The *BASIC* 18-Month Purposeful Planner (Physical Product)


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With this Basic 18-Month Purposeful Planner, I’ve done all the work for you!

Not only have I worked to create everything and make sure it’s absolutely perfect for you…

  • For this one, I’ve also had them all professionally printed on bright white quality paper and cardstock for you. (This is NOT your average printer paper! It feels so nice and smooth and luxurious! Can paper be luxurious?? Let me tell you, it can now!)
  • The planner shown in the pictures here is a Letter Size Planner, but you can also get it in Junior Size. The pages for that planner are half-sheet size.
  • I wanted you to have the absolutely BEST notebook situation EVER so I decided to use the disc-bound system for this one. (It’s my absolute favorite! I talk about it a lot.) So in doing that, I punched all of the insert pages with my special disc-punch.
  • I did some shopping! I picked out a Genuine Leather Cover I thought you’d like. I also got you some tabbed dividers so you can easily find everything you need when you need it. Just flip to that section, and GO! I got you an extra pocket divider too. It’s so nice to have a place to keep things like notes, bills to pay, coupons, or even a special photo!
    *The Rose Gold Pebbled Letter-Size Planner cover is subject to availability, but if you order this planner from me, I’ll communicate with you to make sure you get a planner cover you’re really happy with.
  • I also bought new discs for your planner. The beautiful cover came with tiny discs, and this Basic 18-Month Purposeful Planner had more pages that need to fit. I exchanged the tiny discs for a larger set and took the time to assemble all of the beautiful pages and dividers and covers together to make you THE MOST PERFECT PLANNING SYSTEM EVER!

The idea of this planner started with just that… a planner. I made a Monthly Spread and a Daily Page. (The Weekly Section came later to give you a place to track your habits and see all of your weekly responsibilities at a glance.) If you’re looking for a simple, basic planner that can help you manage all of the ares of your life in a simple, effective way – this is it!

I’ve included Monthly Habit Tracker Pages for all of those tasks that you need to remember once a month… budgeting, changing your air filter, things like that.

You’ve got a Perpetual Calendar that shows you the entire 18-months in list-form so you can quickly write in birthdays, special holidays, or do some advance planning with all of it at-a-glance. It’s also got the weekends shaded so they’re easy to identify.

The Monthly Spread is simple and streamlined for you. I love this because you can use stickers or color coding, and it’s not too overwhelming this way!

There’s even a Future Log. I’ve always found that when I come to the end of a planner, I have no place to write in things for the following year as I begin to plan for them. That’s what this page is for! (See?! I’ve thought of everything!)

The Weekly Section is where you’ll put your lists and repeating checklists. I have space for 6 different lists for you. I like to list tasks that I need to focus on in different areas of my life like Work Tasks, Home Projects, a Meal List for the Week, the Book I’m Reading, etc. It’s also a great place to write in appointments or errands you need to run. They are left blank and un-labelled so you have the flexibility to use them for whatever you like and even change it up from week to week! The checklists are for your daily habits. There’s room for a ton of them. You could even use this for your kids’ chore lists and have a place to easily keep track of them!

The Daily Page is where it’s at! I’ve given you room for a Focus for each of your Days. This could be a scripture, an affirmation, or even just a high-priority task you need to “focus” on. There’s a box for notes. This could be a reminder for you about a kids’ dress-up day for school or your dinner and menu plans. You can use it HOWEVER you like! On the left, there are times listed for noting appointments or you can use this for time-blocking. On the right, you have your task list. (Be sure to check yesterday’s Daily Page to see if any incomplete tasks need to be carried over for today.)

The back side of the daily page gives you blank space. I find this especially helpful for brain dumps (getting all of the thoughts out of my head and on to paper so I can think clearly again) and just for notes like when I’m on the phone scheduling doctor’s appointments and need a place to quickly jot that information down. There’s a section I titled “Journal”, and this can be used in many different ways… a simple diary of your thoughts, prayer journaling, food journal, or even writing in memorable moments like funny things your kids said that day. There is a space at the bottom of the page to note your WIN for the day. There are so many things we do as women, and sometimes we feel like we barely getting by and just surviving. Noting a win in your day means you are purposefully looking for the positive aspects, showing gratitude for that, and celebrating your efforts. (God gave us a great example of this when He created the world and then took a Sabbath day to rest and see that what He did was good. We can follow that example, can’t we?)

Using these pages strategically and continuously, you are going to begin to live with more Purpose and direction. No longer will you be aimlessly wandering about and letting your days pass you by… you’ll be living your life with purpose and intention!


  • Cost Breakdown:

    Genuine Leather Cover ($30)
    Tabbed Dividers ($5)
    Pocket Divider ($2.50)
    Discs ($5)
    Full-Color Cardstock Titled Section Dividers ($12.99)
    18-Month Calendar Section ($4.99)
    Weekly Pages ($2.99)
    Daily Pages $2.99 x3 so you’ll have plenty ($8.97)
    Assembly Fee ($20)

    =$92.44 Value

    Discounted to $89.99!!

    Be sure to leave me a note to let me know what size you prefer for your planner.

    Options include:
    Letter (8.5″x11″ – regular typing paper size)
    Junior (5.5″x8.5″ – Half sheet size.)


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