little different, depending on your obligations. It’s important to write down what you are ACTUALLY doing during that time, not what you usually do or want to be doing.

You may be surprised to find some extra margin time in there to do something you really love – the time you spent perusing Facebook or watching a T.V. show, perhaps? I know that when I first did this, I was surprised to see how much multi-tasking I was doing when I had to write in many many tasks on a line and even scribble things in the margins of the page. It really gave me a detailed view of how I was spending my time, and I’ve been able to make some changes to it so that I’m spending my time more wisely now. I hope you will be enlightened by this as well. Go ahead an do it for a week so that we can have an accurate view when we get ready to work on our Time Budgets soon.

Here’s a link for the Free Printable Daily Time Tracker

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