The Multiplication Process

The Multiplication Process

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In the Bible study I’m working through right now, Jen Schmidt shares something one of her professors taught her in college… “He demonstrated the multiplication process that would occur if each one of us purposefully invested in the life of one other person that year and then continued with a new person the following year, and so forth. He issued us a challenge to form one friendship, and then encourage our new friend to do the same with another person the following year. Multiplying ourselves starts out slow, so after the first year, there would only be two disciples, and by the end of the second year, only four would have been reached. By the fourth year, sixteen people reached. Then the numbers snowball. By year twenty-five, together our multiplied efforts could reach MILLIONS of people.”

Maybe that seems a little extravagant, so I want to make this more attainable so that we can apply it and do it too.
Instead of taking a full year, let’s break it down by months. Each month, can it be our goal to impact just ONE person in some way? Let’s start with one person and point them to a life of abundance in Him.

You are that someone God wants to use now to impact this generation and the next. 

“Your unique gifts, your untold story, your broken and mended heart, your fierce love, your brave authenticity – all those intricate threads woven together create the very tapestry He wants to use to unveil His love to someone who needs to experience it. Small offerings, given with great love, matter.” -Jen Schmidt

Commit to pray for one person this month. Ask them how you can be praying for them, and maybe send them a scripture that ties in with what they are going through that you be praying with them. Encourage them. Maybe you can have them over for coffee and let them share whatever is on their heart.

We sometimes don’t realize what an impact these small gestures have. It may feel insignificant. But if each of us who are reading this can impact just one person this month and then by the end of this year alone, we could potentially impact 384,000 people. Did you read that number?! That’s this year alone! And I don’t know about you, but that feels pretty darn significant to me! And that’s not something I’m taking lightly… I’m praying for the 384,000 today.

“Though your beginning was insignificant, Yet, your end will increase greatly.” Job 8:7

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