Vision Worksheets (Digital Download)


If you are interested in Planning a Life of Purpose, this is where I would recommend you begin… with the Vision Worksheets!

In this set of worksheets, you will be able to assess your life in a wholistic way to evaluate where you are now so that you can adequately and effectively determine where you want to go in life! 

This is where it all starts! You will use these worksheets to…

  • Create a Life Circle – Assess and evaluate ALL the main areas of your life. This tool gives you a great visual to see where you are now and re-evaluate later to see your progress in an easy way!
  • Determine Your Core Values – Find out what’s truly important to you in life…what really matters. Then, you can begin to use that as a filter for making great decisions when it comes to your time and your priorities.
  • Create a Little Loves List – This is where you’ll learn how to implement JOY into your day and find true fulfillment in your life.
  • Discover Your Passions – Whether it’s discovering your life’s purpose or finding a great new hobby, this is a great place to start in creating a life that you don’t need an escape from!


Please Note: This is a Digital Download. This is available for you to print at your convenience, and no products will be shipped to you.

For optimal printing:
Letter-size paper, front and back
*I used 28lb. paper for a better quality and less bleed through of the ink between pages. 

Classic Size planner, one-sided only
*Change your scale to 80%, and you can trim your pages to fit.
(Note: They will not easily print front and back at this size.)

Junior-size (Half Sheet), front and back
*To print correctly on front and back, you’ll need to select “Booklet” as your print option if your printer has that

Junior Size (Half Sheet), one-sided only
*Be sure to select “booklet form” on your printer or if you sent it to your print shop in order for it to correctly print on front and back. Or you can print it one-sided only by printing two pages to a sheet for this size planner.


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