The *DELUXE* Purposeful Life Planner (Physical Product)



  • Have you found yourself writing notes and reminders in random places and then not being able to find them when you really need them???
  • Maybe you’ve tried using just one notebook for ALL.THE.THINGS but when you really needed to find something… you were wasting your time flipping through pages and pages trying to remember exactly where it was??
  • Maybe you’re finding yourself frazzled because your home seems overwhelming without routines and systems, and you can’t figure out how to plan fun things for your family…
  • Or do you find yourself just running around aimlessly all day and wondering where your time is really going?
  • Have you ever sat down to a blank sheet of paper and tried to plan something and just didn’t know where to begin?

Friend, I want to help you. I’ve got just what you need.

I have been there too! Believe me! I vividly remember one of my kids asking me for clean socks, and I completely lost it because I just felt so overwhelmed with all of my responsibilities as a mom and all of the other hats I wear.

I am a natural problem-solver. I have struggles and frustrations, and I work to figure out a solution. I’m a planner girl too, but I didn’t have a planning system that fit ALL MY NEEDS… I was still a little frazzled there, UNTIL I created my own! But I wanted so much more than JUST a planner. I needed something for ALL the main areas of my life. I want to be a well-rounded, purposeful mama….and I needed a tool that would help me make plans and live with purpose in ALL THE AREAS and so I created the solution for that.

This is it. The DELUXE Purposeful Life Planner…
to help you plan your life of purpose
in all the areas that really matter!

You don’t have to worry. I’ve got you, girl! I’ve done all of the work for you. This is kind of my jam, ya know? I LOVE geeking out and nerding over things like creating systems and plans and making it all work for as many families as possible!

I’ve spent the time thinking and designing and even trying it all out. I’ve been using these things for months and months. It makes life so easy when everything you need it so easily accessible. I wanted to duplicate that for you too, because I know it will help you. I know it’s going to ease your mind and give you exactly what you need to plan your purposeful life.


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With the Deluxe Purposeful Life Planner, I’ve done all the work for you!

Not only have I worked to create everything and make sure it’s absolutely perfect for you…

  • For this one, I’ve also had them all professionally printed on bright white quality paper and cardstock for you. (This is NOT your average printer paper! It feels so nice and smooth and luxurious! Can paper be luxurious?? Let me tell you, it can now!)
  • This particular planner is a Junior Size Planner. That means the pages are half-sheet size. I brought all the printed pages home from the printer and cut them all down to size for you.
  • I wanted you to have the absolutely BEST notebook situation EVER so I decided to use the disc-bound system for this one. (It’s my absolute favorite! I talk about it alot.) So in doing that after I cut the pages down to size for you, I punched them with my special disc-punch. This planner is JAM-PACKED so it’s a big job… but you are going to fall in love with it when you sit down to plan for the first time with it!
  • I did some shopping! I picked out a Genuine Leather Cover I thought you’d like. I also got you some tabbed dividers so you can easily find everything you need when you need it. Just flip to that section, and GO! I got you an extra pocket divider too. It’s so nice to have a place to keep things like notes, bills to pay, coupons, or even a special photo!
  • I also bought new discs for your planner. The beautiful cover came with tiny discs, and this DELUXE Purposeful Life Planner has A TON of pages that need to fit. I exchanged the tiny discs for a larger set and took the time to assemble all of the beautiful pages and dividers and covers together to make you THE MOST PERFECT PLANNING SYSTEM EVER!

    The idea of this planner started with just that… a planner. I made a Monthly Spread and a Daily Page. (The Weekly Section came later to give you a place to track your habits and see all of your weekly responsibilities at a glance.) Then, I knew I wanted to include a section for you to cast Vision over your life. It’s the place where you will evaluate where you are in your life right now and determine where you want it to go. (This is where the PURPOSE part comes in!) After you accurately evaluate, you can now set goals so that’s the next section: Goal-Setting. Then, I knew that I wanted to think about the whole PURPOSEFUL LIFE thing in a wholistic way so I made a list of 10 areas to Win at in Life. These 10, I would say, are the most common areas. (Spiritual, Financial, Home Management, Health & Wellness, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Development, Work, Ministry & Outreach, and Leisure) Of course, every one is in different seasons of life so maybe not all 10 will apply to you personally right now, but the idea of this planner is that you can make it work for you. You can easily use what you need and toss out what you don’t. You can move things around and make it work for YOUR LIFE! I think you’re going to love it!


  • Cost Breakdown:

    Genuine Leather Cover ($30)
    Tabbed Dividers at $5/pack x3 ($15)
    Pocket Divider ($2.50)
    Discs ($5)
    Full-Color Cardstock Titled Section Dividers ($12.99)
    Vision Worksheets ($4.99)
    Goals Section ($6.99)
    18-Month Calendar Section ($4.99)
    Weekly Pages ($2.99)
    Daily Pages $2.99×3 so you can have plenty ($8.97)
    Spiritual / Quiet Time Pack ($4.49)*
    Financial Pack ($7.99)
    Home Management Pack ($4.99)
    Health & Wellness Pack ($7.99)*
    Relationship Pages ($3.99)
    Personal Development Pages ($3.99)
    Assembly Fee ($20)

    =$147.86 Value

    Discounted to $139.99!!

    *These specific packs (The Spiritual Quiet Time Pack and the Health & Wellness Pack) do not include a full year or 18-month supply as the rest of your planner does. It would’ve significantly increased the price. I will send you a FREE Digital Download of these packs so you can re-print them as needed. You may also choose to add on to this order to have some printed copies on hand or order the print-version of these packs from my shop at any time. 


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