[Ep. 004] – Moving Beyond Survival Mode

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Show Notes –

In this week’s episode of My Purposeful Planning, Laney shares with us 12 steps for Moving Beyond Survival Mode in your life. Laney has also created a set of worksheets for this episode that can be accessed by going to www.patreon.com/mypurposefulplanning. These worksheets will help you break down and work through the 12 steps over the course of ten days so that it’s more attainable and doable. There’s also a free, ten-day email series based on this episode that you can access by going to mypurposefulplanning.com/movingbeyondsurvivalmode.

In This Episode:

[00:00] – Intro.

[0:19] – Today’s episode

[[00:28] – Would you consider sharing these episodes? Laney lets you know about her personal goal for the first few weeks and the launch of this podcast.

[01:00] – My Purposeful Planning Giveaway

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[01:24] – Previous Episode

[01:41] – Get Started Guide for this Episode

[02:53] – When you see so much that needs to be done, but you don’t even know where to begin.

[03:17] – “Do the next, best thing.” -Mystie Winkler

[3:50] – This book and these worksheets help you know what you can be doing RIGHT NOW.

[04:21] – Day One, Step One (Get your supper ready.)

[04:50] – Wash every single, dirty dish in the kitchen.

[05:58] – Commit to keeping the dishes washed and counters clear from this day forward.

[06:25] – Find our clothes for the week… seven outfits set aside, ready to go.

[07:55] – Find your “Church Clothes” for Sunday.

[08:50] – Commit to getting dressed first thing every morning.

[09:17] – Why it’s important to get dressed in the mornings

[12:24] – Write out your morning routine.

[14:53] – Day 2, Wake up and work your morning routine

[16:26] – Write our your evening routine.

[15:49] – Work your evening routine before you go to bed.

[16:05] – Wake up on day 3, and work your morning routine.

[16:20] – Have a discussion with your children about obedience.
-Talk about how to obey.
-Read the bible to them.
-Read scriptures about obedience.
-Apologize for your sins.
-Take time to pray with your kids and over your kids.
-Ask God to help you be a better parent.
-Ask Him to help them be more obedient, and ask God for help for them in the areas that they are struggling.
-Role play obedience with a game like “Simon Says”.
-Explain the consequences of disobedience.

[21:30] – Work your evening routine.

[21:40] – Day 4 – Work your morning routine. Review obedience training. Write out an afternoon chore time.

[22:57] – Day 5  – Work on an easy menu plan.
-Make coordinating shopping lists.

[24:17] Laney uses the Wunderlist app for her shopping lists.

[24:54] – Day 6 – Think about your own self-care and how you can implement these things into your day.

[26:04] – Filter your activities through these two questions… Is this activity glorifying God and serving Him? Are my first priorities taken care of?

[26:35] – Day 7 -Work on your laundry system.
-Beautify your laundry space.
-Make the laundry area as organized and efficient as possible.
-Set some laundry goals and laundry limits.
-Pick one day of the week to be your laundry catch-up day.
-Delegate parts of the work to your family members.
-Make sure all of the clean laundry gets folded and put away each afternoon.

[30:18] –  Day 8 -Take control of the clutter.
-Set a timer and work for 15 minutes.
-Set up a minimalism box.

**Small plug for the USA plans that Laney loves and has upgraded to.

[31:52] – Day 9 – Implement the idea of “Ten Minutes”
-Choose a room or area that needs extra work. Work for ten minutes with a timer and then take a break. Then work for another ten minutes, and do this for a set amount of time… say an hour.

[32:34] – Day 10 – Work on “Your Home Management Book”
-Add your Get Started Guide and Worksheets from this challenge, and you’ll be off to a great start here.
-Set up your days of the week to focus on different tasks.

[35:23] – Access the Get started Guide & Worksheets by going to Patreon.com/mypurposefulplanning

[36:00] – Share it out, subscribe, and leave a rating & review. Now let’s go make a plan to be more purposeful!

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Home Management: Plain and Simple 
Large Family Logistics Book by Kim Brenneman
Laney’s Planning System / Home Management Planner
Notebook You Could Use for a Home Management Bullet Journal
USA Pans


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