The Challenges of Opening my Shop & Lessons Learned

This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The things that are most worth it usually are the hardest, aren’t they??

I worked hard to get the planner finished and ready to sell. Of course there was an unspoken deadline because the year 2020 is fast-approaching. I wanted the planner to be ready by Christmas. I wanted to be done with it so that I could enjoy time with MY family instead of working.

So I did it. We worked hard at the end of November…. all of us. Justin helped me with the kids so much!

I faced obstacle after obstacle… everything from our spotty internet to issues with the printers. Since I had a deadline, I used the convenience of a chain store printer instead of a local face-to-face commercial printer. I was editing, re-editing, and printing a new copy almost daily until I got it just right. Then the “chain store printer” would print it all wrong, and I’d have to push to have them fix it to make it right. They weren’t too happy about having to do the whole project again sometimes. Then I would get home to find that there weren’t enough copies made, or that it was printed on the wrong type of paper. I learned my lesson.

But when I was pretty sure it was good, I opened the shop for planner sales. I made one big print order for that first sale, and guess what. The printers messed it up again. I did what I could to get those planner pages cut down to size, punched with my disk punch, and assembled. But there was a problem with the laminated covers. See, I’d paid extra to have a really durable laminated cover for the planners, but when they printed them incorrectly, and I cut them down to size, the lamination began to separate. I tried to re-laminate them but my home laminator wasn’t heavy-duty enough. Then I try to punch them with the heavy-duty punch I’d purchased, and I jammed it because it was now too thick. Boy, oh boy.

I ended up going out and purchasing new covers for these planners and eating the cost. And with that, I closed down the shop to future orders. At home, planner manufacturing may not be my thing. 😉

So if you got one of the very first *LIMITED EDITION* My Purposeful Planning Workbook and 2020 Physical Planner, you should know that you are special. I’m not sure that I will be doing that again after all of the trouble.
It was a Labor of Love for sure! At least that’s the nice way of putting it. 😉

(I’m not saying never, because I might possibly go back to my local printer and see if they’d like to help me out now that the deadline has come and gone.)

But here’s what I AM working on for right now….

  • Printable Planners and Planner Pages. I worked really hard on the insert pages of this planner, and I don’t want all of that to go to waste. (Of course, I’ve got my planner in hand so I guess it was worth it to have an actual planner that’s everything I want it to be and more.) But what I’m working on now is making the worksheets, goal-setting pages, monthly inserts, and daily pages available for you to be able to download and print yourself.

    You can currently download the My Purposeful Planning Workbook & 2020 Planner in it’s original size by visiting my shop.

    If you have a printer that will print “Booklet Style”, you can easily print the planner in it’s current size on front and back pages, cut the pages in half, punch them with any disk-bound punch and assemble it – you’ll be ready to go! You can even download and print the covers I designed if you have a color-printer. You can laminate them yourself or have a local print shop do it for you. All you would have to purchase separately would be your disks to assemble the book, that is, if you want your planner to be disk-bound. I’m partial to the disk-bound system, but you could do whatever type of binding that interests you.

  • I’m also working on making different sizes available. I want this to be “your ideal planner” like it is for me, and sometimes there’s a size that’s your favorite. Currently, the size is 5″x8″ or 5.5″x8″ just depending on how you cut your pages. I’m looking to make a letter size and classic size next.
  • Planner Packs! Each month this year, I’ll be releasing a new Planner Pack to my shop! These packs will be FREE for my Patreon Members as a special thank you to them for their monthly financial support. You can join us there, and I’ll send you the new pack each month as well!

    Home Management Pack
    Finance Pack
    Spiritual Pack
    and more!

    I’m excited about what’s to come for this year. I’m excited to be setting goals again, and I’m ready to hit the ground running to work on all of these things that God has placed on my heart with My Purposeful Planning. And I’d love for you to join me in planning a life of purpose. Let’s make 2020 the most purposeful year yet!

I'd love to hear from you!