My June Goals

Zig Ziglar once said, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Well, I don’t want to be the someone who aims at nothing. I want to be the one who is striving to go further, to unlock more of my potential, and do my part and getting one step closer to God and to the person He designed me to be.

While I realize I’ve been pretty inactive on the blog lately, I thought I’d give you a little update of what’s going on and what I’m working on.

First, if you haven’t read my post, Increase, that will explain the whole reason that I’ve been a little lax in my blogging recently. I’m giving myself grace, and I so appreciate the grace you are giving me as well, as well as your accountability with your sweet comments of how you’ve missed hearing from me here. 😉 I’m trying to arrange my day so that I can have some time to write and to work  because mornings just aren’t working out for me so well right now. Hopefully, you will be hearing more from me this month as my energy is starting to return.

After reviewing my yearly goals, here are the things I will be working on for the month of June…

Spiritual Goals:
I’m still working through reading the One Year Bible, and I’m looking for a supplemental study to do next month, so let me know your favorites you’ve done!

One of the things I’m really being made aware of lately is my identity – who I am and who God made me to be. Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for all things personality-type, but lately I’m just being made aware of some of my flaws and the areas in which I really just need to grow and mature. It’s not been fun, and I’ve shed some tears (thanks, pregnancy hormones!), but it’s a good thing. I love to know that God is still working in me, even when it’s hard. I know I will be able to look back and see growth and maturity, and for that, I’m excited.

For now, you can be praying with me on this, specifically in the areas of control and perfectionism. I’m just finding that there are so many things that are out of my control, and out of my hands – mostly in my parenting and my mothering, but also in our finances and our situation there. I know that God takes care of us always, and that His plans are greater than our own, but I’m learning how to trust and how to grow even more in the meantime. I’m also becoming extremely aware of my emotions and how I tend to get really frustrated and annoyed in certain situations, whether it’s in parenting challenges or just life in general. I’ve always tried to be so careful not to say anything that would hurt someone else, even my children. I would never want to say hurtful words that will stick with them later or do anything to crush their little spirits. Instead of yelling or lashing out, I’m one to shut down and want to retreat. I think I’ve learned this about myself – that instead of “fight or flight”, for me it’s usually just flight. I run away from confrontation and hard things. I cower, and I just feel lost and don’t know what to do in those really frustration situations. It’s caused me to question and wonder “Why am I like this? Why do these things bother me so much?”

I know that it’s just a struggle with my own identity, and I want you to know that I do not stay in those negative spaces long. I have a good cry, pray, maybe vent a little to my husband, and then pick myself up and try again with whatever it was that we were working towards. I just know that I’m being made aware of this in me, that it’s up to be to be purposeful in learning how to have a correct response to it, instead of letting it get me down. I’ve been inspired by a book that I’m reading in how to practically, but spiritually deal with my annoyances and frustrations in a really healthy way.

One of the most important things we can do as Christians when we are made aware of something sinful or immature in us, is to bring those things – those thoughts and responses – in line with Christ and His Word.

“Take every thought captive, and make it obedient to Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5

And as we do that we will be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

“Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then, you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing, and perfect will.
Romans 12:2

I’m so thankful for His Word and that He does this for us on a regular basis, and I’m glad He’s still working in me!

This month I’ll be working through these practical steps from Israel & Brook Wayne’s book, Pitchin’ a Fit.
1. Evaluate where you are on the anger spectrum.
2. Recognize your need to change, and your inability to do it on your own.
3. Ask God to forgive you and change your heart.
4. Believe that God can and will change you.
5. Saturate your mind in God’s word; memorize, and apply it.
6. Recognize your own anger triggers.
7. Confess and repent every time you blow it.
8. Strategically practice speaking words of encouragement to others. It will help rewire your brain with thoughts of gratitude rather than bitterness and anger.
9. It generally takes 30 days to create a new habit. Disrupt your old patterns, and intentionally replace them with new ones.
10. Be will to seek accountability and prayer support from others.
11. Journal your progress (and setbacks). This will give your perspective over time.
12. Tenaciously guard your daily time alone with Jesus, and don’t neglect your spiritual disciplines.

Mothering/Family Goals:
So if you haven’t already noticed, we’ve had some parenting challenges lately (well, for the past few years actually). I actually took one of our children, and we met with a child psychologist this past month to see if we could find some solutions. I came home with evaluations and an armful of materials to read through and try. I’ve worked to find a solution to help some of those challenges we’ve had, and for some of them – I’ve really seen some improvement and progress, but in others, we’re not quite where we need to be yet. We are praying right now about our next step… whether we should go back and try to pinpoint a cause of what we’re dealing with in order to find a key solution, or if the problems will resolve themselves with time. It’s really just beyond my areas of expertise in early childhood, and deeper than my understanding. I’ve done as much research as I can possibly do, but I have yet to find something to work for us in this. Pray for us that we’ll know which direction we need to take.

We are finishing up our homeschool year this week, so I’m working on our Summer plans. We decided that we definitely needed to take a Summer break from our homeschool, at least for a month or so. It will give me some time to do some much-needed planning and strategizing for next year, which I’m excited about. I just ordered my new Teacher Planner so it should be here soon for that. I’m working to add dates to my calendar of all of the Summer plans we are hearing about on a daily basis… Vacation Bible Schools, Michael’s Craft Camps, Theater Dollar Movies, Excel by 5 Fun Days, and more. It will be so much easier to go and enjoy these when we don’t have to worry about getting our school work done first. And most of these ideas are free or really cheap, which is awesome! I do want to be intentional with our Summer, like always, so we will be working through a Summer Reading Plan, as well as a few other educational things, but mostly Summer fun things like making s’mores, going to the splash pad, and watching some fireworks!

My Personal Goals: Reading Plans
One of my yearly goals was to read 12 books this year, which I am still on trackto do. I’ve made my reading plan for the month , and I’m currently working through two books.
Pitchin’ A Fit! (Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting) by Israel & Brook Wayne
Israel was one of the speakers at the Teach Them Diligently homeschool convention we just went to in Mobile this past month. Justin was able to  talk with him for a while about some of our similar parenting challenges, and we ended up buying his book while we were there too!
Stengths Based Marriage (Build a Stronger Relationship By Understanding Each Other’s Gifts) by Jimmy Evans & Allan Kelsey
I’m a sucker for anything personality type & strengths based. Jimmy Evans was one of the speakers at the Marriage Conference our church hosted and is the founder of Marriage Today.

Marriage Goals:
We attended a marriage conference this year, participated in a marriage small group this past semester, and have had one weekend getaway as a couple this year (the homeschool convention). We are trying to still have monthly date nights and intentionally have some quality time at home at least once a week. He’s been so busy with work, and our kids demand all of his time when he’s home, so I get jealous and really miss him sometimes. We really have to work to make this time a priority. I think we will be leading a family small group this Summer.

Health & Fitness Goals:
I am still doing Crossfit! I’ve worked out 14 days so far this month of May, and there’s still two days left. My only goal really is to just keep working out throughout this pregnancy. Justin thinks that if I do this, I will be surprised to see how much easier it is to bounce back afterwards. I’ve already lost my ability to do proper push-ups and my pull-up strength is already gone too, which makes me a little sad, but it’s just part of it I guess. It’s so crazy how easily fatigued I feel now doing simple things I’ve been doing for months. We took a family walk this weekend, and I was struggling… makes me feel really out of shape again. Just keep moving, and try to eat as healthy as possible. That will be easier once this nausea subsides, but I’m just doing the best I can with what I have.

Financial Goals:
Well, our house is for sale, and it’s funny that I’m not entirely stressed about it not selling yet. I know that it just takes time, and I just feel like God will do his thing in His timing. I really don’t like not knowing what the future holds or what’s in store, but I’m learning to trust anyway. It sure would be nice to be rid of our financial strain, but we’re doing the best we can in the meantime. We’re being good stewards, as best we know how. We’re working to pay down these pesky student loans. We’d really love to be able to reach some financial goals, but right now we’re just keeping on keeping on…. tithing, paying our bills each month, and trying to make things work for us and what’s important for us. We are just praying for God to do something miraculous this year! He loves us, and we can trust Him.

Professional Goals:
While I’ve been inactive on the blog recently, I have been praying about which direction I should take and move in with it. I actually do have some plans that I’m praying about and trying to decide if they are worth the investment. Everything worthwhile costs you something, doesn’t it? There is something else very exciting that I’m working on, which I will be sharing with you soon. I can’t wait!

What goals will you be working on this month? If you’re just starting out, you can read my series on My Purposeful Planning and hopefully be inspired with one thing to begin with and how to reach that one goal, which will only lead you to want to achieve more.

Let’s go make a plan to be purposeful! 

I'd love to hear from you!