My Monthly Goals

After reviewing my yearly goals, here is an update for September and a preview of the things I will be working on for the month of October…

I like to share my Monthly Goals with you here because it holds me accountable for one, and also I just hope that it can inspire you in some way to create goals of your own and find something that you can be working on. I believe that to be purposeful and intentional, we have to sometimes make an effort to do so. I like to make a plan of how I will accomplish certain goals, and I’ve found it to be really helpful for me. Your plans may not be as detailed as mine, and that’s perfectly okay. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now. Just start somewhere with something, and make a plan to be more purposeful. You’ll be glad you did!

Spiritual Goals:

Continue reading the One Year Bible & praying strategically

Mothering/Family Goals:

  • Football season with Lawson.
  • Bi-weekly trips to the Library with my kids
  • Linkin has a special goal he is working towards for a prize, but I won’t share it here. (He’s almost finished!)

The boys also asked how they could earn some extra money so that they can buy things they want when we go shopping, so I considered this. We don’t give a regular allowance for chores that are expected of all of our family members, so this would have to be something extra. I did come up with a few extra things that I would pay them to do. Lawson took me up on this twice, but since then nothing. I’ve offered it to Linkin too, but he really would rather not do extra work, so there ya go. 😉

Homeschooling Goals:

This month I started grading some of Lawson’s work to help me to better track his progress and to also make sure that things like handwriting and spelling actually get done correctly. I don’t know the correct way to teach this, other than to have him “fix” the mistakes so he doesn’t continue to make the same ones over and over. I introduced the “You Can Read Sight Words” curriculum to Linkin to test out. It’s a more hands-on approach, so I think we may either switch over completely or at least add in some of these activities each week. Layten is continuing with her Tot School Printables. For more on our Homeschooling… you can visit our Homeschool Page. 

My Personal Goals:

Blogging –

I’ve got several small goals that I’m working on currently with this blog, and it’s all just kind of a big learning process for me. I actually merged my blog to a whole new hosting site this month, and you may have noticed my new newsletter feature. I’m trying to work at it at least a little each day and hopefully, I’ll get even better at consistency and gain some momentum. It’s all part of the bigger goal and vision that I have, but I’m just working through one thing at a time. Thank you for your patience with me and support!

Home Organization –

(Kids’ Clothes)

I went through all of the kids’ clothes storage this past month to see what we have/what we needed for the upcoming Fall/Winter season. Turns out, we have plenty for them from all of the hand-me-downs we’ve been given, and it wasn’t necessary for me to take a shopping trip to the kids’ consignment sale this year.

(Desk Solution)

I didn’t purchase a new desk, but I did reorganize all of my office, home school, and planning supplies into bins on a 4-cubby shelf that I moved into the dining room. I purchased two chalkboards that we can use for school or our memory work. I can use the dining table as my “work surface”, and I just have to put everything away when I’m done. It’s working well for now, because everything has a place.

(Baby Items)

This month I will be going through all of the baby boxes we have. Since we don’t know the gender of our baby coming in December, I will get all of our newborn things for both genders together to see what we have and what we still need. We’ve got 10 weeks left, but I’m working on this mostly during our home school break week.

Marriage Goals:

  • Weekly Budget Meetings as a Couple to keep us on Track with our Goals (Sometimes these happen through text messaging, but we try to stay on track and keep each other updated.)
  • Weekly Quality Time Together at home (This one has been hard to come by because our kids are so needy and demanding *insert chuckle*. We have movies we’ve started but not finished. We’ve got to get better at this one.)
  • At Least One Date Night This Month – We had an at-home date night this past month with take-out sushi, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and a movie.

Health & Fitness Goals:

Health, Smealth! I’m kidding, but this has been a FULL month so it has not been something I’ve been able to prioritize as much. I had several deadlines and things that needed to be completed so I didn’t prioritize making it to the gym to workout as much. I still made it about once-twice/week but it’s definitely not where I was used to.

Financial Goals:

  • Continue in the grocery store & drugstore game for saving money with our food, toiletries, & household purchases.
  • I know I’ve mentioned sinking funds here before. We have tried for two months and four pay periods to make them work for us, but so far, we haven’t had much success in that area. I’ve had to cut some lines from our budget, and of course the sinking funds/planning ahead were the first to go, unfortunately. Maybe one day we will get it. It doesn’t mean we aren’t trying.
  • Prepare for Christmas. (Baby coming in December – I’ve gotta get on it!) I purchased a few gifts this past month, including one for our children, collectively, and I’ve been working on solidifying their Christmas lists with the things they tell me. I’d like to purchase or make a few more gifts this month.

What goals will you be working on this month?

If you’re just starting out, you can read my series on My Purposeful Planning. Choose one goal to start working on, learn how to reach that one goal, and I think doing this will only lead you to want to achieve more.

Whatever you do, let’s go make a plan to be more purposeful! 

The Laundry Basket Trick

We are in a series where I’m sharing my favorite tips and strategies with you that help me to be more purposeful in my life, with my family, and in our household. Purposeful Planning is less about planners and planning systems and more about finding intentional, practical ways to help you do what you do better. It comes from all of the hats we wear as moms, wives, and Christian women. I’ve realized that I do actually have a lot of systems and routines that have come to work really well for me, and I thought maybe it would be helpful to share those things with you – because who knows? They might work really well for you too! So here we are with My Purposeful Planning Tips & Strategies!

This is one of my tried and true Household Management Tips… The Laundry Basket Trick. It’s simple, and it’s based on the principle of “Everything Has a Place”, or (EHAP). Everything in your home should have a “place” where it belongs – a home station where it should be put back after it is used. If it doesn’t, well, maybe you should start there first. 😉 

What is “The Laundry Basket Trick”?
It’s simple. Take an empty laundry basket, and set a timer for 15 minutes. Walk through your house as you gather things that have been left out that do not belong. In our home, things get transferred from room to room, by all of my family members for one reason or another, and they just need to be picked up and put back in their places at some point during the day.

There are some different ways you can do this to make it work even better for you…
1. Get your family involved. If you do this with your husband and children, just think of all the extra man-power that gives you! Maybe you set a timer for only 5 minutes per room at this point – if you have a husband and three kids helping you, that’s 25 minutes of man-power with everyone working together, when it will actually only take 5 minutes. You could even take it a step further by having one person dust the room, one person sweep, etc. You could do the main areas of the house, say the kitchen, living room, and have everyone do a quick clean up in their own room individually for the final 5 minutes.
2. Since my children are still small, I like to keep it really simple, and we take turns so I can make sure it gets done. I have my children go first, usually. First, I have them gather as many things as they can from under the couches because our couches have legs so it’s easy for things to get shoved under there, accidentally of course. Then, I have them take all of their toys and belongings back to their room. Step two for them is to clean up their room and put the things away in their proper places, while I gather up the things I see in the room and put them away myself. We all work together, and it usually works pretty good for us.

Try it this week…. let me know how it works for you!

My Purposeful Planning Tips & Strategies Series… 
I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you! What do you want to know? Is there anything that interests you or an area where you’re struggling? Maybe I can help you find that solution you’re looking for! That would be such a joy and an honor for me! Let me know!

And whatever you do – let’s make a plan to be more purposeful! 

My Purposeful Planning Tips & Strategies

The more I think and pray about my Purposeful Planning, the more I am convinced that it’s less about planners and planning systems and more about just being more and more intentional and purposeful and having that growth mindset no matter what it is that you are working on. I’ll always love the planner part of it though, because it gives me a place to keep everything organized, but truthfully –  it’s not always pretty, and it’s full of personal information, so I can’t always share it with the world.

For me, Purposeful Planning comes in the form of being a wife, mothering, homeschooling, church leadership, helping to run a CrossFit gym, and any other hats that I tend to put on either seasonally or just in life in general. I’ve realized that I actually do have a lot of systems and routines that have come to work really well for me, and usually I realize this most when something occurs and those systems aren’t able to be carried out as effectively as they once were (I’m lookin’ at you, first trimester!).

But I thought maybe it would be helpful to share those things with you – the things I do that work really well for me – because who knows? They might work really well for you too!

So here are the types of things you’ll be seeing from me…

  • Mom Tips
  • Homeschooling Helps
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Household Management Strategies
  • Health & Fitness Ideas
  • And whatever else comes to mind that I think might be beneficial to you!

    These may not be real lengthy posts, as I’m just going to share one tip or thing at a time, and I’ll just post them as often as I can. They may be somewhat random, but I’ll try to tag and categorize them appropriately so that you’ll be able to find them easily in my archives. I might do a big recap post at the end of this series to compile them all together somehow. We’ll see!

    And I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you! What do you want to know? Is there anything that interests you or an area where you’re struggling? Maybe I can help you find that solution you’re looking for! That would be such a joy and an honor for me! Let me know!

    And whatever you do – let’s make a plan to be more purposeful!