How and Why We Color-Code our Kids’ Things

We are in a series where I’m sharing my favorite tips and strategies with you that help me to be more purposeful in my life, with my family, and in our household. Purposeful Planning is less about planners and planning systems and more about finding intentional, practical ways to help you do what you do better. It comes from all of the hats we wear as moms, wives, and Christian women. I’ve realized that I do actually have a lot of systems and routines that have come to work really well for me, and I thought maybe it would be helpful to share those things with you – because who knows? They might work really well for you too! So here we are with My Purposeful Planning Tips & Strategies!

This tip would be another Mom Tip… Color-Coding is something we really embraced after I fell in love with the concept of minimalism.

Color-Coding Dishes
Today, I’m just talking about dishes. I had the idea to only keep the amount of dishes that we ACTUALLY use in a day. This has helped me so much with keeping up with the dishes and kitchen clean-up! Just like with laundry or anything else, the more you own and use, the more time it will take to clean up and manage. We only have enough dishes for one day in our cabinets accessible to us, and all of our dishes fit in our dishwasher now. This means that I can run it at night and wake up to clean dishes for the next day. It’s amazing how that works!

For the kids, I bought a set of plastic dishes for the kids that we all love. It was only $5 at Walmart, and it comes with a tray with divided sections (perfect for adding foods from different food groups at meals), a plate, a bowl, a cup, and utensils. The set we bought has blue, green, pink, and purple. Lawson is blue. Linkin is green. Layten is pink, and we put the purple set up for when we have guests over. I’ve actually purchased a few of these sets to have when we need them, but we only keep one set out and accessible at a time. It makes it so easy for us, and the kids love having their own color to use each time. It definitely gives them ownership and prevents any fights over who gets which one.

We have the perfect amount of dishes for a day. If they end up using a bowl for oatmeal at breakfast, and we also have soup at dinner – you know what happens? We hand wash the bowl to use it again. I know I just blew your mind with that one, but it’s really not that difficult to wash three bowls real quick. We all have one cup that we use all day long, and it can be refilled with water from a Brita picher in the fridge at any point in the day. The same is for me – I have my Yeti cup that I refill with ice and water throughout the day. If I can keep up with the routine of doing dishes every day, then we are good to go. And of course, If I’m extremely tired and go to bed without doing them, then I have to do them in the morning before we can have breakfast because there will be no clean dishes to choose from. It’s a natural consequence, even for myself.

We also have colored, reusable water bottles for when we go places, and Layten has her pink sippy cups still. Just like I like to refill my Yeti cup to take with me, I also know they might get thirsty too, so we take a lunch box, ice pack, and their bottles with us when we leave the house. This saves us money we would spend on juice boxes or pouches to take with us or by having to stop and eat out for lunch or get a snack or drink when they decide they are thirsty or hungry while we are out. If we do plan to eat out somewhere, we will let them get a juice or a lemonade to drink as a fun choice, but we try to plan around this to save money as much as possible. My kids are always with me, so running through a drive through can add up real fast.

Color-coding is not something I ever thought I would do with my kids, but it has proven to be a real time-saver and saves us some arguments too. 😉

My Purposeful Planning Tips & Strategies Series… 
I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you! What do you want to know? Is there anything that interests you or an area where you’re struggling? Maybe I can help you find that solution you’re looking for! That would be such a joy and an honor for me! Let me know!

And whatever you do – let’s make a plan to be more purposeful!

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  1. I actually do something like this too: we use Bunnykins china for the kids, which has taught them to be careful (of course they broke a few bowls learning that, but now I can trust them to carry a fine china plate like a grown-up) and they each only have one bowl, and each bowl has a different painting inside. They don’t mind swapping pictures on a given day, but we also do a lot of handwashing because apparently we eat a lot stuff that goes in bowls!

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