2019 Christmas Gift Guide

Hey, friends! I know Christmas can be a stressful time… I want you to know that it’s okay to not give gifts to everyone on your list if it means spending outside your budget. Pay your bills. Feed your family. Prioritize your list of people to buy gifts for. But if you have a budget set, and you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone, I really had a fun time putting this gift guide together. Let me know what categories you would add to the list! I hope you enjoy this holiday season and have fun shopping, finding good deals, and have sweet moments giving to others. It can be such a special time with family and friends!

And if you missed my Kids Gift Guide, you can find it here. I’ve added a few items to it since I originally published it. 

**This post does contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

For the Coffee Lover

Let me just tell you that since buying the Nespresso for our home, we have become such “coffee snobs”, and it is hard to drink regular coffee. I even love it better than ordering coffee out now, and that’s saying something! If you want an amazing coffee experience at home, Nespresso is the way to go! The pods are a bit pricier than regular K-cups or coffee grounds, but once you’ve tasted the Nespresso difference, I promise you, it will be worth the price! I have begun making all my friends “Nespresso-believers”, aka “Coffee Snobs” one by one.

What’s amazing about the Nespresso is that it adds in that layer of creamy froth as it pushes the air through your coffee pod, and it begins pouring into your cup within 30 seconds so it’s also super efficient!

If you are partial towards “Regular Coffee Makers” and want to save money on the coffee pods and buy regular coffee grounds or beans that you grind yourself, I recommend the Bunn. Bunn is always a great option because you want to duplicate that “coffee shop aroma” as much as you possible can each morning at home as you make your coffee, right? It’s all about the Experience!

If you want a simple upgrade to your coffee experience, try a milk-frother! There are lots of great options out there, but this one makes a great stocking stuffer! It’s the one I have and use everyday, and I love that it has a travel case because it definitely comes with me when I travel! I’ve been frothing my coffee for YEARS now, and it’s another thing I can’t go back on. Frothed coffee, for me, is a must!

You can continue to buy all the cute mugs if you want to, but if you want to eliminate all that clutter and find one mug that feels fancy every time, go with a glass – double wall mug. This just seemed like a necessary purchase after I got my Nespresso because I love to see those creamy layers that you can’t duplicate with a regular cup of coffee. Make sure you get a mug a little bigger than the amount listed on the pod to allow room for that lovely crema or any frothed creamer you plan to add.

I also think, if you’re going to get the Nespresso, you need a nice set of Espresso-size mugs as well. A friend gave me these, and I absolutely love them! It just feels a little funny if you make a 1.7oz shot of Espresso in a big ole mug, so these are necessary for your Espresso shots, which I like to make to pour over a bowl of ice cream. Yum!

If you know a Nespresso-lover, gifting them with their favorite Nespresso pods is a great idea! They’ve already fallen in love with them, can’t go back to regular coffee, and they will appreciate you getting something you know they’ll love! My favorites are the Alto Pods (because they make 14 oz of coffee!) and the Best-Seller pack that offers a few different intensities for regular-size cups of coffee.

If you’re looking for an easy gift for a coffee lover, you can’t go wrong with a coffee shop gift card! This makes a great stocking stuffer or gift in general. Everyone has those days where you just need to run through on your work break and go get yourself a treat. And let me just tell you that there have been quite a few occasions where I’ve needed a change of scenery as a stay-at-home-mom, so I load up the kids, we sing in the car, grab a coffee for mama, and come right back home with refreshed attitudes and moods. Works like a charm, most days! 😉

For the Loaded Tea Lover

This is the latest craze in nutritious “fast food” although they are becoming so popular so they aren’t always as fast as we’d like. 😀 I got hooked on this teas and shakes like everyone else, but then quickly realized these could be made so much cheaper and pretty easily at home!

My mom is an Herbalife Distributor, which is where these “Loaded Tea and Shake” Ingredients come from, so she gave me the hookup and helped me order. She’d be glad to help you too, and you can save money in the long run if “Loaded Teas and Shakes” have become your newest addiction. You can easily google or look for the recipes for your favorite Teas & Shakes and order the needed ingredients on her distributor site!

I use my Ninja system for this every time because I love that I can just blend up a “single size” for myself and not have to use the big blender. This system is also great because it’s a single blender, full-size blender, and food processor/mixer all in one! I love products that have multiple uses like this one!

The Blend-Tec is another blender people sweat by! I don’t have personal experience with it, but it’s the one you see them all use in the Nutrition shops. It always goes on sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so be watching for that if it’s something you’re interested in!

My mom bought me an insulated, drink holder for my teas, and I love it! You can use it on the store-bought drinks or for the ones you make at home, and I love that it has a handle I can slide my hand in and carry more things when I’m out and about.


For the “Plant Lady”

Okay, so I’ll admit that I’m still just a “Plant Lady Wannabe”, and I’m still learning how to keep plants alive.
Children??I’ve managed to keep four alive, but plants are another story. I’m still trying though, and in my defense – the home we are living in now has no windows so the circumstances are a little more difficult. I’ve had one here for several months, and it is still going strong so I’m still hopeful for others to do well too. If all else fails, there are some really nice faux plants out there now I’ll have to try.

Nice, pretty watering cans to sit on your shelf for “Water Wednesday”. Sorry, I saw the elephant one and had to include it too… I have a thing for baby elephants.

Macrame plant hangers – how fun?!

Pretty planters & pots – I think using a plant pot as a basket to fill with goodies and small gifts would be a great gift idea for a plant lover! Succulent sets, growing kits, and did you know you could buy actual LIVE plants on Amazon?! Yep, I just learned that not too long ago too! The Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant and the Snake Plant are the “trending” plants these days, second to succulents and cacti. I think they are fairly easy to keep alive (maybe!), but I like the idea of buying a well-established 4 ft. Fiddle Leaf Fig versus a baby one.

And if you still need help as a plant-lover, you can pre-order Lua, the Smart Planter with Feelings. I have a feeling if I ordered these, I’d be surrounded with a bunch of sad faces. Hahaha! We don’t need all that negativity around here, but if you’re confident you can keep your plants happy or at least learn how to, go for it!


For The One Who Loves to Clean

Scratch that! Okay, I know there are actually people in the world that like to clean. But I would say that for the majority of us – it’s not that we like to clean, but we do like to have a clean home, and we get excited by fun, cleaning gadgets and supplies. Am I right? Okay, now that we’ve addressed that. Let’s get on to the list.

We’ve got a Roomba, because I’m sure anyone would love a Roomba, am I right? My kids even wanted me to get a Roomba… I think we had them at “Robot”. Then, there’s a carpet steamer… because kids = messes. So… necessary. Ecloths are great cleaning cloths that use only water to clean. But if you like to have special cleaning products, here’s a clean line for you… Branch Basics Starter Kit.


For the Homemaker

When I think about a “homemaker”, I think about someone who is working to make a “home” for her loved ones. It’s not just a house that we live in – but it’s setting up that cozy environment, that safe place that our spouses, children, family members, and friends can come into and relax, unwind, and feel at peace. Your home should be a place that you feel the most peaceful, and we have to work hard to create that cozy, homey atmosphere.

Scents and fragrance helps. Try an Essential Oils Diffuser & Oils. Don’t waste your time with store-bought oils. Invest in a starter kit if you’re new to oils.

Turkish towels are so beautiful when they are hung. If there’s something you’re going to be using everyday, it might as well be something beautiful that can act as decor for your home as well!  You can do this with so many things! Little by little, you can replace your everyday, household items with quality ones that are beautiful to you and make you excited to use them. If they excite you, chances are, they will also bring joy to your other family members or visiting friends as well. Start thinking about those every day items like mixing bowls or a nice wooden cutting board.

Have you heard of Woven Nook? They offer pillow cover sets that are already coordinated and matched up. (You can order singles as well.) But aren’t these coordinated sets amazing?!

You can’t go wrong with a Target Gift Card or maybe a gift card to Wayfair. I told my family, they could get me anything from the Hearth & Hand line at Target, and I’d be happy. 😉


For the Makeup Lover

These are my favorite palettes and skincare that would make great gifts! I love thinking of makeup as an art, and while I’m certainly no professional – it sure is fun to “paint my face”. I love these makeup organizers, and I have one similar. I mean – how genius is that vertical palette storage?! I also have the makeup travel case, and I love it for going on trips! If you don’t know what to get a make-up lover, you can’t go wrong with a Sephora or Ulta giftcard.


For the Organizer

Everyone loves to have a nice, organized and lovely space, right?! I love these drawer organizers from Ikea, these space-saving kitchen utensil organizers, and velvet hangers. Velvet hangers are such a simple upgrade, but they really make your closets look so nice! We’ve upgraded all of our closets to these, including the kids, and I couldn’t love it any more!

Also, I think this is a great time of year to be thinking about cubbies and shelves and toy organization because our kids are about to get an influx of them in the coming month. Having something great to organize it all is a must!

If you have an organizer you are gifting for, you could do a giftcard to Ikea, The Container Store, or I’m currently in love with Wayfair. I’m also going to add Hobby Lobby gift card to this because my absolute FAVORITE furniture piece is from there. It’s the one with ALL the drawers, and I love it so much! It is GREAT for organization!

For the Reader

For the reader in your life, you could gift them with a tin of book darts. Book darts are little page markers that a reader can use to note something they want to come back to. They are also good for future common-placing. This is when a reader adds those notable things to a special notebook, also known as a Commonplace Book, and I’ve got some of these shown here too. I like to use my Frixion Highlighters to highlight as I’m reading something good. I’ve also included a set of magnetic bookmarks and a reading light.

If you’re unsure what to get the reader in your life, go for a Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, or even an Amazon gift card so they can order more and more books. Or a nice bookshelf would also make a fabulous gift for a reader. You can never have too many bookshelves…

For the Christian who Loves Spiritual Resources

I love my journaling Bible like the one I’ve included here, and this version is such a nice gift edition. It’s a great investment into someone’s Christian walk. The Filament Bible is a pretty cool resource I’ve started seeing lately too that offers a digital app component with commentaries and other resources included! Bible journaling pens are a must for note-taking and doodles in your Bible.

If you’re looking for a good Bible study to gift, the Journal and Doodle Bible Studies from Kari Denker are my favorite. I feel like these really helped me to learn the skill of Bible Study, and the same with Kristy Camrbon’s Verse-Mapping resources. Phenomenal Tools!

I’ve included a few other commentaries and resources as well as a great devotional.

I love my Val Marie Paper Co. Prayer Journal! There’s also the Quiet Time Companion and The Give Me Jesus Journal that I feel like would make fantastic gifts as well.





For the Planner Girl

For the bullet journaling planner, these Moleskine Volant books are my favorites! The 5×8″ size is perfect because it gives you enough room to write and take notes, but it’s also small enough to fit in your purse. I also really love May Books. These are great because they already have the calendars, checklists, whatever you need already in the books for you. You can get them in the same size and mix and match them together. I add these to my Traveler’s Notebook covers. My favorite is my really nice leather one from Foxy Fix.

I really love Traveler’s Notebooks because they feel so nice and fancy, but I would have to say that a disk-bound planner is my ALL TIME MOST FAVORITE PLANNER… because the customizability of it is just fantastic! I love that I can take things out, add things in, shift things around, even print my own pages to add to my planner so easily! They are like a spiral bound book that you can open up flat or turn it inside out to write and take notes in as well. I’ve included my newest disk-bound planner cover here. It charges your phone. Say what?! I’m serious! I’ve never seen a planner cover that can do so much like this one. It even has pockets and a pen loop inside!

**Psst. If you haven’t already heard, I’ve just created a disk-bound planner of my very own for My Purposeful Planning. It has SO MANY GREAT features! Make sure you’re on my email list to get more details about its release. 

I added my favorite Pilot FriXion Clicker Pens here. I love the color-coding I can do with these, and they are ERASABLE! Like they really erase very well, and they are pretty much the only pens I use nowadays. I’ve also included planner clips. I love the decorated “paper clip” style ones because they lay flat, don’t bend your planner pages, and they stick out from the top of your planner so you can easily find today’s planning page.

And… of course I have to include Power Sheets in my “Planner” section. I LOVE my new Power Sheets Goal Planner. It would make a fantastic gift, as well as many of the other items on their website like their Write the Word Journals.

Wishing you happy shopping, great deals, and sweet moments of giving to those you love this Christmas!
Merry Christmas, friends!

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