[Ep. 008] – Systems & Self-Discipline

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Show Notes –

In this week’s episode of My Purposeful Planning, Laney shares on the topics of Systems and the Self-Discipline required to work those Systems. We all have Systems, but we need to make sure our Systems are the best they can be in order to make them work well for us. If we have great systems that we are consistent in working, we will have more time on our hands for the things in life that matter most!

In This Episode:

  • Welcome!
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  • Systems and self-discipline go hand in hand.
  • We all have systems ,but not all systems are good systems that work well.
  • We need to look at our systems. How can we make them work better for us?
  • In any organization, there will be system breakdowns. That’s because most systems involve real, flesh and blood people at different ages and levels of growth and maturity.
  • If we have great systems that are working well, we will have more times on our hands for hobbies and creativity.
  • Moving Beyond Survival Mode Challenge
  • Evaluating and Problem-Solving my Meal Planning System & Process
  • Think about all of the different components of a system when trying to problem-solve.
  • Maybe the people in your system need an “order of events’ to follow.
  • Go back through and teach them how to work the system.
  • My husband did this with me on our system for washing dishes not long ago.
  • Show them how.
    Demonstrate the protocol.
    Watch them do it, giving small critiques.
    Let them do it independently and unsupervised with occasional checks.
    If they begin to get sloppy, start the whole process over.
  • “Systems don’t work if you don’t work the systems.”
  • “Let’s work to not only establish good systems in our homes, but to diligently work to implement them.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emmerson – “That which we persist in doing becomes easier. Not that the nature of the task has changed, but our ability to do it has increased.”
  • Self-discipline starts with us.
  • You can have the most refined set of goals and well-tuned systems for how to get there, but if you don’t pursue those goals and implement your plan – your ideas are next to worthless. It requires self-discipline.
  • Self-discipline means making yourself do something that you don’t presently want to do.
  • Biblically speaking, Self-discipline can be summarized in one word: obedience.
  • Self-discipline means delaying gratification.
  • When we have a goal in mind, we must delay gratification for the instant, fleshly thing in order to achieve the long-term reward and blessing.
  • Learning self-discipline starts with keeping our eyes constantly on the goal.
  • As Christians, our goal is to be God’s goal.
  • We must be gracious with one another: God is working on all of us in different ways, on different things, and at different times. None of us have arrived yet.
  • Gaining self-control in different areas happens with small steps and small victories.
  • I personally love using habit trackers in my planner to keep myself accountable.
  • Form a chain: Whatever goal you are working on, make a X on the calendar for every day that you do that thing and see how long you can make that chain. If the chain breaks, just pick up the next day and see if you can make the chain longer the next time.
  • I share some of my systems: not that are the best way or the only way to do things, but just to get the conversation going and to get you thinking about your own systems.
  • My Dish-Washing Process & System
  • Product: The New Dish Rack I Mention
  • Product: Baby Bottle Brush
  • My Laundry System
  • Product: 8 Cube Shelf for Laundry Sorting and Folding
  • My Laundry Goal Right Now: Forward Motion and Progress over Perfection
  • Jordan Page’s Laundry System
  • My Meal Planning System
  • Kitchen Day
  • My Monthly Meal Plan
  • My Corresponding 2-Week Grocery List
  • Recipe: Egg Puffs
  • My Coffee System
  • Product: Our Coffee Maker – nothing special 😉
  • Product: Nespresso – on my wish list – ha!
  • Product: Milk Frother
  • Product: My Favorite Creamer
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  • Let’s go make a plan to be more purposeful!

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