Here’s to ’22!

Honestly, I really didn’t have any goals set for this year for a while. I had some ideas of some things I would like to do, and I kind of jotted them down. When I started typing this post, I decided to categorize them by the areas of focus in my life. That actually helped me to add a few to the list. Some of these things are just things that are kind of always my focus and priority so it’s kind of odd for me to add them to the list year after year… but for the sake of being well-rounded, I went ahead and added them here as well. 

I am going to keep the list simple this year, and I’ll spare you the nitty gritty details of how I’m actually working on each of these things. They are all different in their own ways, and I have various ways of tracking and working on each one. If you have any questions, though, I’d be happy to answer! 

Here are my Goals for 2022:

Spiritual Goals
Continue Bible Roadtrip with the kids, while reading the same chapters on my own, and listening to the Bible Recap podcast episodes that go along with them.
Continue praying scriptures over the kids at bedtime.

Marriage Goals
Attend our church’s marriage retreat this Spring.

Parenting Goals
Plan intentional family outings as much as our budget allows us to.

Financial Goals
Become fully debt-free by the end of this year.
Save up to get my wedding bands resized. (Why does it cost so much?!)
Save up for a family vacation.
Save up for ScoliSmart Bootcamp.

Health Goals
Try a new adaptogen every few months.
Do the things healthy people do.

Personal Development Goals
Read 6-12 books.
Organize, save, or print my phone’s photos & screenshots.

Leisure Goals
Be a good plant mama.
Water-color, doodle, and sticker-up my planner pages.
Go thrifting whenever I need a break from the house.

Ministry & Outreach Goals
Establish my group of Yes, Sisters and Cultivate those Relationships.

Work Goals
Work my business, as unto the Lord.

Home Goals
Purchase outdoor dining chairs for our table we’ve redone for the backyard.
Purchase a coffee table & set of matching chairs for the living room
Purchase barstools for the bar in the sunroom off the kitchen.


And for my word of the year…

I’m going with the word Centered

centered: well-balanced , confident, & serene 

I want to be centered… Centered and focused on what really matters! It’s always a goal of mine to live a balanced life. Juggling all of the many responsibilities that are on my plate is all part of my job description. I give myself grace as much as it’s needed, but I do think it’s up to me to learn how to manage the things in my life well. God has given me all of the things I need to be successful, and I just don’t want to be a hot mess mama. That’s never my intention, and I don’t want to make jokes or make light of this very important role that God has given me that I’m very grateful for. And of course, I want to be serene… calm, at peace, and I know that I can be at peace even if life can sometimes seem a little messy and chaotic. I have supernatural peace of Jesus that allows me to experience this serene life 24/7.

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  1. I so love reading your blogs ad hearing your goals and plans that God gives to you! With much much love, Momma

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