How to “Sabbath” (with Free Printable!)

“In the Bible, we see Jesus taking time to be alone and refuel. This is especially apparent after times of busyness, such as when he fed five thousand people. Our commitments should not overrun our lives to the point that we don’t take care of ourselves. Quiet time to invest in ourselves and become restored is incredibly important.”
-Jessica N. Turner from The Fringe Hours

This reminds me of the concept of “Sabbathing”. I recently listened to a podcast episode called “Thinking Differently About Sabbath”, and I loved the concepts discussed. The guest was Shelly Miller, and this was the God Centered Mom podcast by Heather MacFadyen.

So basically, Sabbath which means “to stop; to cease; and to celebrate” should be something that is intentional and planned for – something we anticipate. It is the first time in the Bible that God called something Holy or “set apart”.   It is to be anticipated just like you would a date with your spouse. You set a date on the calendar, and you have to make some arrangements to make it happen. Maybe you have to call a sitter for your kids or something like that? Sabbath is the same way. It’s something we should plan for and prepare for. Maybe it’s by preparing a CrockPot meal so you don’t have too much cooking to do or by pulling out a basket of disposable dishes and cutlery so there are less dishes to wash? Think about what you can do ahead of time to really make the most of your Sabbath time.

Then, when your time to Sabbath arrives, really make the most of it! This is more than just your regular quiet times during the week. This is bonus time – it can be a special date with you and God. Sure, you talk to him every day and hear what He says to you, but take this time and make it extra special somehow. Add in some extra worship that you can’t always make time for in the week. Do a little deeper Bible study. When your time is over, you will feel so refreshed and rejuvenated and ready for your week.

Maybe your whole family will use this time to Sabbath too, in their own ways of course, or maybe all of you Sabbath at different times during the week because it works out better. As I learned in this Podcast, your Sabbath does not have to be on Sunday. If Sundays are busy days for you in the ministry or with work or something else, find another time in the week that works better for you. No problem! What a relief to know that, right?

Does this inspire you like it did me? I’d love to hear about how you will plan to make Sabbath a part of your week. I’m looking forward to being more intentional about this Rhythm of Rest and Sabbath in my life for sure.

How to Sabbath Free Printable


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