Home School Planner (Digital Download)


There are certain aspects in my own home school planning that I have to rewrite every week over and over again, and the check boxes that I’ve included on the weekly planning spread keep us from having to do that now.

  • Undated Monthly Section: This way you can start and end your planner / home school year whenever you’d like, or print more pages and just keep your planner going for the next year. You can use your monthly section for keeping attendance or future at-a-glance planning, whatever you’d like.
  • Monthly Review Page: There are several sections on this page, and you are welcome to change them if they don’t apply to your home school. You can use it to note Read Alouds, Memory Work, Concepts Learned, Projects, and Assessments, Field Trips, etc.
  • Weekly Planning Spread: Five-Day Plans include enough boxes for either seven students or seven subjects, depending on how you want to use it; Each box has 8 lines which can be used for more detailed planning or used for one or two lines per student as well; There are task check boxes at the top of the page for tasks and assessments that you only do once or twice a week. You can edit these to make them work for you, but this way you don’t have to re-write those things in from week to week, so you won’t forget to do them. There are also check boxes for things that should be done daily.
  • Student Daily Pages: These pages give your student a place to write down their own specific assignments and lesson numbers so that they can practice their independence and know exactly what’s expected of them. There’s a check box for their morning chores, a place for them to write in the date and/or their name, and also a place for them to note something they learned on the previous home school day. As they list their assignments, there is a place for them to check them off as they are completed, a place for the grade, and also a box to check after corrections have been made to the assignment, if needed. There are also check boxes at the bottom of the page for general tasks that are to be completed daily. This helps your student to remember those tasks but not have to rewrite them day after day. There’s a box for teacher notes at the bottom of the page as well.




Undated Monthly Section
Monthly Review Pages
Weekly Planning Pages
Student Daily Pages

For optimal printing:
Letter-size paper, front and back
*I used 28lb. paper for a better quality and less bleed through of the ink between pages. 

Classic Size planner, one-sided only
*Change your scale to 80%, and you can trim your pages to fit.

Junior-size (Half Sheet), front and back
*To print correctly on front and back, you’ll need to select “Booklet” as your print option if your printer has that

Junior Size (Half Sheet), one-sided only
*You can have it printed at a local print shop in booklet form, or print it one-sided only by printing two pages to a
sheet for this size planner.


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