My Monthly Goals for July: An Update

After reviewing my yearly goals, here are the things I  worked on for the month of July… 

Spiritual Goals:
I am currently finishing up week six of Proverbs 31 Ministries’ online Bible Study of Seamless by Angie Smith. I missed this small group Bible Study when a group from our campus did it, but I heard it was phenomenal. So, when I got the email that it was going to be available as an online study, I ordered the book and jumped on board! This study has been everything I heard it was and more! I’ve gained so much insight of little tidbits and things that just really came together for me in a new light through this study. I feel like it has even equipped me to be a better Bible teacher to my children as I homeschool them, and for that I’m really excited.

Mothering/Family Goals:

  • Lawson has still been working through his Summer Reading Passports Program and working toward his goals of earning a new book from the book store and a family trip to the Kroc Center. He has worked hard, and I’m glad that this program has kept him reading throughout the Summer so he’s definitely going to earn his rewards. Although, he has decided that he’d rather take a family trip to the trampoline park, so Daddy will definitely have to accompany us for this one. No way this pregnant mama will be doing any jumping right now. 😉
  • Linkin has been working through his Raising Rockstars Preschool Curriculum with me. We’ve completed 5 weeks of it now. (We’re just going through it slowly. He’s not real keen on doing the school thing just yet.) I’m proud to say that he’s been doing much better with having a good attitude and trying his best each day. It’s really all I ask him for, and he’s learned his Bible verses. I’m a proud mama.
  • Layten still gets read to daily, and she REALLY wanted to do school with us. Although it wasn’t it the plans, we started her with the Tot School Printables Curriculum this month, and she has LOVED it! She loves the intentional time with Mama as she gets to color and learn new words. She’s doing fabulous with it! She has also successfully weaned from the pacifier this month! My little girl is growing up!
  • Things still left on our Summer Bucket List: Float the Creek, Kroc Center, Zoo, Aquarium, Campfire, Bike Ride on a Trail, Hiking Adventure, Make pickles, Snow Boogers, and now The Trampoline Park (Who knows if we’ll get to all of these – probably not, but we’ll try to get to as many as we can)

Homeschooling Goals: 
We started back to school this month with some light schooling. Why, you ask?
Well for one, we are going to have a newborn in December and I know we will be taking some time off for that so we need to get a head start so we can have a break next Summer. Our requirement is 180 days so we need to try our best to meet that, even if it means starting early. I just know myself and that we will definitely want to take a mid-year break, especially to get used to having a new member in our family. And we pretty much always start in July, because I get excited to get to all the plans I’ve made. 😉
Second, we really all do well with having a routine. We like to have fun, but our normal schedule and routine is good for us, so we do what we want.
Third, I did say “light schooling” which means we started with our character study of Knight Training, me Reading Aloud to them, and our Memory Work… but other than that we didn’t do too much more than our current Summer Reading Program and Fun Summer Activities we have planned. I did end up adding in some light Math one week, and we started our new Bible Curriculum just so we could get our feet wet there.

My Personal Goals: Reading Plans
One of my goals is to read 12 books this year, and I had planned to finish up two more this month. However, I totally bombed this one. As Jon Acuff says in his book Finish, “You only have two options right now. Attempt more than is humanly possible and fail OR choose what to bomb and succeed at a goal that matters.” Wise words. So this was the area that I bombed this month, and I am not ashamed at all to say that.

Marriage Goals:
We have had intentional time together at home this month in the form of mini Netflix binges in between family activities… we had some time to go on a brief kayak trip together, a few budget meetings, one lunch date out, and at least two of what we’ll call “Family Dates” where we all went out to eat as a family this month.  We led a family small group together at church (which was incredible, by the way). This really helped us to have some really intentional conversations about our vision for our family, and how to get us there. Justin and I have both been more intentional in the past couple of years, but it was really good to bring those ideas together and let God give us a mission and a vision for our family. I’ll share those with you soon.

Health & Fitness Goals:
My goal here was to keep doing CrossFit, even if I have to modify and scale everything… to work harder at meal planning and prepping to have healthy meals readily accessible to me. I have not been perfect (though I’m not striving for perfection so that’s okay), but I feel like I’ve been pretty successful at this goal.

Financial Goals:

  • My goal was to continue in the grocery store & drugstore game for saving money with our food, toiletries, & household purchases. This has helped us SO MUCH! I have cut our grocery spending by more than half in the past two months! I will be sharing more about this soon.
  • I wanted to work on starting some sinking funds, and I have done that this month as well. I actually wrote out our “tentative” budget for each pay period through the end of the year, complete with sinking funds. This is really going to help us to be intentional with our finances and reach some much-needed goals.
  • I wanted to start preparing for Christmas. (Baby coming in December – I’ve gotta get on that!) I have purchased one gift this month to put up for Christmas, as well as spent time making several gifts. Aren’t handmade gifts the best, anyway? (I sure hope so, because that’s what our budget calls for, and I’m thankful that I have the time to allow me to spend on it, even though the money I’d like to spend is not always there.)
  • Another possible goal was to sell our house, maybe? We didn’t achieve this one, although I haven’t really done any work to sell it either. I’m kind of torn at the moment as to what to do here…. what God wants from us now. We don’t have any clear direction as of now, so we are just sitting and waiting. (We’re used to that, so it’s totally okay.) When we first put our house up for sale, we had no idea that we would be having a baby this year. You would think that might motivate us to sell it quicker and move into a new house with more space, but that’s not our goal at all. Our goal was actually to downsize and temporarily live with family and save money. Now I’m finding that I’m really content in our home, and I’m just rearranging, getting rid of clutter, and making small changes to make it into what I need it to be in order to work for us.

Professional Goals:
Purposeful Planning Tips & Strategies Series for the month of July… I posted a few of these, though I’ve also been working on some larger posts, such as my grocery and drugstore shopping and meal planning process and to update you about our sinking funds and our goals with that.

What else We’ve Been Up to this Summer: 

  • We took a family trip to Lynn Meadows Discovery Center.
  • We made S’mores at home.
  • We dressed like cows for free Chicken at Chick-fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day.
  • We participated in Serve Day with our church.
  • We had a play date at Perk Beach.
  • We went swimming and boating at Flint Creek several times.
  • We got to see our new baby via Ultrasound this month. (And I did not peek to see the gender.)

And that’s all for now… I’ll be posting soon about my goals for the month of August!

Whatever you do, Let’s go make a plan to be purposeful! 

I'd love to hear from you!