Patience, Please

“When our eyes are open to detect God’s fingerprints of providence, when our hearts are reminded of His never-ending care for us, our internal posture becomes reframed and our conversations with Him are transformed. Instead of offering a string of requests born out of disappointments and frustrations, we pause in His presence and – we see Him. Prayer becomes less about what we want and more about who He is.” (Priscilla Shirer in Discerning the Voice of God study)

I can see God’s fingerprints in our current situation… I’m actively looking for them, and I’ve already seen a few…
-Cabinets given
-Oven and Stove given
-Microwave given
-The opportunity for me to design, organize, and decorate this home we will be moving into. Those are some of my favorite things, things I’ve never really had the opportunity to do to the full extent because of lack of those budget categories each month. Now, I get to do them! This weekend, we even went to pick out some things. I got to pick out some base cabinets and pantry cabinets. We looked at storage and accessories, kitchen islands, furniture… We even looked at things like barn doors to eventually close off the bedroom area under the kids’ loft. It was so much fun, and we went ahead and purchased two of the cabinets to install. We’re doing a little at a time, and it’s exciting! I’m seeing my design and vision for this place come together!

John Powell writes, “The Lord widens my vision, helps me see what is really important in life, and to distinguish the really important from the unimportant… He comes to me, in the listening, receptive moments of prayer, and He transfuses power into me.”

I’m widening my vision to see where God is already working. I’m actively looking for his hand at work and seeing all those fingerprints He’s leaving. And because of that, my whole posture in prayer has changed.

Habakkuk writes in chapter 2:1, “I will stand at my watchpost and station myself on the tower, and look to see what He will say to me, and I will answer concerning my complaint.” He wrote of a military watchman who would elevate himself on a tower placed strategically and intentionally so that his eyes could be peeled on the horizon without his attention being diverted to any movements on the ground, which could easily cause anxiety. His vantage point was broad, his perspective unique. (From Priscilla Shirer’s Discerning the Voice of God Study)

I love this illustration. When we elevate ourselves to be able to see where God is at work, it is so much easier to trust Him. We have the patience we need to stand and press on. We know that God’s timing is everything, and His word is worth waiting for. I’m one of those who once a decision is made, I want to go ahead and act. Get the plans made, and start checking boxes off the list! Planner girl here 😉 But sometimes my plans are not God’s own. Sometimes things may seem like they aren’t working out or are taking longer than I expected, but I’m learning to see that His timing is much better.

I have a speculation right now that our house will not sell super quickly, and I am okay with that. Even though that means that our financial freedom may be a little farther off, we are making it now, and God always provides. I think I can see His purpose in this (to allow time for us to finish the place we are moving into – the kitchen, and build the loft for the kids). I could be wrong, but that’s what I “think” He is up to. We’ll watch and see. I’m just trying to be patient as I watch and see what He’s doing – where He’s working, and see if those little glimpses are accurate or if He’s got something else up His sleeve. I think His plan is much bigger than mine. He is a God of detail. Just look at the specifications He gave for building Noah’s ark or the Tabernacle. He has a specific plan and process in place. I love that He made me in his image, and I love to design and create with Him. I like to think that as I’m drawing out sketches, we are working together. He’s already got the big vision, and He gives me the little details to sketch. And then sometimes I see that measurements won’t work out, so I have to erase and redraw something. It’s such a fun process for me, and I like to think that He is right in the middle of it, giving me these ideas!

The value we place on an object or person dictates the amount of time and the vigilant posture we’re willing to take when waiting on them. If we value God’s voice as Habakkuk did, we should be willing to wait for it – patiently – trusting in His sovereign timing, standing firm until we’ve received it. God gave Habakkuk  a stern lesson, encouraging him to relax in God’s sovereignty. 
1. The time was appointed.
2. Wait for it.
3. It will certainly come.
4. It will not delay. 
We can claim these truths God gave to Habakkuk for ourselves. Rest and trust. Cease striving and know that He is God. (Psalm 46:10). Be free from the burden of trying to make things happen, and trust that your God loves you and will fulfill His word for your life.

Abide, not Strive.
He loves us; We can trust Him.

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