More Than Just Making It

Our family is about to make a big change. In the pursuit of financial freedom, we are getting ready to sell our house. Although all of our bills are paid each month, and we are not behind on anything (Thank you, Jesus!), we are just “making it”, and we believe God has called us to more… which reminds me of my word of the year, increase. Although, sometimes “increase” might look a little like “decrease” because with this process of selling and moving, we are downsizing.

We are blessed to have generous family members who are allowing us to move in with them so that we can save money for a while. In hind sight, we probably should have done something like this when we first got married or at least before we had children, but anyway here we are. We are doing it now.

I’ve been reading over my prayer journals and thinking about how God has always provided for us over the years of our marriage. He has provided for us and blessed us in so many ways. We would not survive without God’s provision. There are so many things that we have that we would not have if it weren’t for God’s prompting of his people to bless us in various ways – from random checks and gift cards given to us, our house full of beautiful furniture, nursery furniture given to us, a lawn mower given to us, clothes provided in the form of hand-me downs and from people who just like to buy for our children, etc. There are even things that weren’t “needs” but just little kisses from Jesus where He’s given us desires of our hearts. Two days after seeing a set of lockers which I’ve always wanted to have at a flea market (with a hefty price tag), I was given a set for free. We were also given an upright freezer before we had Layten, at a time when I was really getting prepared and doing lots of freezer cooking. I can’ t tell you the last time that Justin went shopping for clothes, but people randomly give him clothes all the time – usually in the form of “My wife bought this for me, but it’s the wrong size so you can have it.” That happened a few weeks ago and the $90 price tag was still on the shirt. Kisses from Jesus. We are blessed.

We are blessed and we have a great desire to bless others in all the ways that we have been blessed. We give when we can, but we’re ready to be more on the giving end than the receiving end. With that, requires our financial stewardship and more persistent journey towards our financial freedom.

Right now I am working diligently right now to purge some of the unnecessary clutter and get rid of things we don’t need. Anybody want anything? 😉 We are praying that our house will sell quickly, and that we have the supernatural peace that God gives with this decision.

We’ve sought the wise counsel of a few trusted people, and all three encouraged us that this is the right move for us. I’ll be honest that while my husband’s peace is unwavering, mine has been fluctuating with this decision. Giving up your home and most of your belongings is a big deal. Moving your family and your children into a much smaller space is a lot to think about. I’m a systematic thinker, but this system and process is not an easy one for me to figure out. There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration and discussed. Lack of time also makes it difficult.

Now I’ll share some words from my Bible Study this morning on peace from “Discerning the Voice of God” by Priscilla Shirer…

“Despite the challenge ahead of you or the naysayers around you, His voice will cause you to feel anchored by a solid sense of calm about the task He is sending you to perform.”

I am praying for this “solid, gripping settledness deep within, despite the difficulties we may face.”

Although my peace has been fluctuating, He does “keep returning to me a sense of confidence, a new-every-morning assurance that He is working everything together, that we can accomplish the task He’s sending us out to perform.”

“Even though I’m scared, the God of Peace is speaking. He’s converting the normal formulas we consult to determine our next steps, and He’s causing them to add up to a peaceful resolution.”

Pray with us that we receive this unshakeable peace. Pray that our house sells quickly. (We’ll be posting it soon.) Pray for us that we stay strong and continue in our financial stewardship. We’re really excited (and nervous!) about this journey, but we’re ready to be “More thank just Making It.”

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