2021 Yearly Goals

Alright. 2021 is here, and I’m finally sitting down to type out this post. I penned it several days ago, but it’s been a busy and fulfilling week for me. It was a post-holiday week / homeschool break week, and I used it to catch up on some home projects of decluttering and some work tasks.

If you didn’t hear, those work tasks I’m referring to were The Plan Your Purposeful Year Webinar AND the Plan Your Purposeful Life Online Course which has been in the works for what seems like forever, but it’s really only been a little over a year. Haha. 2020, you guys. It was a doozy!

Anyway, the doors to the online course are now open and will remain open through January 8th at the Founding Members’ Price. There’s also a Special Bonus Offer if you sign up THIS WEEKEND through Sunday, and I’ll send you the entire download of the Deluxe Purposeful Life Planner to use with your course registration OR you can take $20 off any Physical Planner from my shop if you’d rather do that option. Get signed up while the bonuses are available, and the price is low!

Okay, so now that the announcements are all out of the way – Let’s talk New Year’s Resolutions or Yearly Goals for 2021! I shared last week (or maybe the week prior) about my Word Choice for 2021, and it was, honestly, not a word I would’ve ever imagined myself choosing. But when it came to my mind after seeing a post on Instagram, I KNEW it was the perfect choice. It’s a good word, you guys. Like a REALLY GOOD WORD. It’s actually one of the top words in the history of all the words ever to be spoken. And I don’t know what 2021 has in store, but I do know that I want this word to be my top pursuit above all things, and I know that it also means I’ll probably need this word more than anything else as well.

It could mean that there is a hard year ahead. I really don’t know, you guys. But I have been the one to shy away from challenges and hardships, as I’m sure we all have. And in the end, it doesn’t really matter what I choose anyway. God is sovereign and He ALWAYS uses those things for good anyway, so it ends up being worth it in the end.

No, we’d never intentionally choose struggles and hardship…
but the lessons we learn from them?
The growth and maturity that can only happen once we’ve gone through those things and persevered through them? Priceless. Worth it.

And so, yes, whatever God has in store for my 2021… to teach me, to grow me, to mature me… I want it.

EVEN IF it’s hard. And those are really really hard words to type out. It’s almost like a superstition or something, but I don’t really believe in those anyway so it’s all good.

Alright, so if you haven’t already clicked over to see my Word of the Year Choice for 2021, go ahead and do that first. Then, meet me back here. Read that post here.

So if you know me and you’ve followed me any length of time, you know that my yearly goals aren’t going to be a simple list of a few good ideas. I used to do that, sure… and I did an okay job of reaching some of them from time to time.

But Nope. I’m done with those. I am a purposeful person. God has spent the last several years inspiring me and teaching me, and I’m not letting any of that go to waste. I want to use every thing He’s given me. All of the tools I’ve found. All of the the resources I’ve stumbled across. I want to steward this life well. The Time that I have. The way I spend me days. Yes, all of it. I want to LOVE LIFE. I want to actually like my life, and the blessings in it. I want to notice the good things, appreciate what I have, and be present for all the things that really matter to me. In fact that was last year’s word and focus…. Immerse. It was the perfect word choice for 2020, and you can go read all about that here.

This list is going to be broken down into mini goals and action steps, because I believe that’s how you actually make things happen. It’s not just a list of good ideas…but it’s the strategies to follow  through and actually find success in these goals. That’s the way I do it. I don’t set them and forget them. I come back to them and review them often. I set goals seasonally, monthly, weekly, and even check things off daily to make sure I’m on track. No, every day is not perfect. Certainly not. There were SO MANY DAYS that I didn’t even open my planner this year! 2020 – what a year to design a planner?! Haha! It’s so funny to me looking back, but I’m still proud of it, and it’s been my most helpful tool!

When I start my purposeful days with a to do list which stems from the yearly goals I’ve set, my life vision, and the things I prioritize the most… that’s how I find success in reaching my goals. I’d love to prove this to you, too. Today, I’m sharing my goals and strategies for 2021. I’m going to be working on a 2020 Goals post to update you on how the year actually went for me and what goals I was able to find success in and reach…. despite this doozy of year that it was. That’s coming soon. Stay tuned!

But without further, ado.. here they are – my 2021 yearly goals! 

#1 (Spiritual Goals) – Connect more with Christ.

Connect was one of those words that I was considering for my Word of the Year. It’s one that I felt challenged by, so I knew that it would probably appear somewhere in my yearly goals as well, and I was right about that.

I used something from my Quiet Time over the past couple weeks to form a list of focus areas for the first few months this year for this goal.

Mini Goal 1 – Focus on Prayer in January.

Obviously I already know how to pray, but I just want to focus on this, specifically, for the month of January as I seek to Connect More with Christ. It’s a great place to start!

1. Prayer List
2. Prayer Journaling (I’m going to use a journal I received for Christmas for this, I think. I know it may sound strange, but I’m going to set a timer for this, and journal a quick prayer for 1 minute. Then, every day I want to add 1% to that. So by the end of the year that’s 365% better, and if I did my math correctly (which I probably didn’t… haha), I should be able to journal and pray for a little over twenty minutes.
3. Habit Tracking my Purposeful Prayer Time – Using Daily Habit Tracking Page & The Habit Tracker on my Weekly Page in my Planner

Mini Goal 2 – Focus on Daily Bible Reading in February.

I already have a Quiet Time habit established, but I’ve been reading through a devotional recently, so my plan is to get back into my Bible reading plan during February.

1. Reading Plan – Mostly Likely I’ll continue where I left off with the Bible Recap in 2020 because I didn’t completely finish it with other studies and plans I did in between.
2. Habit Tracking and Goal-Setting my Daily Bible Reading – This will be noted on my Daily Planning Page and Weekly Page as well as tracked with my Daily Habit Tracking Page.
3. Note-taking on what God speaks to me or what I learn using the Quiet Time Purposeful Quiet Time Pages

Mini Goal 3 – Rely Constantly on the Holy Spirit.
(Currently, I’m planning for this to. be my focus for March.)

1. Do a study on this.
2. Prayer Language
3. Practice Listening / Being Still

This is what I have planned for now, but these could change as time grows closer.
I’m sure I’ll also have more to add to these. It’s still months away. 

Mini Goal 4 – Be an Obedient Christian. (Possibly the focus for April?)

Mini Goal 5 – Be a Witnessing Christian. (Possibly the focus for May?)

Mini Goal 6 – Be a Wholesome Christian. (Possibly the focus for June?)


#2 (Relationship Goals) – Connect more with my family.

Mini Goal 1 – Pray for and with them. (See how this lines up with my first goal also?)

1. At Bedtime
2. Spontaneously
3. Journaled Prayers 

Mini Goal 2 – Be intentional on their “Birth” Days each month.

1. Make their favorite foods.
2. Go on a date with them.
3. Play or do something they like to do with them. 

Mini Goal 3 – Adventure Challenge

Mini Goal 4 – Seasonal Family Adventures or Outings

1. Aquarium
2. Water Park
3. Zoo
4. Pumpkin Patch
5. Christmas Tree Farm 

#3 (Ministry & Outreach Goals) – Connect with others.

Mini Goal 1 – Lead a small group.

Mini Goal 2 – Have someone (probably another mama and her kids) over to the house during our HomeSchool Break Weeks and/or once a month.

Mini Goal 3 – Reach out to extended family members.

1. Ask “How are you?” but in different ways
2. Send texts, photos, food, etc.
3. Visit as much as possible. 

Mini Goal 4 – Connect with people in my business.

#4 (Personal Development Goals / Leisure / Work Goals all lumped into One) Be. Belong. Breathe.

Be. Be who I am. Know that I am enough. Be still. Belong. There is a space specifically for me. Breathe. I am not a failure. Do what I love. Be happy. Love my life. Appreciate all the little moments and blessings.

1. Gratitude.
2. Observations
3. Journaling
4. Notice “the manna” in my life
5. Connect with my feelings
6. Affirmations
7. Read good books, including 2 fiction choices this year. (Make a reading list.)
8. Wellness Check-ins

#5 (Home/Environment Goals) – Cultivate our Dream Home.

Right now, this is it. Declutter. Organize. Make it homey. Decorate. Be creative. Love it. Be proud of it. Take care of it. Use it for God’s glory. Finish some design plans and ideas as our budget allows for it.

Mini Goal 1 – Finish the Master Bedroom Decor.

1. Rug
2. Accent Pillows
3. Artword
4. Small Decor Pieces
5. Jewelry Organizer
6. New Hamper Basket 

Mini Goal 2 – Finish the Master Bath.

1. Wallpaper
2. Paint the closet
3. Peg Hooks
4. New Shower Curtain
5. New Towels

Mini Goal 3 – Check off some other things in the Home Design Plan as the Budget Allows for It.

1. Family Photos on the Walls
2. New Living Room Furniture (Maybe?!) 
3. Barstools
4. Gray Table Cloth
5. Candle Sticks for Dining Room
6. Outdoor Furniture
7. Grill
8. Office Chair
9. Rug for Office
10. Rug for Sunroom

#6 (Health / Wellness Goals) – Push towards health.

Be intent on doing “what healthy people do”. Aim for fitness. Strive for strength. Pursue wellness in all aspects.

1. Workout. (Plan after Plan… Line them up, because that’s what works for me right now.)
2. Log Meals. Just be mindful and balanced. If you can’t log it, don’t eat it.
3. Look into “Eat More to Weigh Less”.
4. Build muscle and strength.
5. Go back to Crossfit Classes at some point this year.
6. Drink water. 

#7 (Work Goals) Teach. Develop. Share.

I don’t really have mini goals for this one just yet, and I don’t know that I’ll share them publicly when I do. This is my goals that I set for my business, my social media, my blog, my podcast, my online course, and anything else that will fall into this “Work” Category for me. I find purpose in it. I find fulfillment, and it’s just an ongoing category that I will continue to work in.

I just want to remember and remind myself that I have something that people need. I need to put it out there and make it available to them. There’s always a tendency in me to not feel like I know enough or feel like what I have is good enough. I guess we all do this to an extent, but it causes me to delay and put things off when I need to just do them. 😉

#8 (Financial Goals) Follow the map we’ve made of our Financial Plans.

Our goals in this area will pretty much stay the same as they have been. I recently turned over our finances to let my husband run them for our family. That was a big deal because it’s always been something that I’ve liked having control over. It’s been a learning process because we use different systems and methods, but I was finding it overwhelming, both mentally and emotionally. I needed to relieve some of that pressure I was feeling. I feel so much freer now, letting him make those calls and decisions. I feel like he’s doing an excellent job, which sometimes means saying “No”, but that’s okay. It’s good because I had a hard time making those tough calls sometimes. I struggled to say ‘No’, and then I struggled to re-adjust after we’d spent too much in one category or another.

Mini Goal 1 – Work our monthly budget and continue to work to steward our finances well.

Mini Goal 2 – Pay off debts. (Our more Long-Term Goal in this area is to be debt-free in 2023.)

Mini Goal 3 – Eliminate excess and unnecessary spending.

Mini Goal 4 – Continue our Christmas Sinking Fund.

Mini Goal 5 – Begin Sinking Funds for additional categories this year.

And there you have it. Eight areas that I’ve set goals in. Mini Goals and Ideas to go along with each one. I know this may seem way too detailed and overwhelming to some, but it’s the whole process of thinking through a goal and how I’m actually going to accomplish it. That’s what makes this whole thing work for me. I keep coming back to these things again and again throughout my year, and I DO REACH MY GOALS. It is amazing to see the goals and resolutions that I’ve set over the years and how I’ve reached them. This process works. It’s proven. If I can do it, I promise you can do it too, and I would absolutely LOVE TO HELP YOU!

I'd love to hear from you!