[Ep.002] – Season 1 Introduction & Interview with Special Guest, Amy DeFazio

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Show Notes –

In this week’s episode of My Purposeful Planning, Laney tells us what we can expect this season with the podcast. This season we will be talking about concepts of the book Large Family Logistics, by Kim Brenneman. Laney is creating worksheets and printables to go along with these episodes so we can really work through the practical concepts and apply what we are learning as we go along. Laney also has her friend, Amy, on the show for a special guest interview to discuss this book and what we can expect from it this season.

In This Episode:

[00:00] -Intro.

[00:46] – Dedication of Season 1 – “Large Family Logistics”

[01:02] – Laney was overwhelmed with a newborn, three older children, a husband, a home to manage, meals to prep, laundry, and just all of the things when she found this book.

[01:20] – With having her fourth child, Laney quickly realized that her home systems weren’t the best

[01:45] – She needed to get her act together, but whatever it was going to be had to include her children. They had to be a part of it and included in that process.

[01:55] – Laney ordered this book, and it was exactly what she needed.

[02:14] – This book is for anyone with a home to manage- not just the large family

[02:26] – The book contains lots of practical concepts but also has many spiritual concepts mixed in as well

[02:50] – Laney introduces today’s guest

[03:23] – We SAHMs are rarely kid-free so we do have our kids here here with us, and you will definitely hear them in the background of this episode. We do have someone with them watching them, but please give us grace with this.

[03:48] – Welcome Remarks

[04:10] – Amy introduces herself

[04:53] – Play dates are for us, not the kids.

[05:50] – This book is a great tool

[06:01] – Amy’s biggest challenge with home and family management: Lack of systems

[06:21] – Systems are important for families to function properly

[06:52] – Amy tells us how she found out about this book… at a time when she was overwhelmed and was praying for a practical tool. This book was an answer to that prayer.

[08:32] – Amy shares the part of the book that made the biggest impact on her

[09:11] – Morning and Evening Routines

[09:21] –  Time to let your family know… “This is gonna change. Things will be different.”

[09:42] – This chapter we are discussing is basically a summary of the whole book that has 12 practical steps.
(**We will be discussing this chapter in depth in Episode 4. There will also be a set of printable worksheets available.)

[10:20] – Amy shares what it was like for her as a child in regards to having chores.

[11:08] – “Afternoon chore time is One of the Pillars of a Good Day.”

[12:24] – We need help. When we become adults, it’s hard to know what to do and how to do it well in regards to managing a home and family.

[12:48] – This book is basically a handbook that Kim Brenneman wrote for her daughters to have as a guide for when they became adults so they wouldn’t be as lost as she was.

[13:32] – We sometimes are guilty of just doing everything for our kids instead of teaching them how to do things.

[13:39] – Mothering and the Struggle with Perfectionism

[13:55] – How an episode of the show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo showed me something important

[14:48] – It has to start somewhere

[14:53] – Amy shares what Chore Time looks like for her family and children right now.

[15:59] – Amy shares how this simple chore time has changed the outlook of her children and how they are now beginning to take ownership of their new role as mama’s helpers

[16:43] – Amy Discusses the Importance of Self Care

[17:27] –  Amy discusses her challenges and inspiration for fueling her body properly

[18:09] – Amy shares her Gym Goals and how her prioritizing herself and exercise is overflowing to her children as well.

[18:48] – Amy discusses the home systems she finds easiest and the most challenging.

[21:07] – Stock Questions

[21:20] – Amy’s Enneagram & Personality Type

[21:43] – Amy’s Favorite Scripture : 2 Corinthians 5:17

[22:08] – Amy’s Favorite Book She’s Read Recently – Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full

[22:30] – Amy’s Favorite Podcast Right Now – Sally Clarkson’s At Home With Sally

[22:50] – Amy’s Family Favorite Go-To Meal Right Now –
Can of Salsa Verde… Chicken… Mix with Cream Cheese… Corn Tortillas or Cauliflower Rice… Pop it in the Oven… Add some cheese…Delicious!

[22:32] – Amy’s Favorite Planning Method – Google Calendar & The Good Old-Fashioned To-Do List

[25:09] – Amy’s Go-To Drink at Home –  Black coffee in the french press with 3 ice cubes added to it

[25:55] – Nutpods Creamer and My favorite creamer Links

[26:13] – How Amy is Planning to be more Purposeful Right Now – “DOn’t miss it. Be engaged. Be intentional. Just enjoy the season I’m in no matter what it is.”

[27:05] – Subscription Reminder

[27:16] – Rating and Review Request

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Large Family Logistics Book by Kim Brenneman
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Show Episode
Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full by Gloria Furman
At Home with Sally Podcast
Google Calendar
Nutpods Creamer


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