My Purposeful Planning Workbook & 2020 Planner

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Do you want to live a life full of purpose?!
You can plan a life full of purpose… one day at a time.
I’ve created the perfect planner to help you do that!

This is the Planner to Help you Plan your Purposeful Life.


  • Disk-Bound System that makes it so easy to customize your planner according to YOUR needs
  • Worksheets to help you evaluate your life right now and determine where you want to go
  • Goal-setting process to help you take your big picture ideas and break them down into bite size chunks month by month and day by day
  • Habit Trackers, Monthly, & Perpetual Calendars
  • Extremely versatile Daily Pages that can work for anyone!

    The first batch of these planners will be available in a *very limited quantity* for pre-order very soon. I’ve just got to get it back from the printer, assemble it, and do any final edits that might be needed. 

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