Health & Wellness Planner Pack (Digital Download)




What’s Included with the Health & Wellness Planner Pack:

  • Nutrition Planning Worksheet: Reminding you to think through and focus on your macro-nutrients and other vital nutrition components (Carbohydrates, Proteins and Amino Acids, Fats & Cholesterol, Fiber, and Water)
  • Workout Planning Worksheet: Reminding you to think through the 10 different components of fitness (Cardiovascular, Stamina, Strength, Power, Agility, Speed, Flexibility, Balance, Coordination, and Accuracy)
  • Wellness Inspiration List: Includes ideas based on the book Rhythms of Renewal by Rebekkah Lyons (Rest, Restore, Connect, and Create)
  • Self Care Plan Worksheet: Helping you think through those 4 Rhythms of Renewal in how you care for yourself
  • Wellness Weigh-In Pages: Giving you a place to evaluate how well you’re doing in each of the 4 Rhythms of Renewal and giving you some practical ideas to try in your life for these
  • Menstrual Cycles Information Page: Teaching you about the 4 phases of a female cycle and how you can best “Cycle-Sync” all the areas of your life to your hormones and use your female operating system to your advantage
  • Menstrual Phase Breakdown: Each informational page gives you a breakdown of your hormones in that phase as well as the best ways for you to focus, exercise, eat well, and love during that phase.
  • Cycle Notes/Tracking Pages (front): These pages give you a place to track all of your hormonal symptoms, as well as how you support those things throughout the month. There’s also room to note things like weight, sleep, fertility tests, etc. You can also log your emotions, motivation, and energy levels for each day throughout your cycle. (There are different Cycle Notes pages for each of the 4 phases because each one gives you specific tips for that phase of your cycle.)
  • Cycle Notes/Tracking Pages (back): The back of these pages give you a place to track your meals and snacks, daily workouts, and a wellness win for each day. Exercise and nutrition are a big part of healing your hormones naturally so it’s good to have these kept with your cycle-tracking.
  • Lined Pages: These can be used for note-taking, journaling, or brain dumps. You can print as many as you need and use them for anything you want to.
  • Water Tracking Page: You can fill up your “glass of water” during the month, using different shades or colors to show how much you drank throughout each month of the day.
  • Appointments Log: Use this handy log to track all of your personal and family appointments for the month. Note the doctor, reason for your visit, questions to ask, prescriptions and follow-ups, etc.
  • Health Goal & Tracking Game: Use the spaces on this game-board page to track your progress towards a specific health goal you’re working towards.
  • Health Goals & Rewards List: Use this page to set some health goals and some personal rewards for yourself as you make progress and meet those goals.
  • Personal Measurement Tracker: Use these pages to note and track your personal body measurements and any lost / gain inches over time.


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