My 2020 Goals

Finally sharing my 2020 Goals or New Years’ Resolutions with you guys!

Now that the holidays are over and we’ve moved and are getting settled in, I can finally get this post published about my goals for 2020. What I love about planning and goals is that, you can set them any day! There is nothing magical about January 1st. You don’t have to feel bad because you are just now setting goals the last week of January, and you certainly don’t have to wait until next year if you’re already feeling behind.

You can set goals and begin any day! Actually this is the perfect time… consider this your “planning week” and January could be your “trial month”, where you actually begin in February! Let’s get it!

Now, since I’ve been thinking about my 2020 goals for several months now, I’ve been able to get started on them, even through us moving and all that craziness. I’m feeling pretty confident that this is going to be a successful year!

-Write down your goals.
Studies show that just by writing down your goals, you are 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish those goals than people that don’t.

-Break them down.

I love to break down big yearly goals down into monthly goals, weekly action steps, and even daily habits. It may seem like a big list of “to do”s, but just know that I’m not focusing on all of these steps at once. I’m just doing the next thing on the list. One step at a time, one thing I’m working on, etc. It’s really nice to have a plan in place so I’m not just wandering about unsure of where to go next.

I’m also not fully prioritizing all eight of my goals at once. Some of them (like my pursuing health goal), I’m still thinking through and figuring out. You’ll see over the course of this year how my goals will likely change as I decide exactly what I want to do with them.)

-Review them often.
  I love to post my goals for accountability, but I also review them in my planner pretty often… probably at least once a week, I sit down to review and think through my goals. It helps me to “plan” my weeks and my days with more focus and purposefulness.

-Give yourself grace.
  Life changes. Things happen. We grow. We learn. We’re human. Learn to be okay with progress over perfection. If you didn’t read your Bible every single day this month, don’t beat yourself up. Instead be proud for those days that you DID make it a priority. That’s better than nothing, and it’s great progress you’ve made. Keep going!

-Evaluate and Revise them, if needed.
It is TOTALLY okay if my December 2020 goals look a little bit different than my January 2020 goals I originally set.
Yall know your life can change completely in 12 months, right? Anybody ever had a surprise pregnancy?? Yeah, I have experience with that one too, and it completely changes your yearly goals sometimes. 😀 It’s the perfect example of how things can change in a short time. It’s completely okay (and encouraged!) to review & revise your goals throughout the year, as needed. I actually like to do this seasonally now. My Fall goals last year were completely different than the 19 in 2019 I set in January last year. 😉

With all that said, here are the goals I’ve set for this year:

1. Love my [actual] life; Work on Contentment.

This one comes post-depression for me. When you are depressed, it’s hard to see your life… the things that DO bring you joy, the things you prayed for and now have. When you’re depressed the things that once brought you joy just don’t seem to be enough. So for me, this goal is mostly about moving on from that season of depression I have been in this past year.

At times, it feels like I am having to learn how to live life again. Everything seems like it’s brand new. I’m having to regain confidence in myself and my roles as a wife, as a mother, etc. I’m still figuring it all out, but here are some of my mini action steps for this goal.

Mini Goal 1: Create a Life I actually Like.

Starting Steps:
-Create a “Little Loves” List.
  (I did this in the My Purposeful Planning 2020 Workbook & Planner, using the Plan your Purposeful Year Online
-Brainstorm ways to implement these things into my everyday life.
-Begin adding these things to the daily pages of my planner to begin establishing habits for adding the things I love into my everyday; Write a “personal win” down every day.

Mini Goal 2: Cultivate Contentment. 

Starting Steps:
-Verse-Mapping with Scriptures on Contentment
-Listen to the Audio Book: Your New Money Mindset
-Begin writing down things I’m grateful for on my daily pages of my planner.

2. Create a beautiful, memory-filled home school experience that fulfills all of us.

This one took some visualization. I think visualization is a great tool for dreaming up and imagining what you want something to be. I want our kids to look back on our homeschooling days with joy and lots of fun memories. So it’s my job to create that while still giving them all of the tools that they need for educational success.

Mini Goal 1: Involve the kids in the planning process.

Starting Steps:
-Ask the kids what they are interested in learning and doing.
-Start an “Ideas List” where they can write all the ideas they come up with.
-Make a plan to consult the list each week (when planning) and pick something, grab the needed supplies, and actually do it.

Mini Goal 2: Work on a home school journal together.

Starting Steps:
-Let the kids rate the activity, book, field trip according to what they learned and if they enjoyed it.
-Let them write in the journal something they learned every day.
-Keep up with Bible verses, memory work, spelling words, any review items, etc.

Mini Goal 3: Design a beautiful “Circle Time”. 

Starting Steps:
-Pick a name and a time of day that works best.
-Use this time for Bigs to help teach Littles.
-Also, review Bigs’ work like spelling words and Littles can help name the letters in words.
-Review things like calendar, weather, preschool basics, memory work, Bible time, pray together, sing, play games, etc.

Mini Goal 4: Implement some incentives to homeschooling.

Starting Steps:
-Paying for A’s
-Monthly incentive charts (Complete all the work listed on your monthly chart, and you get to pick out a new educational game or book.)
-Homeschooling with a good attitude all week = fun snack on the weekend

3. Move into a home and make it our dream home where we can live out our dreams right now.

This past year, I stopped dreaming for a while… even though “Imagine” was my Word of the Year. I just felt so stuck in our financial situation. We had sold our home because we were overwhelmed by the burden of our mortgage, moved in with family, and it was just hard. It all felt very hopeless because we couldn’t figure out how to get back on our feet again. There only seemed to be more obstacles in the way. With the help of my husband trying to get me to dream again, we started to look at houses. To make a long story short, we decided that moving and changing our environment would be the best option for my mental health, even if it meant that our finances would be tight again. We walked forward in that, but we ended up walking away from a home we were planning to purchase because of some needed home repairs. When we made that wise decision to walk away, God provided another way – an even better way that we could’ve ever imagined. A beautiful rental home became available to us, in our price range, and it’s EXACTLY what we needed! It was definitely God’s provision and favor for us!

Mini Goal 1: Move

Starting Steps:
-Don’t pack much… most things are already contained in something anyway.
-Make a thousand little trips carrying things from place to place (what I can fit in my car along with 4 car seats). Put them away at the new house, and then do it again. (Wooden crates were amazing, by the way… especially for breakable things like dishes.)
-Have CrossFit friends and other heavy-lifting friends help with moving the furniture and big things.

Mini Goal 2: Set it all up.

Starting Steps:
-Decide what the function of each space will be and which furniture will go where.
-Hang things on the walls.
-Organize spaces as you go.

Mini Goal 3: Plan out the rest.

Starting Steps:
-Use the Home Management Planner Pack to plan out each space and list what’s still needed to make it homey and cozy.
-Use the Home Management Planner Pack to plan out new systems and routines for the new place.
-Put these plans into action.

4. Celebrate our 10th Anniversary.

This year, Justin and I will celebrate our 10th year of marriage. We have been through so much in these ten years, but I am so thankful for this man of God that I get to do life with. We haven’t gotten to get away much on our own (unless you count home school conventions or marriage retreats where there is an agenda with other people). We’re excited to plan a trip and celebrate each other this year. We might even renew our vows!

Mini Goal 1: Plan a little getaway.

Starting Steps:
-Decide where we want to go and what we want to do.
-Talk to a trip adviser.
-Book it.
-Set up a babysitter for our kids.

Mini Goal 2: Decide if we want to renew our vows this year.

Starting Steps:
-Plan it: location, attire, food, ideas, etc.

5. Lead a sermon-based small group that teaches women and mamas how to study the Word and live a spiritual life WITH their children in the mix.

This is something I’ve been really excited about lately. I’ve realized how many women don’t actually know how to study God’s Word. It seems difficult to them and hard to understand. I remember being that way too, but this is a barrier that I want to be able to break down this semester. I want women to gain some confidence in the life skill of Bible study so they can really grow spiritually! I’m also hoping that I can inspire women to put aside the “ideal quiet time picture” and all of the excuses of mothering and stress and just let God meet them where they are. I want us to learn how to invite our children into our daily time with Jesus too. I want to learn how we can do spiritual life WITH our children among us.

Mini Goal 1: Sign up. 

Starting Steps:
-Fill out a Small Group Leadership Opportunity Form.
-Talk to someone special about co-leading this group with me.
-Pick a time for the group to meet.

Mini Goal 2: Recruit.

Starting Steps:
-Start mentioning to the group idea to women in the church.
-Social media posts about the group.

Mini Goal 3: Lead

Starting Steps:
-Set up a snack schedule.
-Plan & Study for the lessons each week.
-Text the group during the week.

6. Pursue health (in all forms of the word).

This one has definitely taken a backseat in my life the past few months. However, I know that I need these things in order to help me to continue to make progress in my other goals like loving my life again. I need a good diet to help me feel my best. I need those good endorphins from exercise to help my hormones level out as they should. I need to focus on the rhythms of renewal in my life.

Mini Goal 1: Begin a workout regimen again.

Starting Steps:
-Think through some ideas and pick something: Yoga Classes, CrossFit, Fitness Blender, Walking, etc.

Mini Goal 2: Eat smart.

Starting Steps:
-Focus on drinking my water.
-Meal prep.
-Timed meals.

Mini Goal 3: Wellness

Starting Steps:
-Wellness journaling with the 4 rhythms of renewal ideas in my planner.

7. Learn & Grow; Teach & Inspire.

I’m a 5 on the enneagram so I always love to read and research and learn new things! Give me all the knowledge! I also feel really fulfilled when I’m able to share some of that with others in order to help them in different areas of life… specifically planning a life of purpose. 😉

Mini Goal 1: Learn & Grow

Starting Steps:
-Read or listen to the One Year Chronological Bible & The Bible Recap Podcast.
-Read or listen to an audio book every month.
-Listen to podcasts while I do household chores.

Mini Goal 2: Teach & Inspire

Starting Steps:
-Social Media Posts
-Write emails

8. Focus on Finances.

After crunching some numbers this past year, I realized that (now that we no longer have a mortgage), we could be debt free in as little as three years. Now – that’s if all the odds are in our favor and we REALLY buckle down with it. But it’s still a pretty neat thought! So obviously, it’s one I’d love to pursue if we can. And of course, I’m sharing it here with you for accountability, and I’ll let you know how it goes!

Mini Goal 1: Monthly Budget

Starting Steps:
-Adjust monthly budget using the Finance Planner Pack to fit our income and new expenses with moving, etc.
-Evaluate our budget monthly to make sure budget lines / amounts are correct.

Mini Goal 2: Set Up Sinking Funds.

Starting Steps:
-Make a list of most common sinking funds.
-Choose one or two to start with. (As debts are paid down, add in more as needed.)

Mini Goal 3: Debt Payoff

Starting Steps:
-Use the Monthly Debt Payoff Worksheets from the Financial Planner Pack to note how much we pay each month, minimally and extra debt payoff.
-Use the Easy Budget Debt Snowball Calculator to determine a debt-free date to work towards.


I’m so excited about this year! I would love to know that you are also setting goals and working on them this year. Leave a comment and let me know some of your goals! 2020 is going to be a good year!

Let’s plan a life of purpose, shall we?!

I'd love to hear from you!