2021 Word of the Year Reveal

Well, you guys… I’ve been thinking through my Word of the Year for 2021. Usually, I have my word by now. Some years, God has pressed it upon my heart as early as October, usually mid November for sure. But this year? Nothing. I looked up some inspiration for popular word choices, and I made a list of several that jumped out to me.

I defined each one, looked at synonyms, even looked up scriptures that might align with them. Usually, I have a word and a scripture that goes along with it too. Not this year.

This year, my process has been a little challenging. I just haven’t felt any clear direction on which word to choose. I had three words (Be, Breathe, and Belong) that I was kind of leaning towards for a week or so. But then, I felt that these were words that wouldn’t really challenge me in any way. Not that I always need to be challenged, but I didn’t feel settled. I had a couple other options come to me, words that would take me out of my comfort zone a bit and give me a direction of study and for goal-setting… Those words were Feel and Connect, two things that I often find difficult… but are pretty important in life. I think these might be two words that I do come back to with my goal-setting this year.

But then I stumbled upon a graphic a friend shared on Instagram, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Yes. This. This is going to be my word. It trumps all other words that I could’ve chosen. It challenges me. It gives me perspective. It’s where it all should start and end anyway.

I can’t tell you anything about what 2021 will hold. I don’t know if it will be any better than 2020 or if things will get worse. I just know that I know where I want my focus to be… and that’s Jesus. I’m sure I’ll share more about this as I’m inspired, as I’m planning and goal-setting, and as the year goes on. But this right now is all I know… Jesus. Just Jesus.

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