Everything for Everyone

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“When we live using our God-given talents and passions, I believe we are pleasing him and more fully living the life we were born to live. In your glorious imperfection, you can still shine beautifully bright. Embrace the truth. Stop trying to be ‘everything for everyone’ and start investing in who and what really matters.” -Jessica N. Turner from The Fringe Hours

It’s so true that we often feel like we are “everything for everyone” as wives and mothers. A lot of times the responsibility of all of the household tasks and parenting lies on our shoulders. It’s not that we don’t have help. Sure, our husbands are there to co-parent with us, and we work together to get things done around the house.

But as I’m sure you already know, men and women are wired differently. Men are able to “compartmentalize” so much better than we are. One little box for this task. One little box for that task. Each box only contains one thing, and only one box can be open at a time for them. So when they are doing something, they usually do it pretty well. We have to understand this and take this in account when we ask things of them, because it’s easy for us to get frustrated as women when they do things differently than we do.

With women, everything is intertwined. Maybe you’ve heard that women are like spaghetti? It makes sense. We may be cooking dinner – but we’re also answering a homework question, responding to a text message, listening to a podcast, and thinking about what to do for tomorrow’s lunches. All at once. See what I mean?

So it’s just natural that although husbands and wives are to work together at the household tasks and responsibilities and parenting, the women are the ones who are thinking about it constantly and usually the ones who are the “managers” of the household for that very reason. And because we are often the “managers”, a lot of the weight usually falls on our shoulders, and we carry it around with us.

We may be “at work” but we are already thinking about what time we have to pick the kids up and how we will get dinner prepared and homework done before we have to be at that practice. And then – we realize we forgot one of the ingredients for tonight’s meal and there’s no time for a trip to the store.  So here you are on your lunch break (hopefully, wink wink), looking up alternate meal plans for tonight with what you’ve got left in your fridge. And while our husbands are at work, they are really “at work”, and none of this even crosses their minds. Ahh, how nice that must be.

So wives, mamas, – let’s avoid the overwhelm. Let’s learn how to use our time wisely. Let’s prepare ahead for what we can and do our very best. And most importantly today – let’s give ourselves permission to do something for ourselves so that we don’t feel so out of control and bogged down. I promise you – when you do this, it’s going to make that weight (the normal day to day thoughts and tasks) we inevitably carry seem so much smaller and more manageable, even though it’s really the same all along.

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