My Purposeful Planning: Spiritual Goals

We are in a series called My Purposeful Planning where we explore different areas for setting goals and planning to be purposeful and intentional in our lives.

Today we are discussing Spiritual Goals.

I will be sharing my own Spiritual Goals at the end of this post, but I’d like you to think about and make your own. Here are some ideas for you… 

Spiritual Goals:
-Establish the habit of a daily quiet time.
-Make a Daily Bible Reading Plan.
-Write down one scripture a day from your daily readings that speaks to you.
-Start keeping a prayer journal.
-Plan to do some Supplemental studies- either on your own or with a small group.
-Plan some scriptures to memorize and a process for how you will do this.

Since I already have an established daily quiet time and Bible study plan, it’s not something I need to keep working on. It’s just something I’ll continue to do. It’s working well for me, and it’s included in my morning routine so I don’t have to think too much about when or how it will get done. It just works.

However, I can find another way to be purposeful in this area. The goal I am personally working on now is Scripture Memorization. I’m using the Scripture Typer App, which allows me to type in or import my verses from whichever version or translation of the Bible I prefer. It’s easy for me, because it sends me an email reminder to review my verses so I take a few minutes and do that when I get that email. I always have my phone with me, and this is a better use of my time with it than anything else I could be doing.

At first it shows you the verse with a just a few words missing. Then it disappears fully, and you type it in by typing the first letter of each word. You get points for accuracy, and it tracks your level, rank, and progress for you so it’s kind of like a game.

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