Give Yourself Permission

“As moms especially, we often find it hard to give ourselves permission to pursue the things that matter to us. Perhaps we feel that motherhood is our highest calling. And it IS important – don’t get me wrong. But also, maybe deep inside of you… another desire burns. One that is just for you. It might be ignited when you sit down with a good book and a candle burning, in solitude. Or it might be awakened when your feet hit the pavement for an early morning run. Whatever it is, find it.”
-Jessica N. Turner from The Fringe Hours

Being a mom is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I am so blessed by my three children. I get to watch them as they sleep, laugh at their silly personalities, and watch them grow into awesome adults a little tiny bit each day. It really does go by so fast like they all say.

But you know what – I am not ONLY a mother. It’s not my only role in life, and I don’t want to lose myself just because I am a mom now. After all, one day they will be grown and will leave my nest. If being a mother is all that I am, what will I do then? Go crazy, probably. There are enough things here on earth that can make a girl go crazy. That doesn’t need to be one of them. Don’t lose yourself, mamas. It’s not your only role.

So it’s important that I take care of myself first. When I take care of myself and my well-being, I am fulfilled. I’m my best self. Then, it takes my motherhood (as well as my other roles) to a whole ‘nother level of greatness. When I’m happy, I can help the others in my household to be happy as well. You know the saying, “When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Well maybe it’s true. Find what it is you love to do. Make the time to do it. Be fulfilled. And then go be a mom. Go be a wife. Go be the Christian that God has called you to be. And go do whatever job you are assigned to do right now – whether it’s staying at home with your littles, homeschooling and blogging, or if it’s being a career woman. Go do your thing, and do it well.

I know as a homeschooling mother, one of the things I think about is what I want my children to grow up to be like. Actually, you probably think about this too for your children. What character traits and values do I want them to have? One of the things that I want for them is that they grow up to love learning new things. I also want them to find what it is that they love and pursue that. I don’t care if it’s helping people find a cure and treat their diseases or fixing cars. It could be performing or teaching or doing missions abroad. I know that God has a plan for each of them. He’s put desires in each of their hearts. They each have their own little personality types and things that make them uniquely them. I don’t want to pressure them to do something that will “make a lot of money” or “be impressive on a resume”. I want them to do what they enjoy, what God has prepared for them to do, and what will ultimately fulfill them in life.

So if I’m going to encourage my children in this, I have to set the example. I have to be doing the thing that I love, the thing that I enjoy, what God has prepared me to do, and what fulfills me too!

So Mamas… Women… Whoever is reading this… It’s time to give yourself permission – permission to find and make time to do the thing that you enjoy so that you can be better at all of your other roles.

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