Vision Series

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Vision… why it’s important, how to write it out, and how having a big vision can help us to be more purposeful in life.

Vision – the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom; a mental image of what the future will or could be like; a vivid mental image, especially a fanciful one of the future

Do you think it’s important to have a Big Life Vision, or is it something you’d rather not even think about? If i’m being honest, which I always try my best to do here, I would tell you that although I consider myself a big dreamer and LOVE to think about the future and what I want to accomplish in life… other times – those big, lofty things are just daunting to me… they sometimes seem impossible, and I begin to ask “What is the point?”

Well, I’ll tell you the point. The point is that if you have NO vision, you are living a very purposeless life. That’s something I definitely don’t want to do.

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

If I were to stop there, I could easily read into scripture and think what I wanted that “the vision” is all about me and whatever hopes, goals, and desires I have for myself in life. It would be all good, all positive, and there would be absolutely no hardships or effort involved. I would just wake up one day, and life would be grand.

However, as I study this verse a little deeper and read it in different versions, I can gain more clarity from it. I did that, and I’m going to just share a summary of the different versions I read for you here…

When we have no vision…
When we have no revelation of God and His word…
When we don’t have guidance from God…
When we have no word from God, no prophecy…
When we can’t see what God is doing…
When there is no message from God…
Where there is no understanding of the Word of the Lord…


….we perish.
…we are unrestrained.
…we get out of control.
…we have no law and order.
…we stumble all over ourselves.
…we do whatever we want to.

And those things are no good. So you see, we NEED vision. But not just any vision. We need to ask God to reveal HIS vision to us, and pray that our desires and our hearts would line up with that vision.

I’d like to explore this idea of having a Big Life Vision more with you, but I want to also make sure that I do it in the right order. We can’t just write out the vision without God’s help. We can’t do this in our own efforts, or it just won’t work. (Ask me how I know that.)

So, let’s put things back in order…

1. Delight yourself in the Lord.
2. Truly seek to obey Him in whatever you do.
3. See that your heart’s desires line up with His plans and purposes for you.
4. Watch him bless you abundantly, even more than you could think or imagine.

This will also be the order in which I’ll share my thoughts on this topic of Vision….
First, we’ll talk about what it means to delight ourselves in the Lord. We’re going to get back to the basics here, and I’m going to give you a challenge for the week on how we can do that.

We’ll discuss Obedience… why our plans fail sometimes, how it sometimes falls on us, and what we can do to change that so that we’re ready and obedient to God, no matter what.

We’ll talk about how we can actually write out our Big Life Visions… visions that line up with God’s plans for us. I’ll share with you some steps for doing this, and I hope to share with you some of the vision that God has placed on my heart as well.

We’ll wrap up there, but I hope to also be able to share with you, ongoing, how God is blessing me and my family abundantly… and I would LOVE to hear how he’s blessing you abundantly too!


“I shall not want”… but yet I DO want.

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​”The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” (ESV)
Yet, we DO want. We want more and more and more. ​

This was one of the scriptures on my list to study when I was trying to heal from my Depression a few months back. I desperately needed to work on some mindsets, and when I came to this scripture I remember being open and honest with God and saying…

but I don’t FEEL that.

He makes me lie down in green pastures.
But God, it feels like I’m dying. 
He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul.
 God, I’m gonna need you to restore me.
I cannot do this myself. 

He leads me to paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
(which is exactly what depression or pain can sometimes feel like)
I will fear no evil, for You are with me.
Your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
Psalm 23:1-5

I remember vividly not FEELING this at all. Our feelings don’t always align with God and his words. Our feelings can betray us. We have to decide to trust God even when we’re not feeling it. Even when our circumstances don’t make sense.

I want to share with you a few excerpts from the book I’m currently reading (In Want and Plenty by Meredith McDaniel) because it is blowing my mind with how seen I feel when I’m reading it. She is a counselor, and every time I read it, it feels like a therapy session in a book. I’m reading, re-reading, pausing to think… it’s that good:

What if we gazed up at our Maker, locked eyes with him, and trusted that what He has in store for us and our people is actually best?
What if we believed that He is already providing for us nonstop, even in the midst of our chaotic circumstances that make no logical sense to us?

She inserts questions into the book for the readers to ask ourselves…

What do you want? Like what is it that you REALLY want?

I don’t know about you, but I want to love who God created me to be and know that I was not an accident but that a well-meaning, intentional Creator handcrafted every gift and quirk of my being. I want to find calm in the chaos of every season and live freely and confidently in who I am.

I want to feel richly connected to friends and family and strangers alike, with a profound knowing that we are all in this broken world together.

Recognizing that we were made for something more, I want to be deeply rooted with a firm foundation I can stand on no matter what storm comes my way. 

I want to be compelled to look beyond myself and love others out of an overflow that simply cannot be contained. 

I want to be known and loved just as I am and live out the purpose I was created for right now. 

That kind of wholeness is what we were made for. 

However, we all know that every day there seems to be something else that makes people want to give up and reject all they know to be true.

You guys, when I was trying to come out of the depression I was struggling with, it was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

One little thing gone wrong, could derail my entire day. Again. And I would sit back in my chair and wonder why this little, tiny thing would affect me so much. We’re talking normal things… a simple mess or someone asking for socks. (I don’t know what it is with socks… it’s like a recurring trigger for me.)

There’s the belief that, as God’s people, we are to be obedient and to pretend like we have it all together.
But it is OKAY to be sad in the longing, and it’s even okay to expose our pain.
We innocently use verses like Romans 8:28 (“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him”) as ammo to fuel our hardworking mentality. Many days we go through life denying that there is a deeper problem beneath the surface. We tend to suppress the loud longing and live blissfully ignorant within the rat race of our jobs, schools, and families. We simple cannot work hard enough to ease the pain we feel. The truth is that we are not enough; we need Someone greater than us to rescue us and do what only He can do.

I have realized this so much to be true in my own life. I’ve always been taught how to pray scripture or apply it to my situations… to find a verse that speaks to me about what I’m dealing with and claim it over that thing.

But the thing is – this takes TIME and intentional effort.

I apologize for this gory illustration, but…

You cannot take a gash or an open wound, simply place a band-aid on it, and call it good.
(That’s what I was doing with scripture. I’d find one that fit and basically just call it good, be done with it for the time being.)

If you’ve got a large wound, you’ve got to first clean it. Get out all of the dirt and germs.
Find the root of what’s causing the hurt in your life.
Why do the “little things” feel like such big things?
What’s the underlying cause of your feelings of pain and longing?

Then, you’ve got to apply a healing salve… the good stuff that’s going to soak in and give comfort and healing to the wound or situation.
This comes in the form of scripture, because Yes, it IS powerful, if you use it in the right way.
It’s not a quick fix. You have to meditate on it, soak it in, ponder it, ask yourself questions about it, get in deep with it, and let it transform your thinking. That’s how it’s intended to work in your life.

And also, sometimes, you’ve got to change out the bandage, clean it up again, and apply a new one. Let the new salve (or new scripture) soak in and transform your wound, bring it all together into healing.

We were made for more than this inability to enjoy the moment and the gifts right before us due to our stubborn focus on what is missing. 
We simply cannot fill the hole in our hearts that we are born with, no matter how hard we try. 

We all long to live once again in the bliss of garden-like innocence with all of its abundance, yet we each await heaven in this in-between space called Earth, craving what is still to come. Meanwhile, in the desert places God says, “I will rain down bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day.” (Ex. 16:4) They named this bread manna. 

They were desperate for nourishment, but when God provided it, they had many doubts and questions. Manna reveals the intentional love of our Creator, who uniquely tailors provision for his people out of his deep knowing of our personalities. Manna is a smile from a stranger. Manna is a child catching fireflies. Manna is a salty breeze. Manna is a check in the mail. Manna is God’s love. Manna stuns us in our steps. Manna reminds us that God is near, no matter what is happening around us. Manna prompts us to see the reality that God loves us and can be trusted, even when our circumstances or the state of our heart may beg to differ. When we are ready to throw in the towel and say enough is enough, God gently extends grace in the form of manna and proves that he is indeed more than enough. 

Can we look for God’s manna for us in our lives today? Can we find his simple reminders of provision and that He’s truly got this? Can we trust that He’s working behind the scenes for us? Can we believe that He has our best interests at heart, even if we don’t really FEEL it right now?

What is it that you want?

Why Goal-Setting is Necessary

It’s that time of year where everyone seems to be setting new goals,writing out new intentions, and choosing a focus word for their year. I’ve talked to some people recently who don’t set goals, and I ask them why. They tell me things like “I can’t seem to follow through on them.” or “I write them, but then I don’t know how to actually make them happen.”

And I get it. I do. Of course, you all know that I LOVE to dream and plan, but I’ve also been one to get pretty bummed and disheartened when those plans don’t seem to be working out for me.

Take our finances, for example. We planned and followed many of Dave Ramsey’s suggestions, but yet we still couldn’t afford basic life necessities at times. It felt lame. Why couldn’t we get it right? We’d beat ourselves up for the times we had to use a credit card to make some purchases for important things like clothes our children needed or maternity clothes for myself, and honestly we were getting pretty religious about our finances if that’s even a thing. Rule following and not allowing grace for ourselves to just do the best we could. That, and our “plan” was results-based, not action based.

See, one thing about goals is that they could focus on OUR ACTIONS… what we can ACTUALLY DO, instead of the results we want. Sure, the results should be a part of the planning process, but when we only focus on the results, and for whatever reason they don’t happen, we get discouraged. So instead, our focus should be on the actions we take instead. We should be proud of our efforts and keep going little by little until we DO see the results we were after in the end. It’s really about having a GROWTH MINDSET, and not a FIXED MINDSET. We all have the ability to grow and change and get better. We are not stuck where we are now, but we have to do the work to get to where we want to go if we want to see it happen.

Anyway – sometimes when we do feel like we’re failing at something – and it makes us think
“Why even bother trying anymore? It’s not working.”

Well, here’s why. Two reasons.
1. God’s Plan is Bigger than our Plan.
2. Our Life has Purpose.

God’s Plan is bigger than our Plan.

We never know what He is working out behind the scenes for our good. We only see from our own vantage point (which is sometimes a skewed view) – We don’t always see from His big picture. That’s where faith and trust come in. When we believe, trust, and have faith that He is always working on our behalf we can know that He has good things for us. Even when we go through hard things and start to doubt, we need to take those thoughts captive and trust that He’s working it all out.

Here’s an example from our story… the short version if you can believe that. We’ve struggled with finances for nearly ten years – our entire marriage. We couldn’t seem to make our “financial plans” work. But we did do our part to not make things worse by acquiring too much debt that we knew we couldn’t afford. We lived below our means as much as we could and tried to steward what we did have well, even though many times, it did not feel like enough. We felt really burdened by our mortgage, and we proposed the idea to family for us to sell it and save money for a while until we felt like we could move forward towards another house. They agreed to let us live in their house in order to do this. We continued to make “plans” but really couldn’t see how they would ever work out. However, as we began to pray over these plans that seemed really great and would allow us to be debt-free in three years, God began to meet us in that and work on our behalf. We started looking for a home to buy, earlier that we had originally planned because we didn’t think we could afford a rental with our large family. The home purchase fell through because of needed repairs, but the very same day that we walked away from that option, God provided another way…. an ever better way! We weren’t looking for it, but it found us. It was a large-enough, beautiful home for us to rent where we could pay whatever we were comfortable with. A total God thing for sure! That’s how it usually happens for us… we start doing our part, making the plans, looking for what we can do with wisdom, and then God totally meets us with what we need and shows us that He was always working behind the scenes, even when we couldn’t see it.

Our Life has Purpose.

We all have purpose, and once we find that purpose it makes us want to LIVE life to the fullest and do that thing that we were created to do. We no longer want to “just get by” and keeping doing what we’ve always wanted to do…. just letting life happen to us. We want to see change and growth, and so we set out in pursuit of those things. We begin to live with intention and purpose, and to do this well – we need a plan. We MAKE life happen. It’s up to us to at least do our part.

It was hard for me to see Purpose in the middle of my depression. But God spoke it to me anyway. He reminded me of His plans for me and even gave me new ideas. I thought, “There’s no way. I can’t even function with the normal life responsibilities right now. There’s no way I can say ‘yes’ to any of that.” But still, there it was, and there it kept coming to me. My excitement for it began to grow, and my depression began to lessen. I had to choose to fight for my life and for my life’s purpose. Little by little, I’m inching my way towards that more and more every day. You can too. Ask God to reveal to you His ideas for your life… His plans and how you can be a part of what He’s already doing. He’s got something special for you too, something specifically designed Just For You, and you’re going to LOVE IT! 


2019 Bible & Spiritual Resources Gift Guide

I recently had a friend ask me for some Bible recommendations, and let me just say… I LOVE when people ask me for ideas for things. It’s so fun for me to let you know about all my favorites or do some digging and researching to help you find what you’re looking for.

So I thought I would put those recommendations into a post for her to have as a reference point if she needed it but also I thought I would expand it to include several age groups and other resources that I think are really helpful as well.

So, here we go! I’ve sorted it by age group for the Bibles, and then I’ve added a few more categories at the bottom as well.

**This post does contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase using any of these links, I will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support! 


This is probably the first age where you would actually attempt to read the Bible to your kids. You need something super simple and easy to understand like this one. This is the very one we’ve used and loved.


We love this Rhyme Bible because it’s so fun to read and tells the stories in a fun way, kind of feels like you’re reading a Dr. Seuss book, but it’s the Bible. The Jesus Storybook Bible is great for taking bible-reading to that next level of application but it a really simple way for little ones. 365 Great Bible Stories is the one we are currently using for our homeschool group Bible curriculum. They are short and sweet and to the point.

Lower Elementary

When your children are learning to read, having them help you read the Bible is a great thing you can do with them! After all, that’s our main reason for wanting our kids to learn to read anyway, isn’t it? We want them that to learn to read and study God’s word for themselves as they get older. These are great starter Bibles for that. We have the ESV Children’s Bible.

Older Elementary / Pre-Teens

These are still very much “Real Bibles” but they add in a lot of fun resources, visuals, and things that older kids would find interesting as they are reading and studying.

Older Teens / Adults

This Filament Bible is a new one that I just heard about recently and thought it was worth mentioning. It’s an actual “paper Bible” but it also has an app that goes along with it. Think of it as the Bible that comes with Bible study resources like commentaries and other study books that would be awesome to have in your Biblical library. This Bible has all of that in one!

And I can’t mention Bibles without mentioning my Bible. I invested in a really good Bible for myself after my Papaw L.J.’s funeral a few years ago. We enjoyed looking through his keepsake of a Bible filled with so many special things like flowers from each of our weddings, cards, and notes he’d written all in there. I think a really good Bible is a great thing to invest in for your spiritual life, especially if you know you’re going to use it and one day pass it along to your children!

This one has gone up in price since I got mine several years ago, but there’s also a smaller, thinline version that’s cheaper. Plus, there are several imitation leather and hardcover versions that are fairly affordable as well. I LOVE my journaling Bible though! I’m not the most artistic, but it has great margins for my thoughts, sermon-notes, and occasional doodles. I’ve had a lot of fun studying with it using the Journal and Doodle Bible studies from Kari Denker, adding washi tape to the edges for color and decoration, and color-coding different things from the scriptures as I study. I’m not a fan of the extremely artistic Bible entries where you can’t even read the page through it, but I love to use it for actual study and doing it in a way that seems fun is definitely not a bad thing!


Kids’ Resources

These are some Bible resources that we currently own and really enjoy. The Bible Infographics book is just one I picked up because it looked interesting. It reminded me of an Usborne book because it’s just filled with interesting facts. My oldest has really enjoyed looking at it. The Bible Animals storybook was given to my kids as a gift, and they really enjoy learning about the animals of the Bible and facts that go along with each one. 66 Books One Story is another one we use with our Bible Roadtrip homeschool curriculum as we introduce each new book to study. It lets my kids know what we can expect to learn about in that book of the Bible, lessons we will learn from it, and how we can apply it to our own lives.


My Favorite Spiritual Books

These are books that I’ve personally read and have made a huge difference in my spiritual life. I reference the Fervent book on a pretty regular basis when things get difficult in different areas for me or those close to me. It helps me to discern why and what strategy the enemy is trying to be crafty with. Together is a book that has really inspired me in reading the Bible with my kids. Treasuring Christ is full of so many mind-blowing nuggets as well.



My Favorite Bible Studies

Again, these are Bible Studies I’ve personally done, mostly with groups at church, but some of them on my own as well. Seamless is the one that helped me to understand how the stories of the Bible from the old and new testament are all connected. I’ve heard Bible stories all my life but seeing the big picture is something I learned from this study.

The Armor of God study taught me so much about how to focus on the real enemy. I specifically remember that during that study was the height of my struggles and challenges as a mom, and I learned how to appropriately fight that battle by putting on my armor each and every day.

Discerning the Voice of God taught me how to obey God before He even asks anything of me. I also learned some important “Checks and Balances” for how to know if it’s really God speaking about something, or it’s just something I came up with on my own. Pretty vital stuff.

I can’t mention bible studies without mentioning Freedom. I’m now going through this study for the second time, and I can tell you specific things that God is working on me with each time I’ve gone through it. Before I did this study the first time, I remember thinking…. “I’m good. I haven’t really been through a lot of hardship in my life, but I’m just doing this as my next step.” And then God rocked my world by touching on some things in me that really needed healing. It’s the most life-changing study I’ve ever done!


My Favorite Spiritual Resources

I wanted to share with you some fantastic resources, but they are not all available on Amazon, so I’m going to post here for you the direct links instead.

The Yearly Prayer Journal from Val Marie Paper Co.
I personally have the Compose 6-month edition, and I love that it fits perfectly in my Bible or Traveler’s Notebook. I love that I can use each month to strategically pray for whatever’s going on in my life at that time. It’s SO GOOD!

Quiet Time Journals:

You guys I’ve recently found these amazing journals, and I’m having such a hard time deciding which one I want to get for 2020. They are both so amazing in different ways!

Give Me Jesus Journal  and The Quiet Time Companion

I’d love to know… what are YOUR favorite Bibles, Bible Studies, or Bible Resources? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out too!

[Ep. 007] – Goals, Goal- Setting, & Check-in with Yearly Goals

Listen to “My Purposeful Planning” on Spreaker.

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Show Notes –

In this week’s episode of My Purposeful Planning, Laney shares about goals and goal-setting. She shares her favorite method of goal-setting. Then, she takes a look back at her list of new year’s resolutions to do a mid-year check-in to give you and example for goal-setting and process.

In This Episode:

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  • Yet it at any stage of life you feel you are flying by the seat of your pants taking each day as it comes without having anticipated it, planned for it, shaped it, and prayed over it… then take time off and get back to pouring over your goals. Then you will control your days instead of letting them control you. – Anne Ortlund
  • Goal-setting is being a good steward of the time that we have. Careful planning helps us make the most of our opportunities as wives and mothers.
  • When we prepare our way and reach specific goals, we move toward victorious living. Our effectiveness in life substantially increases.
  • Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish. He that keeps the law, happy is he.”
  • As Christians our ultimate goal should be to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind and love our neighbor as our self. All of our goals should stem from those two core commitments.
  • Make goals with your husband.
  • Set goals in the areas of personal, family, spiritual, home, community outreach, educational goals, physical, recreational, and financial.
  • Our goals reflect our vision for the future, and as Christians our goals must be aligned with scripture.
  • Make long-term goals, short-term goals, and immediate goals.
  • Write your goals down. (Prioritize them, organize them, and take action on them.)
    *I have a goal-setting worksheet for this if you’re interested.
  • Think about your goals backwards to make a plan of action. (Visualize the future and think about what you need to be working on now to reach those goals.) (ex. raising children, homeschooling, running a 5K, or hosting guests)
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound)
  • W.H.O.O.P.I.E. Goals
  • Podcast: Chasing Excellence with Ben Bergeron
  • W & H – Wishing and Hoping (writing down your goal, sharing it with others)
  • O – Outcome (looking at the big picture to what your end result will be if you reach your goal)
  • O – Obstacles (thinking about the issues ahead of time in order to reach your goals)
  • “Do not use your obstacles as excuses to NOT reach your goals.” (Laney’s personal example with this)
  • P – Planning and Process (Plan for how you will accomplish your goal and overcome your obstacles. What will be a part of your process for making it happen?)
  • I – Identity (Attach your identity to your goal.)
  • Finish this sentence –  “I am someone who…”
  • E – Execute (Make it happen)
  • New Year’s Resolutions or Yearly Goals
  • Blog Post: 19 Things in 2019
  • August – My Mid-year Check-in
  • #1 – Read through the Bible with my kids using the Bible Road Trip Curriculum. (In Progress with Homeschool)
  • Curriculum: Bible Road Trip
  • Book: Together by Carrie Ward – Growing Appetites for God
  • #2 – Explore Verse-mapping  (Planning to do this with the book of Ephesians as our church studies it together.)
  • DEFINITION: Verse-Mapping is a method of studying the historical context, transliteration, translation, connotation, and theological framework of a verse in the Bible. Plain and simple? Verse mapping is getting real about studying the Bible. All of it. It’s not just reading. It’s researching everything you can in a verse to learn more about Who God is, and how He wants to speak to you through His Word. In short? It’s serious study.
  • #3 Worship Daily with my Kids. (Always in the car; Much more often at home)
  • #4 – Journal Daily and do Writing Sprints (Not yet a habit for me, but I have done it more often; I’m going to begin tracking it this month in my planner.)
  • #5 Gradually replace our cleaning products with all-natural versions. (in progress)
  • All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe : Glass Bottles, Lemon Essential Oil, Castile Soap, & Hot Water
  • Norwex
  • E-cloth
  • #6 – Begin to replace my beauty products with all-natural versions. (done! not completely done but since I said “begin”, yes, I have done that)
  • Public Goods: I’m using their shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrushes, razors, ayate washcloth for exfoliating and I actually really love these products! They are very simple in their formulas and their packaging which I feel is very pleasing to the eye. For $20 off your first order, click this link.
  • Aluminum- Free Deodorant
  • Apple Cider Vinegar & Bentonite Clay Powder Mask
  • Toothpaste
  • Skincare Little Kit, Virgin Marula Oil, Make-Up Melting Butter Cleanser
  • #7 – Read 6 or more books this year with one of them being a fiction book. (very close to being done!)
  • Book: Mom’s Night Out by Tricia Goyer (in progress)
  • Book: Together by Carrie Ward: Growing Appeities for God
  • Book: Treasuring Christ when your Hands are Full by Gloria Furman
  • Book: Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman
  • Book: Essentialism by Greg McKeown (in progress)
  • #8 Get back to my healthy self. (My exercise routine has been on pause. I’m signed up for classes again starting today.)
  • #9 Continue with my daily skincare routine. (I’m now tracking this in my planner, and it’s in my morning and evening routines.)
  • #10 Plan & Participate in regular Phone Detoxes (I’ve added some of these dates to the calendar.)
  • #11 Cultivate a thriving home school. (Ongoing)
  • Curriculum: Math U See (We use this curriculum, the blocks, the DVD, and hopefully the digital kit.)
  • Curriculum: All About Reading Learning Kit
  • Handwriting App: Wet Dry Try
  • Curriculum: Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day (Zoology 1 for Science)
  • Curriculum: Mystery of History
  • #12 Budget for , plan, and do one household project per month. (This was before we moved, but I have made a list of projects to work on in this new house as well.)
  • #13 Upgrade our dining table to fit our large-family. (Done!)
  • #14 Stick to my Flylady Cleaning Routines. I use the FlyLady app for this. (in progress; it’s in my planner)
  • Weekly Home Blessing Hour
  • #15  Repeat the Kon Mari Process– I’ll be using this printable to help me through the month of August with the Monthly Minimalism Challenge.
  • #16 Pay off 1-2 student loans this year. (not yet)
  • #17 Establish basic Sinking Funds. (not yet)
  • #18 Study the Enneagram. (done)
  • Book: Reading People by Anne Bogel
  • Enneagram Institute (my favorite free Enneagram resource… I recommend reading the nine descriptions and going from there to discover your type. The tests are not always accurate.)
  • Book: The Road Back to You by
  • #19 Learn to do a Handstand Push-up. (probably pushing this one back till next year if we’re being realistic)
  • What were your New Year’s Resolutions this year? It’s never too late to set a goal!
  • Join us on Patreon to discuss this episode even further!
  • Don’t forget to Share, Subscribe, Rate, and Review… thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

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The Multiplication Process

The Multiplication Process

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In the Bible study I’m working through right now, Jen Schmidt shares something one of her professors taught her in college… “He demonstrated the multiplication process that would occur if each one of us purposefully invested in the life of one other person that year and then continued with a new person the following year, and so forth. He issued us a challenge to form one friendship, and then encourage our new friend to do the same with another person the following year. Multiplying ourselves starts out slow, so after the first year, there would only be two disciples, and by the end of the second year, only four would have been reached. By the fourth year, sixteen people reached. Then the numbers snowball. By year twenty-five, together our multiplied efforts could reach MILLIONS of people.”

Maybe that seems a little extravagant, so I want to make this more attainable so that we can apply it and do it too.
Instead of taking a full year, let’s break it down by months. Each month, can it be our goal to impact just ONE person in some way? Let’s start with one person and point them to a life of abundance in Him.

You are that someone God wants to use now to impact this generation and the next. 

“Your unique gifts, your untold story, your broken and mended heart, your fierce love, your brave authenticity – all those intricate threads woven together create the very tapestry He wants to use to unveil His love to someone who needs to experience it. Small offerings, given with great love, matter.” -Jen Schmidt

Commit to pray for one person this month. Ask them how you can be praying for them, and maybe send them a scripture that ties in with what they are going through that you be praying with them. Encourage them. Maybe you can have them over for coffee and let them share whatever is on their heart.

We sometimes don’t realize what an impact these small gestures have. It may feel insignificant. But if each of us who are reading this can impact just one person this month and then by the end of this year alone, we could potentially impact 384,000 people. Did you read that number?! That’s this year alone! And I don’t know about you, but that feels pretty darn significant to me! And that’s not something I’m taking lightly… I’m praying for the 384,000 today.

“Though your beginning was insignificant, Yet, your end will increase greatly.” Job 8:7

My Purposeful Planning, The Podcast

I’m so excited to finally share this with you!

It’s the My Purposeful Planning Podcast,
and it launches this next week!

This is something that has been in the works for several months actually. I did lots of the planning for it before our move, but then for obvious reasons, had to put a little pause in all of that progress. Now that things have settled, I’m back to work on it again. My goal has been to plan, prepare, record, and edit the first 10 episodes before releasing or launching the podcast. The last thing I want to do is pop-fade (or fizzle out before I gain a good momentum).

How did this come about?

Well, actually I had a pretty difficult season earlier this year. Honestly, it was just a normal season of motherhood when I brought another newborn into the world. It’s just a hard season for mamas, and it seemed to be even more difficult this time around because I also had three other little ones to care for.

But good things come from our seasons of struggle and overwhelm.

For me, it came in the form of ideas.
I just had an overflow of thoughts, inspiration, and creative energy flowing through me despite being in this difficult season… Creative energy with no outlet. I told my husband, Justin, that I needed to find some way to get these things out, but it didn’t feel like there were supposed to be blog posts. Writing was my is usual outlet for all my creative energy, but this felt more like conversations and me sharing my heart and ideas on things that were coming to me.

I struggled with this for a while… I wondered if I was supposed to make videos to share, but this just felt way too far outside my comfort zone. Yes, I know that God does sometimes call us to do things that are out of our comfort zones. I tried to do a few simple stories in Instagram, but honestly I hated doing it every time.

Would God really call me to do something that I didn’t enjoy doing?

Like I said… I struggled with this whole idea internally for a while, and then things began to just come together.

I listened to several great message sermons that seemed to clarify things for me. It’s funny because I wasn’t even really looking for these messages, but they found me at the perfect time – just when I needed them.

There were a few great quotes that really jumped out at me from these messages:

“Your Calling is the customized life purpose God has ordained for you to accomplish designed in order to give Him the greatest glory and the maximized expansion of His kingdom.” – Dr. Tony Evans

1. You were called in advance.
2. It’s customized for YOU and nobody else.
3. It’s the PURPOSE for which you were CREATED.
4. Your CREATOR tells you why you were made.
5. Your Purpose and your Calling will give HIM the greatest glory… not yourself.
6. There will be maximized expansion of His kingdom by you doing what you are called to do. It’s something bigger than yourself.

He also said, “Too many of us are functioning outside of our God-ordained called purpose. We are just existing. We just make stuff up.”

And I didn’t want that to be me. As with anything else, I didn’t want to let life just happen to me. I want to live
a live of purpose.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

“One of the key ways to know what God calls you to do is the fire that He builds inside of you to do it. We call that fire passion.” -Dr. Tony Evans

This is something that honestly has been kindled in me so much in recent months. There have been times when I really didn’t know HOW to do different things or didn’t feel that I had the right resources… well, I just kept giving it all back to God and doing my part… committing my time to working and researching, and He has brought it all together for me.

During one of my talks with Justin about everything going on, he asked me “Why don’t you just do a podcast?”I’m thinking… well because I don’t even know where to begin with that. I don’t have audio equipment and a myriad of other excuses I could come up with on the fly… (Sure, I’d thought it would be fun to do a podcast before, but I had no idea where to begin with how to do it, and it was a big, scary idea so I never even considered it or put much thought towards it.)

But now things were different now… How could I NOT do what God has called me to do?

Justin continued, “I think you can just do it from your phone.” So I started my research with that. An excitement in me was birthed, and I couldn’t wait to figure this thing out and get going with it. There was just so much in me that I wanted to get out, and I was so ready to push that big red “Record” button!

“Your calling will match your passion. You won’t be called to do what you despise. You will be called to do what you love.” -Dr. Tony Evans

I love love love this! When I was trying to “figure it all out”, I had it all wrong. The things I thought were for me, weren’t. But what WAS for me was the thing I was already passionate about… sharing how I plan to be more purposeful! And yall – podcasting has been SUCH A FUN EXPERIENCE FOR ME! I enjoy this whole process SO MUCH, and I’m just getting started!

And so that’s what I’ve been doing… researching, learning, and working hard at this thing. But I’ve also been praying and dreaming and just imagining what God could have in store with all this. It’s going to be really cool to see how it all unfolds. Go back and read my post about my Word of the Year for 2019. I wrote it months ago, but it is so amazing to watch how God brings all things together, things I never would’ve even considered that He would do. He is a master creator! His big picture puzzle is beautiful, and I love how he has intricately designed my special piece to play a vital role within that big picture. It’s amazing how we all have a divine purpose and we work together for His plan.

Pray with me, would you? Pray that this thing is exactly what God wants it to be… that it would accomplish all that He has for it to accomplish. I’m just doing my thing here… my purposeful planning. It’s a lot of practical with spiritual things interwoven in. I want the outreach to be big, only because I want to see His kingdom expanded, and I want to play my part in that. I’m excited about it, but I’m also really scared and nervous. I know that there will be some who don’t like the way I do things or it just won’t be their cup of tea. I know that I can expect some criticism or even critiques, which if I’m honest, I don’t always handle the best. Pray that I can be the “living sacrifice” that I am to be in order to fulfill this greater purpose for my life.

It’s definitely not PERFECT. I’m my own worst critic. I hear the times where my voice cracks or I say something weird. I hear the noises in the background, the ums, the likes, etc. all of it. I’m fully aware. But I’m also trying to embrace the “realness” of it and not stress about it. Easier said than done!

Also, my kids are ALWAYS here with me, so I researched and found the best microphone for that within our budget, but it’s not perfect either. So I’m giving myself grace for the little imperfections that I have now and the things that will only get better with more time and practice, I think. And maybe one day, if the budget allows, I can invest in a better mic or hire a sitter and do my recording in a completely quiet place. But for now… it is what it is. I’m choosing to be okay with it and just going for it, and I pray that my listeners will too.

And most of all, thank you guys for being here. I couldn’t do any of this without you. I’m excited to share it with you!

“Super Mom”

I’m not sure how I ever got that title of “Super Mom” or why people want to use it loosely with me…

it could be because I have a bunch of kids whom I’ve managed to keep alive,
because I stay at home with them 24/7,
because we home school,
because I have a strong-willed child whose challenges I now speak openly about, or
maybe just to encourage me in all of these things.

I’m not sure, but it’s definitely not a term I would’ve ever given myself.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I receive a small commission – at no extra cost to you. 

I do always try to stay positive, especially when it comes to social media and dealing with the challenges I face as a mother. However, I sometimes ONLY post the positive or the really funny things that are just so bad that I have no choice but to just laugh through them. (Laugh to keep from crying, right?) So because I’m only posting my “highlight reel” of positivity, maybe people think that I’m that way all around.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I’m not. If you’ve ever played the comparison game with me, I’m about to burst your bubble. While I don’t want to ever portray motherhood in a “negative” sense… I do want to be real with you here. It IS hard. It IS real. And sometimes it’s raw and emotional – even for me.

There have been times where I feel like I’m “killing it”… but for the most part I actually get really overwhelmed, stressed out, and anxious fairly easily as a mom – especially when we aren’t in a good routine and I don’t feel like I’m managing things well (which is not unusual for this season we’re in). I’m working really hard to “give myself grace” in all the areas, but it doesn’t keep me from feeling these things and feeling out of control.

This is something that I never really noticed about myself until I was a mom, but as I read the chapter about “Highly Sensitive People” in Anne Bogel’s book “Reading People“, it was like a light bulb went off. It was me.. to a T. I don’t say this to use it as an excuse – certainly not. But I do find it ironic that this motherhood gig brings about many of the triggers that tend to affect me as a highly sensitive person. It’s the only thing that has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone and made me realize these things about myself. I truly and firmly believe that while we think our children are put here for US to raise and teach and grow, they actually in turn, do the exact same thing for us as parents. God has used my children to teach me so many things in life – things I would’ve never faced or dealt with otherwise.

“Being highly sensitive means that you have a highly tuned nervous system, and it affects 1 in 5 people. High sensitivity describes people whose nervous systems are more receptive to stimuli than those of the general population. This means they are more attuned to subtleties in their surroundings and are more easily overwhelmed by highly stimulating environments.” -Anne Bogel

Common Triggers for Highly Sensitive People:

1. Noise… Sometimes it’s loud noises, but for me it comes when there is “non-stop noise of any sort” (aka kids).

2. Clutter… Messy spaces are draining because of all of the visual input (aka kids).

3. Texture… This one affects some people, but doesn’t affect me too much personally.

4. People… People can definitely be overwhelming (aka kids… yall noticing a trend here?).

5. Consecutive errands/meetings/appointments… This one comes from having constant, varied input with no time in between to recover. I deal with this on shopping days because I have to go to multiple stores since we are out of town. I’m no good for anything productive the rest of the day when we get home.

6. Big Feelings… Emotions are overwhelming to me, so I avoid them usually. There’s no such thing as a little bit sad or a little bit happy or a little bit tired…. We feel things very deeply.

7. Information Overload… While I LOVE learning new things, there are times that I have to just turn it all off.

8. Media… I notice this one affecting me when something major gets a ton of attention in media, especially when it’s something that would cause me to have those “big feelings” I try to avoid.

9. Decisions… Decisions are a major source of energy drain. Decision fatigue kicks in sooner with HSPs and lasts way longer. I make a bazillion decisions in a day with my kids, and my personality type makes it even worse.

Anne Bogel says, “Armed with a little knowledge, you can be more prepared to deal with your highly sensitive responses to the world. Sometimes simply understanding brings instant relief. You understand that you’re not alone, and you’re not crazy. And in addition to bringing relief, knowing you are an HSP can bring a new appreciation for not only the hardships of bearing the trait but also the benefits.”

Here’s a free assessment if you’d like to see if you or maybe your child might be highly sensitive.

Giving an HSP What They Need:

  1. Quiet… Whether working in an office or staying home with ten kids, HSPs need some noise-free zones in their day. (This used to be why I would wake up at 4:30am, but that’s proving to be harder and harder when I’m also waking up with a newborn during the night. However, I might have to strive a little harder to accomplish this one – just for my own sanity.) Another way to get a little more “quiet” is to have some automated systems and routines so that I don’t have people asking me things that they can answer for themselves, “Taco Tuesday” for example. If we always have tacos on Tuesdays, that’s one day they wouldn’t have to ask me, “What’s for dinner?”.
  2. Peaceful, Clutter-free Environments… Not always, obviously, but especially when it’s time for an HSP to recharge.
  3. Privacy… When HSPs need to focus, they often prefer to work (or read or walk or think) alone. They notice all of the little things that others wouldn’t like sighing, laughing, keyboard clatter… things that seem miniscule to others, can put HSPs on high alert.
  4. Downtime… HSPs have to be deliberate about this and do something that actually fills their tank instead of draining them more.
  5. Minimal Information Intake… Smartphones make this especially hard because it’s tempting to listen to a podcast during downtime or check emails, social media, etc. but all of these are just additional stimulation that I need to take breaks from.
  6. Routine… Smooth routines makes for fewer decisions. Since HSPs are more prone to decision-fatigue, consistent routines help. They also give the bonus of “less talking” which can zap energy from an HSP.
  7. Boundaries… This should be the goal of HSPs so that they don’t intuitively take on the negative energy of other people and places.

“HSPs can be intense. They are passionate by nature, and can make others feel their passion too. They have laser-like focus and dedicate boatloads of attention to the things they care about. They’re able to explore issues in depth, seeing the nuances that others miss or choose to ignore. They’re extremely perceptive, picking upon all sorts of things nonsensitive types miss. They are creative and able to turn their hyper-awareness within to generate new ideas. When we think of high sensitivity in that light, it sounds like a super power.” -Anne Bogel

In addition to knowing what I need as a highly sensitive person, something else I’m working on is portraying motherhood in a positive light instead of a negative one. This is something I’ve been convicted about lately… there was a series of posts made on Instagram by my friend (I’m claiming her as my friend), Phylicia that really hit home with me. There are so many memes out there that portray motherhood in a negative sense and just focus on how hard it is. Yes – motherhood IS hard. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but as I said earlier… I believe that God uses the hard things in our lives to teach us and to grow us. Even the hard things, like motherhood, that we choose and desire for ourselves.  Here are the things Phylicia encouraged me in… maybe it will be an encouragement to you too.

“What if we as moms united around our SUCCESS instead of around our FAILURE? We might love our motherhood more.

When we trash talk motherhood in front of the world, we’re telling them Jesus isn’t good for what He promised.

It’s not ‘Take heart, for I have overcome… unless you’re a SAHM’. It’s ‘Take heart, I have overcome’ everyday you disciple your children.

Christian moms, we have a responsibility for how we portray motherhood to the world. Do we portray it in the lens of our worldview, which is that Christ has overcome the world, or do we focus on the negative and the hard?

There’s no denying that there are hard days. And Not all motherhood memes are bad. And yes, there are some situations (foster /adoption /special needs) that do demand more from a parent. But we need to be a voice for positive motherhood and emphasize the GOOD much MORE than the hard, and let that be our uniting factor.

In those hard days and seasons, learn to ask yourself…

What part of this can I control?
What part of this do I need to release to God?
How can I live out my identity as an overcomer here?
We are capable of more.” -Phylicia Masonheimer

No matter what situation or season of motherhood you are in… It doesn’t matter if you are highly sensitive, have a child who is, or are dealing with newborns, fostering, adoption, or special needs… No matter what – Christ has overcome, and so can you. You may not be or feel like a “Super Mom”… that’s okay, because we serve a “Super God”, and he is the strength in our weakness. We can go to Him in the chaos of our lives and find His supernatural power to keep going and overcome. My prayer is for you today, mama. Go get it!

My January 2019 “Ta Da!” List

The idea of a “Ta Da” List is that we focus on the things that we accomplish, the ways we are successful…. maybe even things that weren’t even on our original “To Do” or “Goals” lists. It’s a way of celebrating the wins – the big and the small, instead of focusing on the negative and feeling guilty for not getting things done. I loved this idea so much that I decided to use it to title and formulate my monthly recap posts as well! This is a monthly blog post I will publish that will hold me accountable to the goals and New Year’s Resolutions that I set for myself for the year.

**This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I will receive a small commission – at no extra cost to you.

  • Took Lyndon to his 2-week check-up, and learned that he made it into the 8 lb. weight class
  • Supported Justin and Lawson in his first ever CrossFit competition, where he took 2nd place in his division
  • Went out for a Girls’ Night / Post-Christmas Get Together Dinner with friends
  • Started meal-prepping and eating healthy again
  • Hosted a Play date with two different friends of mine and their kids this month
  • Signed Lawson up for the next season of T-ball
  • Showed our house to some potential buyers
  • Purchased a gift for an upcoming couple’s wedding shower
  • Planned our second semester of Homeschooling
  • Wrote a flexible, daily, routine for us at home… it’s changed a little now that we have a newborn in the house
  • Kon-Mari’d the kids’ clothes
  • Kon-Mari’d my clothes (including the maternity clothes I never want to wear again)
  • Shopped for new clothes that I feel good in postpartum
  • Finished reading the book Together by Carrie Ward
  • Made a Home school Reading Log for the Books we currently own
  • Laminated Tot School Vocabulary Development Cards
  • Repainted our Lockers (This was my household project for the month.)
  • Rearranged the living room and playroom
  • Kon-Mari’d the Kids’ Books
  • Cleaned out our spice drawer, Relocated them, and Re-organized the drawer
  • Kon-Mari’d some Kitchen items & re-organized some cabinets and spaces
  • Worked out twice at home… It’s a start. 😉 The first time, I got a terrible muscle cramp. I must get back to this slowly.
  • Sent a friend some educational gift ideas for her preschooler
  • Wore my Fitbit watch and started tracking my steps again
  • Started our second semester of home school
  • Organized our Files
  • Organized the hall closets
  • Straightened the bathroom cabinets
  • Enjoyed my frothy coffee at home this month (after an aversion to coffee during my pregnancy)
  • Began reading Essentialism by Greg McKeown
  • Finished the Book of Numbers with the kids in Bible Roadtrip
  • Began the Book of Deuteronomy with the kids in Bible Roadtrip
  • Had a Cleaning Lady come to help me get our house in order for our house showing
  • Posted some video stories on Instagram (so scary for me, lol)
  • Combined my personal and business Instagram accounts and started being more active on there since it’s more easy for me to do during the day
  • Eased back into writing and published a couple blog posts this month
  • Ordered clay bentonite powder and apple cider vinegar to detox and new, all natural, good-for-me deodorant to try (as part of my goal to switch over to more healthy beauty and body products)
  • Journalled and logged my daily food intake
  • Kept up with my daily skincare routine (most days)
  • Began paying back my student loans this month (We’ve been paying Justin’s, but now we will be paying mine back monthly as well.)
  • Paid all our bills for the month (We may not be ahead on anything, but we aren’t behind on anything either. It’s worth celebrating too – even if it’s just the way we always do things.)
  • Fed all my kids and kept them all alive this month (This one just makes me smile every time… especially with having a newborn in the house and three other littles.)I no longer make long to-do lists for myself… at least not in this season. I may give myself like one goal for the day (that may or may not get done), but mostly I just do what I see that needs to be done when I have a moment. And this Ta Da list makes me feel like it was a very successful month – even though the days were quite a bit more stressful and demanding than I’m used to.

    Whatever you do, let’s make a Plan to be more Purposeful!

19 Things in 2019

I saw the idea of “19 things in 2019”, and I fell in love. Yall know I love lists. While 19 does seem like quite a large number, I’m giving myself the entire year to complete the list. I will break it down into bite-sized pieces, as always, and give myself grace for what I don’t get accomplished. But it sure is a fun way to begin… am I right?

*This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase through one of these links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

So here’s my 19 things for 2019…

1. Read through the Bible with my kids using the Bible Roadtrip curriculum.

Instead of trying to do my quiet time totally separate, I’m going to focus on our Bible Roadtrip Curriculum with my kids, and kill two birds with one stone so to speak. This idea was inspired by the book I just finished, Together by Carrie Ward, and by an instagram friend, Phylicia (She doesn’t know me, but I am claiming that we are totally bffs.) This is one way that I’m giving myself grace as a mama, but I am hoping that I’ll be able to go more in depth with it and that we can focus on some scripture memory as well.

2. Explore verse-mapping.

I’m going to try to include this idea with our studies as well, but it’s new to me so I’ll have to learn all about it first.

3. Worship daily with my kids.

My kids and I all love music. Singing together in the car is one of our favorite things. I want to try to incorporate this more when we are home as well. Music calms me when I’m anxious, and I think it will work well for my kids as well. It’s just not currently one of my go-to things that I think about.

4. Journal daily and do “writing sprints”.

This one comes from an idea that came to me a while back. I can’t tell you how many times our kids ask us questions about spiritual things that I feel are just well beyond their years. They already know so much at their young ages than I did at their age for sure. Even the one that I don’t think is listening to me can recall and relate different biblical concepts, and I’m so amazed. I really don’t think it’s because of anything we’ve done – maybe just the prayers we’ve prayed for them… but I want to explore it more. I want to somehow capture these little conversations we have as a means of memory-keeping for them, but also maybe even to publish in some way as well.

The concept of “writing sprints” is just to write… no editing, no formatting, just writing whatever is on my heart. I need to get in the practice of doing this and just see what comes from it.

5. Gradually replace our cleaning products with all-natural versions.

I’ve already done this with our All-Purpose cleaner since I use it the most. I purchased glass bottles, essential oils, castile soap and made my own disinfectant/all-purpose cleaning spray. I wanted a healthier version because this is what I clean my counter tops and tabletop with several times a day. I wanted a chemical-free version so that I can feel good about kneading my bread-dough right on my counter tops and be confident than I’m not adding in any harmful chemicals to my dough by doing so. I already love this spray, and I even made up a few to give as Christmas gifts.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue to make up my own cleaners with essential oil recipes or if I’ll use Branch Basics, which I’ve also looked into. I will do a little research before I make my final decision, and I might just do a mixture of both.

6. Begin to replace my beauty products with all-natural versions.

This one, I’ll admit, is a little scarier for me to commit to. I have products that I already love that I use on a daily basis when it comes to skincare, make-up, and even bath products. I think the easiest way to do this, though, is to just do one thing at a time, as I run out of them. Just like I did with my all-purpose cleaner first for cleaning products… in this category I’m starting with deodorant. I’ve ordered Bentonite Clay Powder that I will use with Apple Cider Vinegar to detox my skin, and then I will try out ClayDry Deodorant from Zion Health. I’ve heard good things. I’ve also seen that you can use the Clay Powder for other purposes as well, such as for shaving so I’m going to probably try that out as well since I have it.

7. Read 6+ books this year, one of them being a fiction book.

My goal for the past few years has been to read 12 books, but I don’t think I’ve actually ever met THAT goal, even though I’ve come close some years. I do believe that it is good to read and be learning constantly so I won’t give it up completely, but I’ve lowered my standards to make them more attainable for me. I have absolutely no shame in doing that. I’m going to try to read 6 books this year, with one of them being a fiction book. I can’t tell you the last time I read a fiction book, other than a children’s book. I’m not sure if I will even like it, but I’m hoping it can be a good “me time” or leisure activity if I can learn to enjoy it.

8. Get back to my healthy self.

There are lots of mini goals wrapped up in this one. I’m so excited to work out again and get back to CrossFit! I’m ready to lose weight, eat healthy, and feel good about myself again. However, this goal comes second to feeding and nourishing my little one through breastfeeding… so instead of focusing on “losing weight” which is sometimes hard to do while breastfeeding, I’m focusing on eating nutritious well-balanced meals instead. I’ll be fueling my body for breastfeeding and workouts. In the past, doing this proved to be great for my milk-supply, and I did end up losing weight as well as an added bonus.

I’m going to start wearing my FitBit watch again. I’ll track my healthy journey’s progress in my planner using the Happy Planner Fitness Extension pack that was gifted to me – I’ll keep a food journal, workout log, and track my progress with pics, weigh-ins, and measurements. I really like to celebrate ALL the wins!

9.  Continue with my daily skincare routine.

A few months ago, I splurged on a new skincare line for myself. I bought the Littles Kit from the Drunk Elephant line so that I could sample all of the products. Some of them, I have fallen in love with, and so now I know which ones to buy the bigger sizes of, and which ones I can probably do without.

10. Plan and participate in regular phone detoxes.

I’d really like to get to a point where I intentionally take regular breaks from my phone… one hour a day, one day a month, and one week of the year will be my goal for this.

11. Cultivate a thriving home school.

This is one of those ongoing goals, but I’m constantly evaluating what is working or not working for us… how my children learn best, and what we can do differently to create a healthy love for learning in our home.

12. Plan, budget for, and complete one household project/month.

I’m making a list for this. It’s something that I often just put on the back-burner, but I want my home to be a place that I love, that sparks joy, and that I’m proud of. I want to be more hospitable and loving our home is going to help me to want to do that even more.

13. Upgrade our dining table to fit our “large family”.

I’ve always dreamed about having large family that could gather around a big ole table. Well I’ve got the family, but we’ve outgrown our table. We are currently squeezing in extra chairs from another dining set we had so we can all have a place to sit, and to be honest – it annoys me when we aren’t sitting at the table because I can’t push all the chairs in at the same time. It’s a minor thing because we do make it work, but I’d like to go ahead and upgrade it this year to a larger table if we can make it happen.

14. Stick to my Flylady cleaning routines.

This is an app on my phone that has different daily routines that I can use for morning, afternoon, and evening. It also has a “Weekly Home Blessing Hour”, and different zones that I clean weekly and can rotate through the house so that it never gets too out of control. It’s a really good system, and I love that it can be edited as well to fit my specific needs.

15. Repeat the KonMari process.

I went through this process for the first time probably about three years ago. Funny that it’s now becoming a trending-hot topic because of the show that just aired this month on Netflix. I’d like to go back through this process because I know I’ve grown since that time, and I’m embracing minimalism more and more as time passes.

16. Pay off 1-2 Student Loans this year.

This one is pretty much self-explanatory. Our student loans are our only debt right now, besides our mortgage. We’ve had them in deferment for several years because our income hasn’t been enough for us to cover them. This past year we were able to start paying on Justin’s, and now we have to pay mine monthly as well. I recently did a debt calculation that said we would have them paid off in seven years if we keep up with paying them monthly. (So basically if we had been able to afford them, they could already be paid off by now.)  Oh well. Anyway, we’d like to be able to continue with the monthly minimum payments all year, but also use our tax refund to pay off one of the smaller portions or two entirely if we can.

17. Establish basic Sinking Funds.

This is something I learned about last year but haven’t been able to carry out just yet. Hopefully we’ll get to a point where we are able to plan more for our future purchases and be in control a bit more, but if not – we’ll be okay with that too I guess. We’re just trying to do the best we can with what we have, and I can confidently say we are doing that.

18. Study the Enneagram.

Originally this one on my list was to “learn about and try new wines” this year, but my husband wasn’t too fond of that being one of my goals so I changed it to this one. I’ll just stick to ordering the one or two wines I know I like when we go out to dinner. Lol.

The Enneagram is something that’s becoming increasingly more popular now. I read about it in the book Reading People by Anne Bogel last year, but I didn’t spend much time on that chapter because I wasn’t as familiar with it. I’d like to learn more about my own type and what it means this year as well as the types of those in my family and those closest to me.

19. Learn to do a Hand-Stand Push-Up.

This was the same goal I set for last year in CrossFit, but I didn’t know I’d be pregnant most of last year so it wasn’t a goal that actually got met. Since I wasn’t already confident with being upside down (it’s actually a big fear of mine still), I REALLY didn’t feel confident in continuing to work on it while being “with child”. So… here it is again. A fear for me to overcome, and a goal for me to hopefully achieve and just a fun item to complete my list for the year.

I hope to be able to share with you monthly how it’s going with this list, and what I’m specifically doing to accomplish the goals I have set here. I’d love to have you as my accountability, and I’d love to know what your goals are for the new year.

Do you set New Year’s Resolutions? In what ways are you Planning to be more Purposeful in 2019?