My CVS Shopping Trip 8/3/18

CVS and drugstores everywhere…. the land of FREE!
Before I even looked at the ad and made my list this week, I knew I had $10 in FREE MONEY, aka “Extra Care Bucks” to spend that I earned in a previous week. Even if I didn’t shop the sale ad at all, I could use this like a gift card to buy almost anything in the store (some exclusions apply of course). That’s reason enough to shop and drugstores and “do the drugstore game”.

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The goal is to only buy sale items and to let these Extra Care Bucks (or ECBs) roll over to use on your next transaction. Sometimes you can make that next transaction the very same day…. like one right after another. I’ve done as many as 4 in a row before, but usually I try to stick to one or two just because it’s much simpler and requires less thought. (Remember, I usually have my littles with me when I shop and thinking clearly isn’t always at an optimum level) I do always try to be courteous of other shoppers when I do this too. The cashiers usually don’t mind because they are used to couponers coming in and taking advantage of their sales and rewards. But If there’s a line of people behind me, I will simply tell the cashier I have more transactions, and let those people go in front of me. It gives me a few extra minutes to gather my thoughts and my coupons for the next transaction as well. You can just imagine how annoying it would be when you’re in a rush and just ran into grab one thing and then you get behind “the couponer” with multiple transactions. Don’t be THAT couponer. Be courteous of others always. But have fun, and get your good deals too. 😉

It take a little more planning to do these consecutive transactions, but when you become a professional couponer (wink wink) , you can do it too. It’s ESPECIALLY fun the week of Thanksgiving! My sister and I have done this together several years when we are together for the holidays, and it’s always fun to see all the deals we get. Lots of our Christmas stocking stuffers have come from these trips.


One of the things about drugstore deal shopping, is that it’s less predictable than grocery store sale shopping. This is because of the magical coupon printer that you see usually close to the entrance of the store. You scan your loyalty card when you enter, and it prints coupons for you based on your previous purchases. Sometimes they are really good and high value, which will make you alter your plans a little. Sometimes it’s just a bonus coupon of something you’ve already planned to buy which is also exciting! And the good news is that these are Store Coupons so they can be combined with any Manufacturer Coupons that you brought with you to shop on the very same products for additional savings!

Here’s my CVS list for the week. I add to my list anything that might be of interest to me for that week. I try to go ahead and plan our what I want to buy and in the best order, but sometimes the coupons that print from that magical coupon printer will change those plans. 

I only planned to purchase the three packs of diapers, but I did check out the other deals while I was in store as well. I couldn’t find any of the Honest Baby products, but I did decide to go ahead and purchase the Oral-B toothbrushes. The pack I chose was $4.99 and with getting $4 ECB back, that’s like getting it for $0.99! (We had some sickness in our household this past week so it was time to switch out the toothbrushes anyway to be safe.) I just decided to add this to my diaper deal transaction because I didn’t want to have to find something else to purchase. I’ll just save my ECBs for next week.

Here are all of the coupons that printed for me from the magical coupon printer at the entrance!

And here’s the one that I knew I could use today… score!

So here’s the breakdown of this shopping trip! It’s a pretty simple one with only one transaction. 

I Started with $10 ECB to spend

I Purchased…

3 packs of Pampers diaper jumbo packs $9.99 each
(Deal: Spend $30 in participating products, get back $10 ECB.)

1 – 2pk. Oral-B toothbrushes – $4.99
(Deal: Buy any Oral-B 2 or 4 pack, get back $4 ECB.)

Total: $37.20
Coupons: $3.00 ($3/15 diaper coupon) Usually, I would have additional manufacturer coupons for diapers and additional savings, but I didn’t this week.
ECB used: $10
New Total: $24.20
Saved Today: $21.40 (49%) *Based on retail prices of items without the deals and sales*
Earned Today: $10 ECB + $4 ECB + another coupon for 25% off a single item
(Some couponers like to think of it this way… It’s like getting it all for $10.20 if you subtract my earned savings!)

There ya go! This week at CVS was pretty simple and easy. Maybe next week will be a little more eventful to share with you. 😉

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Whatever you do, Let’s Make a Plan to be more Purposeful! 

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