The 18-Month DELUXE Purposeful Life Planner *Printed Inserts* July 2020-December 2021

$74.99 $52.50

Build your own DELUXE Purposeful Life Planner, but let me print it for you!

*Please note: This bundle DOES NOT INCLUDE a planner cover, discs, or any tabbed dividers.
It only includes the printed, insert pages.

Be sure to specify in your order:

  • Letter Size (full sheet size) or Junior Size (half sheet size)
  • Pages punched for a Disc-bound system? yes or no
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Cost Breakdown:

Full-Color Cardstock Titled Section Dividers ($12.99)
Vision Worksheets ($4.99)
Goals Section ($6.99)
18-Month Calendar Section ($4.99)
Weekly Pages ($2.99)
Daily Pages $2.99×3 *gives you 150 pages* ($8.97)
Spiritual / Quiet Time Pack ($4.49)*
Financial Pack ($7.99)
Home Management Pack ($4.99)
Health & Wellness Pack ($7.99)*
Relationship Pages ($3.99)
Personal Development Pages ($3.99)

*These specific packs (The Spiritual Quiet Time Pack and the Health & Wellness Pack) do not include a full year or 18-month supply as the rest of your planner does. It would’ve significantly increased the price. I will send you a FREE Digital Download of these packs so you can re-print them as needed. You may also choose to add on to this order to have some printed copies on hand or order the print-version of these packs from my shop at any time. 


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