Our Homeschool Daily Schedule & Routines

Obviously every day is not going to look the same, and often I feel like there are a million distractions and little things we have to work through to get it all done (or at least enough done to call it a day). I would probably sum it all up by saying, what we do is to “Do the Next, Best Thing.” All day long, it’s a motto that I keep saying to myself. When something happens and the colored pencils get spilled all over the floor (or purposefully thrown is more like it), I have to remember to just “do the next, best thing”. Throwing in the towel and hiding is not an option for me. My kids need me – even in those difficult moments when they are frustrated or bored or sad or mad or don’t get their way. They need me to be the one that says… “Okay. Let’s calm down for a minute, figure out what’s going on, and then get back to what we were doing and just do the next thing… the next, best thing.”

So here we go. Since this is our Break Week from homeschool, I’m just going to write out what our current, ideal day looks like (without those distractions). It’s more of a routine or general order in which we do things, rather than a rigid schedule of times. The times are really just a guide to give you an idea, but they’re definitely mostly a guess-timate. We don’t do well with rigid schedules… with little ones, they are nearly impossible. But routines and general plans work great!

Our Typical, “Ideal” Homeschool Day
5am – I wake up for my Bible study, blog work, and sometimes I go back to sleep for a few minutes if the kids are still sleeping.
6:30 – If I’m still working, this is the point where I stop and get up to fix everyone breakfast.
(usually something simple like cereal or oatmeal)
7 am – Morning Routine (I’m using the Flylady Plus app right now… I’ll get to that in a minute.)
8 am – I use this time to work on some household chores while the kids play usually. Sometimes we’re overly ambitious and get started on our school work at this time.
9 am – If we haven’t already started school, this is when we must definitely get started. I usually let the kids play for a while if they are getting along good, and the moment they start to argue – we switch to school work to separate them a bit.

For our school work – we have no specific order that we have to get things done exactly, but for the most part, I will get Lawson started on his independent work at the table (Handwriting, Math if it’s simple enough, and Reading).

While he works independently, I go ahead and do Linkin’s work with him on the couch (if he’s in a good mood and ready to work). When Linkin finishes his work, I give him something fun to play with in the playroom while I work with Layten.

The reason I do this is because my boys LOVE to help me teach Layten, which is nice, but also not-so-nice. They tell her the answers as we review things, try to take her crayons, and it ends up being more work for me than help. I also think she needs that one-on-one time with me too, just like they get. So I’ve tried to busy them with something else so I can work with her. When she’s finished, she gets down to play or she can join Linkin in the playroom if I need to work with Lawson. They are free to come and go at this point. Linkin usually plays great on his own, and he would literally play for hours and hours on end. Layten sometimes needs another activity like stickers or something else to color and work on.

I keep working with Lawson to get as much of our list done as possible. Sometimes we take a snack break around 9:30, but lately we’ve been pushing through and having an early lunch instead. That’s pretty intentional.

11 am – Lunch & Quick Clean up
12 pm – CrossFit class / Screen Time for the Kids
This has been great for us because it gives us a good break in our day, and it also helps me to get it out of the way.

1 pm – Layten’s nap / I shower / This is also our family time with Daddy while he has a break from work.
3:30 – We finish up any school work we still have left. / Kids play. / Mama has a little time to work or do some household chores.
5 pm – Dinner Prep / Eat / Clean- up (Kids help)
6 pm – Kids’ baths
7 pm – EHAP (Everything has a place.)  – We all work together to get the house back in order quickly. I use “Our Chore Board” to write down a few things so everyone knows what they can be doing.
7:30 – Lately the kids have been watching an episode of Veggie Tales before bed. If we haven’t finished our daily Bible story, we’ll read and discuss that instead.
7:45 – Kids brush teeth / We pray for them / Bedtime
8 pm – I finish picking up anything I see that needs to be done. I may give the kitchen and living room a final sweep or wipe down if it needs it and start the dishwasher so we can wake up to clean dishes. Sometimes I go ahead and write the next day’s school assignments on our board.
8:30 – We usually are in bed by this time since Daddy gets up so early.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m using the Fly Lady Plus App right now for my Morning Routine. I’m working through her other routines as well, but I just kind of use them as general reminders for what I could do next. I love the app because I can check off the things and just reset it each day. I don’t have to write any of these things in my planner and take up time and space with that now. It’s a pretty good app.

FlyLady’s Morning Routine
Make Bed
Get dressed to shoes
Swish & Swipe
Eat breakfast
Empty the dishwasher
Start a load of laundry
Check your calendar

FlyLady’s Afternoon Routine
What’s for dinner
Drink your water
Declutter for 15 minutes
Reboot your laundry
15 minutes of exercise
Work through emails

FlyLady’s Bedtime Routine
Check your calendar and forecast
Lay our tomorrow’s clothes
Spend 2 minutes clearing off a hot spot
Shine your sink
Wash face, Brush teeth, Bathe
Go to bed at a decent hour

And that’s our day!

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