The *CUSTOM* Purposeful Life Planner Binder (with Financial Pack!)

$56.42 $49.99



With the Custom Purposeful Life Binder Planner, I’ve done all the work for you!

Not only have I worked to create everything and make sure it’s absolutely perfect for you…

  • For this one, I’ve also had them all professionally printed on bright white quality paper and cardstock for you. (This is NOT your average printer paper! It feels so nice and smooth and luxurious! Can paper be luxurious?? Let me tell you, it can now!)
  • This particular planner is a  Letter Size Planner. That means the pages are full-sheet size.
  • I wanted to create a most cost-efficient option for you guys so instead of my typical discbound system, this time I went with a beautiful binder and dividers so you can easily hole punch your own pages to add it and customize it to fit your needs. You are going to fall in love with it when you sit down to plan for the first time with it!
  • I did some shopping! I picked out a beautiful binder I thought you’d like. I also got you some tabbed dividers so you can easily find everything you need when you need it. Just flip to that section, and GO! I got you an extra pocket divider too. It’s so nice to have a place to keep things like notes, bills to pay, coupons, or even a special photo!

    The idea of this planner started with just that… a planner. I made a Monthly Spread and a Daily Page. (The Weekly Section came later to give you a place to track your habits and see all of your weekly responsibilities at a glance.) Then, I knew I wanted to include a section for you to cast Vision over your life. It’s the place where you will evaluate where you are in your life right now and determine where you want it to go. (This is where the PURPOSE part comes in!) After you accurately evaluate, you can now set goals so that’s the next section: Goal-Setting. Then, I knew that I wanted to think about the whole PURPOSEFUL LIFE thing in a wholistic way so I made a list of 10 areas to Win at in Life. These 10, I would say, are the most common areas. (Spiritual, Financial, Home Management, Health & Wellness, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Development, Work, Ministry & Outreach, and Leisure) Of course, every one is in different seasons of life so maybe not all 10 will apply to you personally right now, but the idea of this planner is that you can make it work for you. You can easily use what you need and toss out what you don’t. You can move things around and make it work for YOUR LIFE! I think you’re going to love it!


    This Custom Purposeful Life Planner Binder Includes…
    Beautiful Binder Cover ($6)
    Tabbed Dividers  ($3.50)
    Full-Color Cardstock Titled Section Dividers ($12.99)
    Vision Worksheets ($4.99)
    Goals Section ($6.99)
    18-Month Calendar Section ($4.99)
    Daily Pages $2.99 x3 to be sure you have enough ($8.97)
    Financial Pack ($7.99)

    $56.42 Value


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