Room Time

We are in a series where I’m sharing my favorite tips and strategies with you that help me to be more purposeful in my life, with my family, and in our household. Purposeful Planning is less about planners and planning systems and more about finding intentional, practical ways to help you do what you do better. It comes from all of the hats we wear as moms, wives, and Christian women. I’ve realized that I do actually have a lot of systems and routines that have come to work really well for me, and I thought maybe it would be helpful to share those things with you – because who knows? They might work really well for you too! So here we are with My Purposeful Planning Tips & Strategies!

This is one of my tried and true Mom Tips… Room Time. It’s something that I’ve literally done since Lawson (my oldest, who is now 6) was a baby. Then, it was in the form of laying him on his baby play mat while I went in the other room to pump milk into bottles. Now, it looks a little different obviously, but the concept is the same.

What is Room Time? 
From the beginning, I’ve let my littles play in their rooms for short periods of time, independently. It gives me a little bit of time to take a shower or get something done without worrying. Of course, I can always peek at them over the baby gate.

1. It’s important to know that the environment you are leaving your children to play in is as safe as it can possibly be if you are not going to be right there to watch them.
2. Keep it to short periods of time, especially when they are really young, and peek in at them to check on them often, especially at first.
3. You can increase the time, incremently, as your children grow older and get used to it, but remember that the older they get – the more they can get into with this independence so check on them often.

What does Room Time look like for us? 
I try to give my 20 month old a little room time once a day. Usually, it’s to occupy her while we are homeschooling and need to use small items like math blocks that we don’t want her to get ahold of, but it may also be if I need to get a quick shower. She plays in her room with the baby gate closed. Usually she builds with her blocks or looks at books. My older boys can always help me keep an eye on her during this time as well.

For my boys (ages 4 & 6), they have a longer Room Time every day when Layten goes down for her nap after lunch. This gives me some time to rest or do some work of my own. They can Rest or Nap (insert the praying hands emoji), Read books, Color, Do Reusable Sticker Books, or Play with Toys Quietly in their Room. I usually give them a little snack as an added bonus for obeying and following the Room Time Rules, and they are usually really excited when it’s Room Time.

There are a few simple rules for Rule Time…

1. They must stay in their room, unless they are coming to me for something or using the bathroom.
2. They must stay quiet (little sister is napping).
3. They must stay safe, and be kind.
4. They must clean up when Room Time is over before they can transition to something else, which is usually family time with Daddy.

My Purposeful Planning Tips & Strategies Series… 
I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you! What do you want to know? Is there anything that interests you or an area where you’re struggling? Maybe I can help you find that solution you’re looking for! That would be such a joy and an honor for me! Let me know!

And whatever you do – let’s make a plan to be more purposeful! 

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