[Ep. 007] – Goals, Goal- Setting, & Check-in with Yearly Goals

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Show Notes –

In this week’s episode of My Purposeful Planning, Laney shares about goals and goal-setting. She shares her favorite method of goal-setting. Then, she takes a look back at her list of new year’s resolutions to do a mid-year check-in to give you and example for goal-setting and process.

In This Episode:

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  • Yet it at any stage of life you feel you are flying by the seat of your pants taking each day as it comes without having anticipated it, planned for it, shaped it, and prayed over it… then take time off and get back to pouring over your goals. Then you will control your days instead of letting them control you. – Anne Ortlund
  • Goal-setting is being a good steward of the time that we have. Careful planning helps us make the most of our opportunities as wives and mothers.
  • When we prepare our way and reach specific goals, we move toward victorious living. Our effectiveness in life substantially increases.
  • Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish. He that keeps the law, happy is he.”
  • As Christians our ultimate goal should be to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind and love our neighbor as our self. All of our goals should stem from those two core commitments.
  • Make goals with your husband.
  • Set goals in the areas of personal, family, spiritual, home, community outreach, educational goals, physical, recreational, and financial.
  • Our goals reflect our vision for the future, and as Christians our goals must be aligned with scripture.
  • Make long-term goals, short-term goals, and immediate goals.
  • Write your goals down. (Prioritize them, organize them, and take action on them.)
    *I have a goal-setting worksheet for this if you’re interested.
  • Think about your goals backwards to make a plan of action. (Visualize the future and think about what you need to be working on now to reach those goals.) (ex. raising children, homeschooling, running a 5K, or hosting guests)
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound)
  • W.H.O.O.P.I.E. Goals
  • Podcast: Chasing Excellence with Ben Bergeron
  • W & H – Wishing and Hoping (writing down your goal, sharing it with others)
  • O – Outcome (looking at the big picture to what your end result will be if you reach your goal)
  • O – Obstacles (thinking about the issues ahead of time in order to reach your goals)
  • “Do not use your obstacles as excuses to NOT reach your goals.” (Laney’s personal example with this)
  • P – Planning and Process (Plan for how you will accomplish your goal and overcome your obstacles. What will be a part of your process for making it happen?)
  • I – Identity (Attach your identity to your goal.)
  • Finish this sentence –  “I am someone who…”
  • E – Execute (Make it happen)
  • New Year’s Resolutions or Yearly Goals
  • Blog Post: 19 Things in 2019
  • August – My Mid-year Check-in
  • #1 – Read through the Bible with my kids using the Bible Road Trip Curriculum. (In Progress with Homeschool)
  • Curriculum: Bible Road Trip
  • Book: Together by Carrie Ward – Growing Appetites for God
  • #2 – Explore Verse-mapping  (Planning to do this with the book of Ephesians as our church studies it together.)
  • DEFINITION: Verse-Mapping is a method of studying the historical context, transliteration, translation, connotation, and theological framework of a verse in the Bible. Plain and simple? Verse mapping is getting real about studying the Bible. All of it. It’s not just reading. It’s researching everything you can in a verse to learn more about Who God is, and how He wants to speak to you through His Word. In short? It’s serious study.
  • #3 Worship Daily with my Kids. (Always in the car; Much more often at home)
  • #4 – Journal Daily and do Writing Sprints (Not yet a habit for me, but I have done it more often; I’m going to begin tracking it this month in my planner.)
  • #5 Gradually replace our cleaning products with all-natural versions. (in progress)
  • All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe : Glass Bottles, Lemon Essential Oil, Castile Soap, & Hot Water
  • Norwex
  • E-cloth
  • #6 – Begin to replace my beauty products with all-natural versions. (done! not completely done but since I said “begin”, yes, I have done that)
  • Public Goods: I’m using their shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrushes, razors, ayate washcloth for exfoliating and I actually really love these products! They are very simple in their formulas and their packaging which I feel is very pleasing to the eye. For $20 off your first order, click this link.
  • Aluminum- Free Deodorant
  • Apple Cider Vinegar & Bentonite Clay Powder Mask
  • Toothpaste
  • Skincare Little Kit, Virgin Marula Oil, Make-Up Melting Butter Cleanser
  • #7 – Read 6 or more books this year with one of them being a fiction book. (very close to being done!)
  • Book: Mom’s Night Out by Tricia Goyer (in progress)
  • Book: Together by Carrie Ward: Growing Appeities for God
  • Book: Treasuring Christ when your Hands are Full by Gloria Furman
  • Book: Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman
  • Book: Essentialism by Greg McKeown (in progress)
  • #8 Get back to my healthy self. (My exercise routine has been on pause. I’m signed up for classes again starting today.)
  • #9 Continue with my daily skincare routine. (I’m now tracking this in my planner, and it’s in my morning and evening routines.)
  • #10 Plan & Participate in regular Phone Detoxes (I’ve added some of these dates to the calendar.)
  • #11 Cultivate a thriving home school. (Ongoing)
  • Curriculum: Math U See (We use this curriculum, the blocks, the DVD, and hopefully the digital kit.)
  • Curriculum: All About Reading Learning Kit
  • Handwriting App: Wet Dry Try
  • Curriculum: Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day (Zoology 1 for Science)
  • Curriculum: Mystery of History
  • #12 Budget for , plan, and do one household project per month. (This was before we moved, but I have made a list of projects to work on in this new house as well.)
  • #13 Upgrade our dining table to fit our large-family. (Done!)
  • #14 Stick to my Flylady Cleaning Routines. I use the FlyLady app for this. (in progress; it’s in my planner)
  • Weekly Home Blessing Hour
  • #15  Repeat the Kon Mari Process– I’ll be using this printable to help me through the month of August with the Monthly Minimalism Challenge.
  • #16 Pay off 1-2 student loans this year. (not yet)
  • #17 Establish basic Sinking Funds. (not yet)
  • #18 Study the Enneagram. (done)
  • Book: Reading People by Anne Bogel
  • Enneagram Institute (my favorite free Enneagram resource… I recommend reading the nine descriptions and going from there to discover your type. The tests are not always accurate.)
  • Book: The Road Back to You by
  • #19 Learn to do a Handstand Push-up. (probably pushing this one back till next year if we’re being realistic)
  • What were your New Year’s Resolutions this year? It’s never too late to set a goal!
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