Not Back to School 2021-2022

Because we are home-schoolers, we are
“Not” Back-to-School.

(We’re basically just at school all day, every day around here.)

This will be my fourth year of this “Not Back to School Series”.
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Today, I’m here to give you an update for this school year. I get asked ALL the time about what curriculum we are using, and since we use a variety of things… not a boxed curriculum – it’s much easier just to put it all in a blog post! I also love sharing the resources and supplies that have become our favorites over the years.

**This post does contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I do earn a small commission – at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much for your support!

4th Grade

2nd Grade


  • I really don’t know what “grade” we would consider Layten to be in. She’s only 4, but she’ll turn 5 in October. She LOVES school and begs me to do it with her, so how can I say no? We started My Father’s World Kindergarten last year because she already knew her letter sounds, and she did amazing with it, so we’re just going to keep going I guess.
    She will be finishing up My Father’s World Kindergarten and then moving on to My Father’s World First Grade. We’ll likely do the Bible portion of this as a group because I want the boys to get this Biblical overview that this curriculum offers as well. 
  • Religion ~ My Father’s World Bible, but she also usually joins us for our Group Subjects as well
  • Memory Work ~ My Father’s World Bible Truths, but she also usually joins us for our Group Memory Time as well
  • Math ~ Counting and Ordering Numbers Practice with our Hundred Chart, Life of Fred
  • Reading ~ We check out books from the library each week to go along with My Father’s World unit study themes. She’ll get to read from her own little Bible reader when we start First Grade, and I’m excited about that!
  • Vocabulary ~ N/A
  • Grammar ~ N/A
  • Spelling ~  N/A
  • Composition Writing ~ Writing Workshop (She draws a picture and then dictates her story, and I write it for her. Sometimes she likes to go back and trace what I write. I’m telling you – she loves ALL THINGS SCHOOL!)
  • History ~ She’s usually with us for Group Subjects, but I don’t require any of it from her.
  • Geography – She’s usually with us for Group Subjects, but I don’t require any of it from her.
  • Science ~ She’s usually with us for Group Subjects, but I don’t require any of it from her.
  • Art ~ Free Art with Craft Supplies and Drawing Books
  • Handwriting Practice ~ Writing Workshop, The Good and the Beautiful Handwriting Workbook
  • Elective ~Ballet, Tap, & Acro

We’ll continue to review letter sounds with these See,Hear,Do Books. I’m convinced these books are what actually helped her to remember the sounds that the letters make. (Remember we’ve been going over them since she was 2.) Either it was just time after all of the multiple and meaningful exposures she’s had, or these books really work. I’ll let you decide.

Note: It looks like they’ve updated their books a bit, or maybe I just never noticed how they were ordered. We’ve done the Uppercase Level 1 Book with the coloring and writing practice. We’ll do Lowercase next and then move onto the others. They have a ton available now!

See, Hear, Do Book Learn to Read Uppercase Letters Level 1
See, Hear, Do Coloring Book
See, Hear, Do Tracing Workbook
See, Hear, Do Learn to Read Lowercase Letters Level 2 
See, Hear Do, Learn to Read Blended Beginning Sounds Level 3

My Father’s World Kindergarten

My Father’s World First Grade

Tot School

  • Lyndon is 2, and he’ll turn 3 in December. We’re using the same Tot School Printables that I’ve used with all my children and several others. Each week we work on a letter of the alphabet, an object that begins with that letter, and there is a theme that surrounds it as well. For example: Aa for apple, and we learn about different fruits. Naming the different fruits and matching them up is the Vocabulary Development that I LOVE! We practice counting, shapes, colors, simple tracing, and coloring. I try to make it more hands-on by including Dot Markers for searching for our letters, hand-made puzzles to match up shapes and colors, and I’m trying to create VERY SIMPLE sensory trays this time. Basically, I just want to start buying little Toob sets that go along with the themes to give him a visual aspect and little toys and manipulatives to play with that relate to our themes. I don’t really assess anything or require anything from him at this age. It’s just (M&Ms) multiple and meaningful exposures to learning concepts, some of which he’ll retain – some he won’t. This is basically just what we do for “intentional play” to begin our day. He LOVES it. I give him little “invitations to play” by introducing the activities, and I follow his lead for the rest. When he’s done, we’re done. Then he’s usually good to go off and play on his own so that I can work with the big kids.
  • Religion ~ He’s usually with us for Group Subjects, but I don’t require any of it from him.
  • Memory Work ~ He’s usually with us for Group Subjects, but I don’t require any of it from him.
  • Math ~ Shapes,Counting to 20
  • Reading ~ We check out books from the library each week to go along with Tot School unit study themes. He also usually joins Layten for her read alouds as well.
  • Vocabulary ~ Tot School Vocabulary Development
  • Grammar ~ N/A
  • Spelling ~  N/A
  • Composition Writing ~ If he wants to tell me a story, I will dictate it for him and let him color, but I won’t require it. Sometimes my little ones are excited to do this too, so I feel it’s good practice. His language skills are exploding right now, and he talks pretty much nonstop!
  • History ~ He’s usually with us for Group Subjects, but I don’t require any of it from him.
  • Geography – He’s usually with us for Group Subjects, but I don’t require any of it from him.
  • Science ~ He’s usually with us for Group Subjects, but I don’t require any of it from him.
  • Art ~ Color Wonder Markers and Coloring Book & Free Art with Craft Supplies
  • Handwriting Practice ~ N/A (He’s just practicing with different writing tools at this point.)
  • Elective ~N/A

Our Favorite Home School Tools & Resources…

  1. My Levenger Planner Cover
  2. My Levenger Disc-bound Planner Divider Tabs
  3. My Editable HomeSchool Planner
  4. Our “Notebook Paper” Assignment Dry Erase Boards
  5.  Our Pencil Sharpener
  6.  Our Favorite Pencils
  7. Frixion Erasable Colored Pens – I use these to color-code my lesson plans.
  8. Frixion Erasable Colored Highlighters – I use these to highlight through what we’ve completed in my lesson plans.
  9. Erasable Colored Pencils
  10. Our “New” Favorite Watercolors – They come in several varieties – SO MUCH better quality that what you’d find in most back to school sales.
  11. Disc-bound Covers -The kids use these with their printable curriculum.
  12. Metal Discs – We use these with our printable curriculum.)
    **I like this option better than bulky binders or having the pages bound because the spirals always seemed to come undone throughout the year which would drive me nuts. This way we have the “customizable” flexibility of a binder by easily being able to take pages in and out and also the ability to flip it around like a spiral-bound book. It’s the best of both worlds, in my opinion.
  13. Laminator
  14. Dry Erase Markers
  15. Wet Erase Markers
  16. Printer
  17. Label Maker
  18. ESV Children’s Bible
  19. 365 Great Bible Stories
  20. 66 Books One Story
  21. Window on the World
  22. Large Notebook (We use this for note-taking in our group subjects or in anything we’d use a chalk or white board for, except we get to keep it and refer back to it if we need to.)
  23. Spelling Power Student Record Book (This has been a game changer for our spelling lessons this year!)
  24. The Homeschool History Book of Centuries
  25. Rand McNally Historical Atlas of the World
  26. The Student Bible Atlas
  27. Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets
  28. Wooden Easel (We originally purchased this for Typing, but we use it for so much more than that actually! I love to display a book we’ll be reading or something fun like that.)
  29. Teaching from Rest Book
  30. Your Morning Basket Podcast
  31. The Homeschool Solutions Show Podcast
  32. The Homeschool Sanity Show
  33. Raising Arrows Podcast
  34. Nature Study Hacking Curriculum
  35. Julia Rothman Books
  36. Montessori Hundred Board
  37. My favorite Planner Dot Markers
  38. Burlap Wall File
  39. Montessori Peg Counting Boards
  40. Burlap Pocket Chart

Our Home School Wish-List:

Just ask any teacher out there… every single one will have a wish list. Whether it’s written down or just in our heads, there’s always something else we’d like to add – whether supplies or resources. I personally LOVE adding on supplemental resources and hands-on activities with our core curriculum! The kids enjoy it so much more too when it’s more than just “busy work”!

We always prioritize the most-important things, of course. These things haven’t made the cut… yet. (This is more of just a reference for me to have and come back to when I’m looking for ideas. You’ll probably slowly see me add these things in to our home school as our budget allows as I’ve done in years prior.)

Kids Cook Real Food
Preschool Fall Video Art Lessons
Fall Video Chalk Art Lessons
Classical Collection History Art Lessons
Hymns Video Art Lessons
Illustrated Nature Journaling
LovEvery PlayKits: Lyndon
Panda Crate: Lyndon
Koala Crate: Layten
Kiwi Crate: Linkin
Tinker Crate: Lawson

Alright, I think that’s all for now. I’ll be sure to re-evaluate everything throughout the year, and I’m sure we’ll make some changes. I’ll try to add updates throughout the year if I can remember to do so.

If you have any questions about anything, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll be sure to get it answered for you. I absolutely love homeschooling, so it’s a thrill for me to get to talk about it whenever I can!

I'd love to hear from you!