[Ep. 011] – “Me Time” (The Self Care Episode) Featuring Audio Blogs from Amy Roberts

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Show Notes –

In this week’s episode of My Purposeful Planning, Laney shares with us about “Me Time” and how her perspective on the whole idea has changed. She shares how she’s finding more beauty and fulfillment in her every day, instead of feeling like she’s overwhelmed and needs to run away. Motherhood is now seen as a blessing, not to be escaped, but embraced.

The episode features two audio blogs from Amy Roberts at RaisingArrows.net about “The “Me Time Myth”. Laney also shares some ideas for fitting self-care into our every day and enjoying life with our families to the fullest.

In This Episode:

  • Welcome
  • It’s not about me.
  • This episode features two Audio Blogs which are just Blog Posts from the Web shared with you in Audio Form
  • These posts gave me a new perspective of Me Time and Self Care
  • The idea is to find beauty in your every day instead of feeling like you have to escape your regular life to get “Me Time”.
  • Blog Post: “The Me Time Myth” by Amy Roberts from RaisingArrows.Net
  • Purposeful about Self-Care
  • Why does “Me Time” leave us feeling like we need even more? Returning to chores undone, the “Me Time” we get seems to never be enough.
  • Quit seeking “Me Time” where we search for fulfillment outside the God-given gifts of being a wife and mother.
  • There is an emptiness within us that needs to be filled, but only God can fill what you are aching for.
  • “The Lord is my portion,” saith the Lord. “Therefore, will I hope in Him. The Lord is good unto them that wait for Him, the soul that seeketh Him. Lamentations 3:24-25
  • We must do our daily tasks cheerfully as unto the Lord. We must learn to enjoy being home with our families. We must find contentment in serving others. We should spend more time drinking in the beauty of our children, searching their eyes, holding their hands, being mom.
  • When we do feel neglected or overworked, we must immediately seek the Lord to refresh us and keep us from sin.
  • Our need for “Me Time” will fade when we begin to see motherhood as a blessing, not to be escaped, but embraced.
  • Blog Post: “The Me Time Myth Revisited” by Amy Roberts from RaisingArrows.net
  • Most mothers fall into three camps when it comes to “Me Time”… They either live for it, piously deny themselves of it, or feel guilty if they get it.  Very few seem to have a healthy view of this hotly debated issue.
  • “Me Time” shouldn’t be the air that we breathe. Suggesting that you cannot live without “Me Time” is absurd. It’s not a biblical idea. It shouldn’t be our lifeline.
  • We also shouldn’t be a “Me Time Martyr” where we are prideful against any type of self care. Galatians 6:4
  • “The guilty moms club” – They’re trying to do the right thing, and they truly love their families… but they are weary and need strength and encouragement to keep going. They love being around their children, but they have “off days”. They long for a peaceful home, surrounded by happy faces and cheerful hearts, but they just cannot seem to make it work. So they hide, and they escape into “Me Time” every chance they get, and they feel guilty.
  • A Healthy View of Me – The Christian mother has an opportunity to die to self daily as she learns to love her husband and her children. The answer to her struggle for more time, more energy, more joy… is worship.
  • I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Romans 12:1
  • The sacrifices I make should never be about me. They should always be about Him.
  • There are ways and things you can do to take care of yourself so that you are presenting to God a sacrifice that isn’t merely hanging on by a thread, but a living sacrifice.
  • It’s okay to take care of yourself. It’s okay to stay home, and it’s okay to go out. It’s okay to exercise, and it’s okay to take a break. The thing you must always keep in the forefront of everything you do is that it’s not about you. This is worship.
  • The point is that you never completely empty out as a mother where you feel that you need to run away or have a spa day or take a break because we’re sick of our kids and sick of our families.
  • We need to enjoy our families.
  • When we are completely overwhelmed, we need to Pray without ceasing.
  • When we feel like we need to run away, we need to run into the arms of Jesus.
  • Fill yourself up so that you can pour out to others. We should never feel completely empty.
  • What else can we do to practice “Self Care”? It is OKAY that we take care of ourselves.
  • “Mother Culture” – a Rich Environment that Brings you Fulfillment Every Day and Never Brings you to a Point of Emptiness
  • Philippians 4:8 – “Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”
  • Find the white space and margin in your day.
  • My Purposeful Planning Blog: Printable Resources
  • FREE Printable Resource: Time Budget
  • FREE Printable Resource: Time-Tracking Resource
  • “Self-Care September Challenge” going on in our My Purposeful Planning Patreon Communty
  • Get some things in your life on autopilot. (Moving Beyond Survival Mode Challenge)
  • Don’t try to immediately fill your white space. Leave your white space empty.
  • Art : Look at and Enjoy Art, Using it as Home Decor, Doing Art Yourself, Painting Canvas, Painting Pottery, Online Classes and Subscriptions, Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing, Doing Crafts with your Kids
  • We were made in God’s image to be creators.
  • Think outside the box with art: It can be a meal, interior design, decorating for seasons, writing, blogs, podcasts, make-up, your wardrobe, planning, etc.
  • Literature: Giving ourselves some mental simulation.
  • Sally Clarkson talks a lot about this.
  • Charlotte Mason’s Idea of Mother Culture: Enjoying multiple books at once.
  • Sound Fiction, How-To, Self-Help, Theology, Philosophy, Bible Study, or something else that provokes thought
  • Song & Music: Spotify playlist with worship music, any kind of good music that lifts your mood, karaoke and singing
  • Nature: Nature Walks, Observing Nature  with Our Children (Toddlers are REALLY good at this when they find lizards, butterflies, or bring you flowers.) You can take this a step further by reading a story about the things you find or drawing a picture or painting it.

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