Daily Pages (Digital Download)




The My Purposeful Planning Daily Pages were created to be as versatile as possible! They are undated so you don’t have to worry about wasting any pages, and they can be used from year to year.

What’s Included with the Daily Pages:

  • Today’s Focus: This could be used for a special word, scripture, or quote.
  • Notes for Today: You can jot down your dinner plans, write in your kids’ school dress-up day, or just use it to write down anything you want to take note of for the day.
  • Clipboard: The cute little clipboard clip art in the corner can also be used in a functional way if you want. You can use it to track habits by forming a chain of how many consecutive days you successfully perform that habit.
  • Today at a Glance: This can be used for keeping track of appointments, your daily schedule, or even time-blocking your most important daily tasks.
  • Today’s Tasks: This is for your to-do list. You can keep track of your daily tasks “bullet journal” style by using various marks. Arrows to show tasks that are moved forward from one day to another, checks to show completed tasks, star or astericks to show priority tasks, etc.
  • Blank Space: Use this for anything you’d need scratch paper for. Add a post-it note of notes from your day or notes as you make phone calls, things to remember for future dates, etc. You can also use it for brain-dumping!
  • Journal: I didn’t specify what this “journal space” is for because it’s so versatile. It can be used for writing a diary or recap of your day, funny things your kids said, things you want to remember, gratitude journal, prayer journal, fitness journal, or food diary…. literally use it for whatever you want to!
  • Today’s Win: Use this space to note something positive from your day or something you accomplished. You may not check everything off your list, but I’m sure you can find at least one success in each day. Look for the good. Celebrate your wins, big and small!


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