What is My Purposeful Planning?

My whole vision for My Purposeful Planning is to be more purposeful and intentional in life and inspire others to do the same. Instead of just letting life happen, I am choosing to own my life and take action to make things happen. Yes, sometimes life hands you lemons, but I’m making lemonade over here!

I think it’s important to “make a plan” to be purposeful, and I use my planner to do that — But you don’t have to be a planner girl like me to be more purposeful with your life. All you have to do is start right where you are and choose something to work on. Just one thing at a time. Really, that’s it. Now, I’ve been doing this for quite a while so it’s become a lifestyle for me. I started small just like you with one thing. Then, I felt that as I accomplished that one thing, I wanted to do more.

Kind of like when you start on a journey of health… first you might start exercising, and then pretty soon you’ll want to start eating better too. Things usually go hand in hand, and when you improve in one area, other areas are soon to follow. It’s all part of having a growth mindset.

So, how do you know what to start with? Well, I personally think it’s great to start with thinking about where your priorities lie. If you haven’t taken my Core Values Assessment, that’s a great place to start. Or you could choose to set a goal in one of these areas:

Spiritual Goals
Marriage Goals
Mothering/Family Goals
Health/Fitness Goals
Church/Serving Goals
Financial Goals
Personal Goals
Professional Goals

These are just a few areas to get you thinking, and I’ll be exploring each of these areas in the coming weeks. I want to take you from where you are to where you want to be. I’ll be sharing my goals and my actionable steps to achieving those goals in each of these areas.  You can do this with me. Choose your own goal, and set steps to accomplish it.

The point is to take where you are now and work on something. Learn something. Get better. Grow. Mature. And then when you look back months from now, a year, or a few years you’ll see that you’re not the same person you were before. You’ll be much more accomplished, and it’s all because you decided to take that first step towards being purposeful, and you made a plan to carry it out! Welcome to My Purposeful Planning. I’m glad you’re joining me here.

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