[Ep. 001] – My Purposeful Planning

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Show Notes –

In this short episode of My Purposeful Planning this week, Laney shares her heart behind My Purposeful Planning.
This episode is full of planner chat as Laney shares with you how she went from overwhelmed and scattered to organized and intentional. She shares how she applied her word of the year a few years back to every area in her life in order to set new goals and plan new systems and routines in order to accomplish them. She also shares the backstory of how My Purposeful Planning, the blog and now this podcast, all came together. She also gives you some great tips for getting started with planning and purposefulness in your own life.

In This Episode:

[00:00] -Intro.

[00:46] – Lover of all School & Office Supplies and anything Organizational

[01:00] – Notebooks, Bullet Journals

[01:16] – The First Planner she really fell in love with in 2015

[02:05] – No One size fits all Planners

[02:16] – Her Word of the Year for 2016 and How She’s Applied it to her Life ever since

[02:29] – How she used her Planner to be Intentional

[02:47] – A Learning Process

[02:53] – Her Growth Process & How Learning More About herself helped her

[03:15] – Giving Grace, Not an excuse for Laziness

[03:30] – Living Life with More Purpose

[03:57] – The Art of Planning

[04:10] – How Laney’s Planning System is a Perfect System 😉

[04:25] – The Beginning of Laney’s Blog in 2017 and How That Came About

[04:57] – In 2018, she used her niche and purchased a domain name. The blog became My Purposeful Planning

[05:16] – Some of Laney’s Posts and Blog Series

[05:54] – Any Progress and Growth is better than standing still and being stagnant

[06:07] – She wants to take what she has and what she’s been given and do something with it

[06:09] – Here are some ways to get started with planning and adding organization to your life

[07:04] – Start somewhere

[07:39] – Join Laney if you want to be more intentional and find systems that work for you too

[07:59] – Subscription Reminder

[08:08] – Rating and Review Request

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Laney’s Planning System (Note: This planner line is also sold at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn’s where they have regular sales and you can often use a discount coupon to get it cheaper.)
*Laney’s Personal Planner is the Super Mom planner, but it’s sadly no longer available.
Laney’s Homeschool Planner
A Great Notebook to Use for a Bullet Journal
Laney’s Favorite Erasable Pens

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Listen to “Ep. 001 – My Purposeful Planning” on Spreaker.

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