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If I were to interview you and say, “So tell me about yourself,” what would you say to me?

Would you say that you are a Wife, a Mother, maybe name some of your roles for me like your Career, your Church Involvement, or your Obligations with your Kid’s school? These are your Relational and Occupational Roles.

Or would you tell me about the things that you are not OBLIGATED to do, but the things that you actually ENJOY doing…. that you are a Memory Keeper, Writer, Planner, Deal Shopper, StoryTeller, Photographer, Runner, Crafter, etc.? Those things would be your Passions and the things that fulfill you on a very personal level, wouldn’t they?

So let’s dig a little deeper than the surface level relational roles and hats you wear here… I want you to think about your Passions. The things you Love and Enjoy. The things that excite you? The thing that invigorates you, fulfills you when you get the time to do it?

Be honest and bold here in your response. What is it that makes you giddy and your heart race? If you are having trouble, take a few more minutes to think about it. It could be that you haven’t made time for yourself in so long that you find it difficult to develop a list. It could also be that, for whatever reason, you’ve stopped doing the thing that you love to do.

I know that I can say this was true for me. I have always loved to write and been fulfilled in it – even if no one ever read it. But it wasn’t something I pursued because I didn’t have the time. Until I started to MAKE the time. And now, I’m more fulfilled than ever because I’m doing what I love.

Find whatever it is that you love – the thing you can do for yourself.

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