My CrossFit S.M.A.R.T. Goals for the 2018 First Quarter

I’m going to give you a peek at one of my goals that I will be working on and show you exactly how I’ve broken it down from a big goal to a S.M.A.R.T. goal!

In the Health & Fitness category, because that’s important to me now- I have “Get Better at CrossFit”. That goal, alone, with no plan of action behind it would be pretty lame. How would I know if I actually do get better or not? How will I measure my progress?

So here’s how I’m breaking it down a little bit. For the first quarter, I’m going to focus on three things that I want to get better at… Muscle Ups, Handstand Push ups, and Running. Why these three? Well, the first two – I just feel like they are impressive-so it’s just a personal goal of some of the cool “CrossFitty” things that I’d like to be able to do. And running? Well, currently it really intimidates me. I can “barely” run 400m at a time. I have this mental break that says I can’t, but I know that if I work at this – I can get better at it. I just don’t want to be intimidated when I see “1 mile run” or “5k” on the programming, so it’s something I need to work on.

So, I asked my CrossFit coach/husband to help me break these down into a plan or program so I can do this extra credit work and be better at these by the end of this quarter. My realistic goal is to be able to do actual pull-ups, actual dips, and 5-10 hand stand push ups by the end of this quarter. I probably won’t be able to do a full muscle-up yet, realistically speaking – but I will definitely be closer to it.

So here’s my plan: I will alternate days each week to do “Pulling” Exercises and “Pushing” Exercises with Running, Stretching, Yoga, & Core-strengthening mixed in AS WELL AS attend CrossFit classes & do the programmed metcons and strength work.

It seems like a lot, but I’m determined to make it happen. My plan is to hit the gym on weekday mornings & maybe make about three of the afternoon CrossFit classes per week. Usually we are finished with our household tasks and obligations by early afternoon so it kind of gives us a little break from the house again and a chance to see Daddy too. Of course if this is all too difficult, we’ll find a way to adapt, but I’m excited to try!

I’ve got goals, and I’m ready to reach them! Also, I kind of feel like I’m starting over after taking a month off. I’m so ready to get back into this habit and crush some goals here!

Thinking Differently About Sabbath

I recently listened to a podcast episode called “Thinking Differently About Sabbath”, and I loved the concepts discussed. The guest was Shelly Miller, and this was the God Centered Mom podcast by Heather MacFadyen.

I’m going to share with you some of the notes I took. It was actually one that I listened to while I was doing some sort of household chore, and then I went back and listened again to take notes. It was that good.

  • sabbath – to cease; to stop; also to celebrate
  • The concept of “sabbath” was the first time God referred to something as Holy.
  • Holy = set apart
  • Time set apart to focus on my relationship with Jesus… it’s different than my daily quiet time with Him; this is intentional
  • “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:30
  • What is easy and light for me? What’s easy and light for me, might be heavy and burdensome for others. Ex. Some may find being with others and playing to be easy and light. Exercize may be easy and light for one, but feel like work to another.
  • The way we rest is unique to us. We shouldn’t try to rest the same way that the people around us rest.
  • The main focus of sabbath is to give God your attention.
  • Prepare for Sabbath… ex. Crock pot meal, paper goods instead of dishes to wash, etc. Pull out those tricks when you are planning to sabbath.
  • There are no rules or boundaries of Sabbath. It doesn’t have to be a specific day or time. Sundays may be work days for those in the ministry or others so it may not be the best time. Maybe it’s Thursday afternoons from 2-5pm for you?
  • “Rhythms of Rest” – Rhythms adapt. They are intentional, but they adapt. So if you have a “plan” to have a sabbath and time of rest, but something comes up, you can adapt and do it at a different time.
  • Let Sabbath be the goal. Prepare for it in your week. What can you do now so that you will have time for sabbath?
  • Prepare for it like you would a date. Make a plan. Set a time. Anticipate.
  • What may start out like a sacrifice or surrender, will end up feeling like the greatest gift you can’t wait to open each week.

    Does this inspire you like it did me? I’d love to hear about how you will plan to make Sabbath a part of your week. I’m looking forward to being more intentional about this Rhythm of Rest and Sabbath in my life for sure.

How I Tracked My Progress & Successes for Weight Loss, Health, & Fitness

  • For those of you who know me, you know that I’m a planner. I love making lists, checking them off, and fitness was no different for me. When I got bit by the health & fitness bug and decided that I was in, I made some goals. Making plans, lists, and tracking progress is my love language I think.
    (Totally kidding here, but I do love my planners!) I think writing things down is a big part of my accountability with myself and my success.Here are some ways that I tracked my progress & noted my successes and accomplishments: 
  • I tracked my weight loss. Since this was my first goal, I made a page in my planner to track this. I weighed every morning so that I could see how it changed and how different factors affected my weight. (I realize not everyone can do this, but I love numbers, and it didn’t affect me too much if I didn’t happen to lose weight.) Each time I lost a pound, I got to color in a box on my page, and it was extremely satisfying & rewarding for me to do that.
  • I tracked all my meals and workouts. I used a fitness pack in my planner for this. In the monthly spread I wrote in all the gym classes I attended or home workouts I did (though these were very minimal at first), and on the weekly spread I wrote down everything I ate to hold myself accountable. This was one of my biggest struggles in the beginning. Adding stickers and decorations to these pages made it fun for me and encouraged me to look at this pages and use them often, and enjoy the process.
  • I took progress pictures of myself. I noted on my calendar when to do this (about every 6 weeks is good for me) Maybe one day I’ll share these, but for now- they’re just for me.
  • I took measurements. I made a page in my planner for this as well. I noted on my calendar to take weekly measurements.
  • I tracked and celebrated all the wins, no matter how small. If I felt skinny in an outfit, I took a selfie in it. (I am a milinnial after all. It’s what we do.) If I fit into an old pair of jeans I took a selfie and captioned it on snapchat. I sent some things like this to my close friends who celebrate wins with me, but some were just saved and kept for myself, printed later for my planner so I can look back and see success and accomplishments over time.